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My heart pounded as I walked from the front desk to the elevator. The key shook in my hand when I took it from the person at the desk. They had given me directions to the room and only looked slightly suspicious when I did not go back to the parking lot for bags. I was glad they hadn't asked me any questions.

The door opened and I was disappointed that the only thing differentiating the room from any other room was a briefcase sitting on the bed. A note on the case simply said, "Carrie", indicating it was for me, so I took hold of the latches and opened it. A letter on top said, I was being tested for my patience and I was to follow the instructions enclosed very carefully. The steps were as follows.

1. Take off all of your clothes.
2. Take a shower and do not dry my hair.
3. Pull my long hair back and french braid it.
4. Put a pillow on the floor 6 feet away from the door
5. Take the vibrator and kneel on the pillow facing away from the door.
6. Insert the vibrator into your pussy but do not turn it on.
7. Put the blindfold mask on and wait.

15 minutes later, as I was finishing the braid of my hair, I saw the small camera by the phone and realized hwe was probably watching me. My motions became a little less rigid and a little more seductive. It got me hot to know he was somewhere near watching. He was waiting to do something to me.

I knelt on the pillow and began inserting the head of the vibrator into my wet slit. It went in even more easily than I had anticipated and when I knelt back down its base pressed against the floor just right to keep about 2 inches in me. With a last glance at the camera, I pulled the mask on and waited.

At first, my mind raced with every sound of the elevator opening and key card inserion in the hall. But with time, that all faded into the background and the only thing Ifocused on was the need to move that vibrator either deeper in me or get it out!! I was slowly rocking and grinding against it but I knew better than to do anything more. He was watching!

Then I jumped. This click was the door right behind me. I heard the door open and quietly close and then he said softly, "You are being very naughty, trying to get that toy to hump you. You must be punished." He then instructed me to put my hands behind my back and I felt him put handcuffs on my wrists. He moved in front of him and I could feel him doing something with a string and the vibrator then I realized he was tying it in a harness fashion to hold it right where it was in me!!

Then he helped me to my feet and put my back against the wall next to the bed. He then sat down in front of me and began to weigh my heavy breasts. First one and then the other and then his fingers began to pull lightly on my nipples and then a little more firmly. The first slap to my breast caused me to yelp just a little. He said, "That is not permitted. You must be punished for that," and then he turned the vibrator on it's lowest speed.

As he then resumed his assault upon my breasts, the buzzing between my lower lips seemd to grow more and more incessant. I wanted more. I wanted him. But his words of "patience" rang through my mind and I tried to concentrate on his licks, and sucks, the tugs, pinches and pulls on my tits. Being unable to see made it all the more maddening and I was getting close to the point of no return when he stopped.

By this point my legs were trembling. I wanted to cum. I wanted to beg! I was willing to do anything. I listened for some clue asto what he was doing and could hear him move over to the dresser and open a drawer but there was no telling what. He then came back unlocked the cuff from one wrist and attached it to a corner of the headboard. He then laid me on the bed in such a way that my other hand was bound to the other corner of the head board by another set of cuffs.

He then cut the string at my waist and I almost cried out as he pulled the vibrating monster from within me. I was so frustrated that I felt like crying and then I felt his finger inside my wet cunt. "My my, what a wet little bitch you are," he crooned softly. "You are making this far, to easy and quick. We need to slow you down just a little."

That was when I felt the first dry touch of the wooden clothespin slowly releasing the spring tension on the tender flesh of my pussy lips. I was so engorged from nearly cumming that the pressure of the clip was incredible. But the pain was superceded by another and then another as he used three clips on either side of my poor slit! I was almost to the point of calling "uncle" which was our code word for stop, but then the pain dulled and I could feel him putting a salve inside me that felt warm and good.

Then I could feel him working with another string down around my wide open snatch. It tickled as he drew it back and forth and did something with it. When he spoke though, the bl**d in my veins went icy. "I bet you are wondering what I have been doing. I just finished tying each of those clothespins to a string. The lotion makes it real easy for the pins to just pop off. A little tug like this..." and suddenly an electric like shock fired through my cunt and seemed to light my pussy on fire and set off an explosion in my brain!! "Ah yes, that's what happens!" and then he laughed.

I felt beads of sweat break out across my brow. We had played some games before but this was way beyond "us". But before I could say anything, another pin pulled out and then another and another. As I relaxed and tried to draw another breath, he gave another tug and my breath caught. I couldn't remember how many were left but one more tug sent the largest flash of nerve explosion of the night!!

I was almost in tears, but when I felt him lowering himself over me I was not certain what to expect. Then I felt the head of his cock touching the now super sensitized pussy flesh that felt swollen and fuller than ever. The lube let him slide in with little resistance, but I felt every cell of his flesh that touched mine and the my mind was exploding in sensory overload. He didn't pound into me, but slowly slid his cock all the way in and then back out. In and out he went, slowly. Occassionally he would cup my breast and suck on my nipple before plunging back in. It was maddening.

Then when he judged I was ready he pounded himself into me with a vengence. I was soon banging my head into the headboard and raising my hips to meet his every thrust. I heard his breathing coming in ragged draws and I when I went to squeeze around him, my tender flesh sent me reeling into an orgasm that tugged the jets of hot jizz from his cock deep inside of me.

He collapse on top of me and we kissed mouth to mouth for the first time all evening. When he finally had caught his breath he rolled off of me and with a little laugh said, "Love, we really need to get a baby sitter more often."
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Yes yes yes wait i'm still cumming thanks
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instant fave, thanks loved it
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good tale