Caught by my son's wife... pt2

I recognize that part 2 is not going to be everyone's cup of tea..... But it is the scene flashed on the walls of the Theater of My Mind.... With that said.....

I finished loading the dishes into the dishwasher as my wife and son went out the front door.  He had to go pick up some things at the store and my wife was on the way to a prayer meeting at church and then some worship practice followed by some benevolence committee…..
Brad’s wife, Tamara had disappeared as soon as she put the last fork full of food in her mouth.  She always did.  It was the best way to keep the peace in the house between my wife and her.
I did not hear her enter the room.  She was standing there, hair pulled back, dressed in skin tight latex pants, black corset with red trim and her hair pulled back tight into a pony tail.  She had painted her eyes darker, and lips redder.  Her knee high boots had lots of buckles and had about 4 inch heels, allowing her to look me straight in the eye.  “Come with me.” Was all she said?  I put the last dish in the machine and obeyed.
Down in the basement, across the hall from the rooms that made Brian and Tamara’s apartment was my workout room.  A cable machine with a seat in one corner, free weights against the outside wall, a bench and a TV so I could do cardio work outs or stay up on whatever I wanted to watch.  The wall with the door in it was all mirrored so I could make certain my form was correct.
“I told you tonight we would have more fun.  Bradley had to go get some things, so it looks like it will just be the two of us.  What a pity….”  She had the most evil look in her eyes as she walked over to a shelf where there was an unfamiliar black bag resting.  She caressed the bag fondly then looked up at me in the mirror reflection and ordered, “Strip!”
The thought of disobeying did not even run through my mind.  Not only was I afraid of what she might do, I wanted to make her happy.  My ass still hurt from the morning’s fucking she had given me but if I were honest, I could not wait to see what she had in mind for tonight!
When I was completely naked, she pulled out a pair of handcuffs and walked over to me.  Her fingernails left red tracks across my white chest as she trailed them across to my nipples and pinched and twisted them viciously.  I did my best not to cry out and she laughed.  “Oh this is going to be fun.  You know how to play this game so much better than your little boy did when he said, “I do.”  She then put the cuffs on my wrists in front of me and led me over to the cable machine.
Standing upright between the high pulleys, she had me turn and face the center of the room.  She then put all the weight on each cable and took the slack and fastened the cables to the chain of the hand cuffs.  I could just do it while standing.  Then she told me to kneel    I tried to comply by found myself hanging from my wrists.  So she had me stand and readjusted the weights until they were just slightly less than my weight.  Now when I knelt down, my arms were stretched above my head, but my knees touched the floor.
Tamara got down on all fours and began crawling toward me slowly, seductively, like an a****l.  She let me look at her from nearly every angle as she hissed and meowed like a cat at me.  Closer she came, her full breasts nearly spilling out of the corset, the swell of her ass moving like liquid seduction.  My cock was rising, harder and harder with every movement of her body closer.
When her mouth was just a few inches from my throbbing cock, I closed my eyes.  The next thing I knew was something was being dropped over my cock and then my balls and then I felt it tighten.  I looked down and she had a black leather braided rope wrapped around the base of my cock and balls and she gave it a yank so hard I thought she might severe them from my torso!!!  Her hands worked quickly then, looping the cord around first the base, then separating my balls from my cock then pushing and forcing my balls lower and further from my body!!!  I was begging and whimpering at the last lashes but she just laughed!  Then she dug her fingernails into the tightly stretched flesh holding my testicles and scratched it so hard I thought for a second my balls might just pop out!!!
“What’s the matter with my pet?  Did you forget that pleasure is mine, not yours?  Did you really think I would let your filthy little pecker in my mouth?”  She laughed as she stared up at me with eyes full of wicked sexuality.  When she knew I was staring back, she stuck her tongue out and flicked the sensitive underside of the bulb of my straining cock and it danced.  She laughed more.  Then pulling another leather cord from her waist, she tied it around my cock as well and threw the length of it behind me.
Standing up in front of me she said, “My tie job will keep your manhood from draining for as long as I want.  But you just proved you can move too much still.”  She stuck her long pointed tongue out to my mouth and my lips parted of their own volition.  She ran the tip all around the circumference of my lips and then said as she looked me in the eye. “I need to take care of that.”
She walked over and grabbed a 25 pound plate and put it behind me.  She tied the end of the second cord to it, and laid it on the ground and pushed it as far behind me as she could without ripping my genitals off!!!  She walked back in front of me and looked down at me, snapped her fingers, went back to her bag and returned with a black sl**p mask which she then put on my face.
“Now, the fun begins!” She said.  I strained to hear what she was doing as she moved about the room.  First there were the metal clamps and then weights fastened with biting tips to my nipples.  I heard things unsnap and then her pussy was being shoved into my face.  Lick me, my pet!  See how wet I am at seeing you like this!  Make me squirt all over you!”  With a fist full of my hair she fucked my face with her wet, shaved pussy for what seemed like forever!  God she tasted so good!! 
Then abruptly, she stopped and left the room.  My cock was dying and to be honest, felt cheated by not having her cum in my face!  After a few moments, fear started creeping in.  What it my wife had come home early?  What if she had decided to leave me tied like this to be found by her?  The minutes dragged on.  I wanted to call out, but I was scared if someone had come home unexpectedly that my yells would cause all the more problems…
Then the door opened.  “That was a good pet.  I had to go poop before I let you eat my ass.”  She laughed and I gulped.  I had fantasized biting and eating her ass as she paraded out to the pool and back in over the last few weeks, but…  
I felt her back up to my face and could sense her pulling her cheeks apart.  “Lick me, slut.  Eat my shit hole.  Stick your tongue in there and make certain I am good and clean.”  The scent of soap allayed my fears, and I searched her deep crevice for the puckered ring and then I went to work, tonguing, sucking and pushing my face into her ass.
I could hear sounds of her breasts being sucked and moans beginning to build more and more.  “God this feels so fucking good.  Keep it up!  God, I’m going to cum without touching my pussy.  Yes!!!  Make me cum, you fucking sluts!!”    She pushed herself back and almost sat on my face and shuddered as she came.  He juices hit my chest and splattered on the floor as she shouted, “God you fucker!!  Oh yes, eat me devour me, Oh fuck yeah!!!”
Then she stood up and staggered over to the wall.  In my mind I could see her tight body trembling.  Her breasts would heave with every delicious breath as she looked back at me.  I could feel her juices running down to the floor.
Then I felt a mouth on my cock.  “That’s it, slut.  Suck him.  Get him clean and ready.  I want his cock deep up my pussy while you suck my tits.  Get him ready to bust a nut deep in my cunt, slut!”  I moaned.  My mind knew who she was talking to but I did not want to believe it.  Yet her voice came from over by the wall and a pair of lips, tentatively encircled the head of my cock and a tongue slid around and around, collecting the drops of cum it found.  My son was sucking my cock!!!  “Oh this is such a tender Father / son moment…” she laughed from where she stood
She came over and grabbed me by the chin and said, “I told you I would own you both.  Now stop thinking about who he is, because he is just my bitch, just like you are!!”  Then she smashed my face into her bare breasts and ordered, “Suck my tits, Daddy.  Show me that you are better at it than he is!”
My cock was now sliding in and out of Brad’s lips and I was sucking his wife’s tits like there was no tomorrow.  Those few moments where I could think, I wondered if I would rupture something if I was not allowed to cum soon.  I had never had a lot of oral given to me and I was so ashamed at realizing that Brad was giving me the best ever!!  The only problem was, I needed to cum and bound the way I was, I could not and it was killing me!!
Then she stepped away from me and she said to Brad, “On your back, my pet.  I want you to suck his balls as he fucks my cunt.  When I tell you to, use these on him.”  I heard her say in a lusty voice.  Something metal slid across the floor and I heard Brad grunt in agreement.  Before releasing me, he bared his teeth and dragged them the entire length of my straining rod!!  The sensations were incredible.
He rolled over on his back and I felt his tongue flick my balls a couple of times and then felt something cold and hard pushing at the tight bonds, making them tighter.  I thought I was going to die.  Then I heard Tamara get on all fours and back up to me.  Brad helped bend my cock down and into her steaming hot pussy.  I could not help myself I moaned like a whore as I felt her sheath my cock in her steaming hot pussy!!
“Fuck me now, old man.  Show us what a stud you are.  Fill my hot cunt with all of your seed.  Maybe you can make me pregnant!  That’s it; shove it in nice and deep and hard!!!  God yes!!!  Lick my clit Brian!”  On and on she went.  Even had I wanted to do less I could not have.  And truth be told, the idea of filling her womb with my cum had me boiling close to losing all control.  I pounded into her with long hard strokes and felt my balls dragging back and forth over the nose of Brad with each thrust.
“Do it now Brad, cut him loose!!!  Oh God cut him loose, I need to feel him cum!!!” Tamara was screaming now.  I felt the metal moving and then all hell broke loose as bl**d flowed in and out of areas that had been bound too long too tight!!  I may have passed out for a few moments, but I came too just as I felt myself erupting in great gouts deep inside of Tamara’s spasm racked pussy as it clenched and grabbed to bring me ever deeper into her and drain me of every drop of semen I had!!!
It felt so good and so painful all at the same time that I was crying and Tamara was screaming and Brad was damn near drowning as the two of us above him released an avalanche of sexual fluids on a scale to fill a pool!!
Tamara staggered to her feet and pulled the sl**p mask up off of my eyes before saying, “Brad, get your worthless ass up and suck me clean.”  She then rested her ass cheek on my shoulder and cupped my head to her hip as she spread her thighs and Brad began eagerly and obediently sucking my seed and her juices noisily from her glistening sex flower.   “I knew it would be good, but having both of you is so fucking awesome.   Now all I have to do is figure out how to get her to spread her tight pussy so I can lick her out of the 1950’s and we can all be one happy f****y….” Tamara mused.
Brad sucked on her clit at that moment and she shuddered through another orgasm right there on my shoulder before releasing me and leaving Brad and I to clean up the room!
So does Tamara seduce the religious mother?  What else will the three of these perverts do?  If you want to know what is showing on the interior walls of the Theater of the Mind then you need to read, comment and vote… Otherwise, only one person will know the turn the next episode will show!!!
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4 months ago
17 comments now. just wondering how she will do it. probably just tie her up and sit on her face while she watches her son and husband suck each other for her enjoyment
6 months ago
8 months ago
Glad you liked it. The story has to take a hiatus while I make a living...
8 months ago
loved it
8 months ago
Jay, I am NOT paying for laundry!!!
8 months ago
Thanks everyone! Your comments keep me writing!
8 months ago
so fantastic made me cum all over my panties
8 months ago
Love your story keep them coming
8 months ago
that was awesome!!
8 months ago
more like reading to many stories here and being married to one of those christian women
8 months ago
Great stuff loved it
8 months ago
You been checking my notes again???? LMAO!!
8 months ago
Part three is written and uploaded....

I hope you enjoy!!
8 months ago
not only will she seduce the religious mother but turn her in to a total slut , wanting all her holes filled with cock , and she'll want to eat cream pies from Tamaras pussy and ass
Fuck till she screams for her god and wants jesus to cum
8 months ago
wow that was awsome i do hope part 3 has the wife see her husband like that
8 months ago
again. very hot
8 months ago
Very well written, my over active imagination certainly pictured it all too well, but yes not my cup of tea xx Cheers