The rendeavous

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It happened last night. The guys had all been debating whether Mom would ever really do anything or not. For the last two weeks, once we finished our soccer training, Jim, John, and Steve would come over and we would all strip down and soak in the hot tub and drink a couple of beers. College was a lot different than playing in High School.

John noticed it first, on the second night that we were out. The bedroom blind parted just a little and if you watched carefully, you could see the motion of someone moving inside. Since Mom and I had lived alone since Dad moved out when I was 12, it didn't take geniuses to figure out that Mom was watching us.

John decided to give her a show about a half hour later. He climbed out of the hot tub and walked over to the edge of the porch, right in front of the bedroom window and took a whiz. From then on, we all did the same whenever we felt the need. We would laugh at the idea of showing off for my mom and there was more than one time that the guys walked over sporting a little wood.

Mom works as a gymnastics coach and is really fit. She doesn't have many boyfriends and none of us can figure out why. Her tits are D cups and I remember doing everything I could to try and time it so I would run into her on the way to or from the shower when I was an adolescent. The guys all thought I had to be one lucky son of a bitch to have a mom just 16 years older than me who didn't look to much older than us. To be honest, we were all about to find out just how lucky I was.

We usually got done soaking around 11 so we were surprised when the back door opened at about a quarter ‘til and we saw my mom silhouetted in the door frame. She had a tray of beers in her hand, but we could just tell in the dark shadow of the house that she didn't have on anything on top. We all just sat there staring as she walked slowly toward us and said, "I thought some big men like you might be thirsty. Care for a drink?"

Jim and John are b*****rs and immediately they both splashed out of the tub. Jim took the tray and set it on the edge of the tub while John wasted no time with niceties and grabbed the breast nearest him and covered my mom's mouth with his. Her right hand grabbed the back of John's head and with her other hand she wound her fingers into Jim's hair and guided his face to her boob. Steve looked over at me like, "What the hell?" and I just shrugged as I watched Mom pulling Jim's face down next to his b*****r's and they both began sucking like nursing babes.

The sucking and moaning sounds kept growing and I found myself getting harder than I had in a long time. My mom was nearly glowing as the two stud b*****rs sucked and kneaded and pulled at her breasts. She reached down to their asses and smacked them and the guys jumped and began sucking all the more earnestly. Her finger nails began drawing lines up their backs and occasionally her fingers would reach just far enough to begin entering the cleft of their asses.

Steve suddenly stood up and stepped across toward the three of them and as he stepped up on the bench my eyes almost jumped out of my head. His cock was a good 10 inches long and it looked almost as big around as a beer can! He knelt forward toward my mom and it was like she was drawn toward it. John and Jim lost their mouth locks on her lobes and her nipples looked as big as any I had ever seen online! They each began to reach under my mom and undo her shorts while they watched her rest her forearms on Steve's thighs and she began licking his shaft.

The b*****rs pushed her shorts down to the deck and she kicked them off behind her. They then resumed cupping and kneading her huge tits and milking them as they explored her pussy and ass with their other hands. Mom was moaning with full abandon now and directing the guys motions whenever she would allow Steve's cock to escape her mouth.

I finally said fuck it and got out of the tub and moved to the only place left on my mom. And with a cock full of lust, while Jim and John held her open, I sank my cock all the way into my own mom in one hard jab. She let out a cry of ecstasy and Steve plunged his cock back into her mouth to keep her from waking the neighborhood.

From my vantage, I could see now that Jim and John were taking turns running spit shined fingers into my mom's ass. I started timing my thrusts with theirs and Mom slammed herself back into me again and again. I could feel my Mom's box getting tighter and my nuts rose up nearly into me. Then Steve roared and his load flew over Mom's head and against my belly and her ass. She clenched and began shaking and screaming and I shot a load into her in an orgasm that I thought would never quit.

Steve flopped back into the tub and I pulled out of Mom and nearly collapsed against the railing. Jim and John moved into our positions and I vaguely remember them not taking too long to cum in her as well as Mom continued to shake and convulse in what appeared to be one continuous orgasm! Jim shot his load across my mom's ass and when John came he roared like an elephant.

A light at the neighbor's clicked on and we all dove for the back door. A few minutes later, the guys were all dressed and heading back to the college. I decided I'd stay home. Actually Mom caught me and when I smelled her breath I understood she had d***k a good little bit before serving us. She said to me, "I don't think you should go back tonight. In fact, I don't think I should be alone tonight either. Why don't you stay here? In my room!"

And so I did....
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8 months ago
My apologies. It was a rerun in the theater of my mind that night.

I do revisit ideas from time to time. I also half write stories, put them aside and then finish them, sometimes even years later. So it does not shock me if I posted a duplicate. My apologies. I am hoping to create an index of all my stories one of these days so I don't do this kind of thing.

Again, sorry to have wasted your time... I guess.
8 months ago
This story is the same as Hot Tub Mom.
3 years ago
great stuff
3 years ago
Hot story. Good job.