Caught by my son's wife

11 months ago, my son married a woman that dresses like a whore, talks like a sailor and looks like a goddess. 4 months ago, he lost his job and they moved in with us last month. He got a job last week selling phones. She sells real estate, supposedly. My wife hates her and prays she will either die or divorce our son. Welcome to my life.....

“Head down, ass up…”I thought as I heard her coming in from the bath. I looked to the right and I saw her in the mirror as she walked toward me with a simpering smile. The tube of lube in her hand was almost unnoticed. It was the site of the red rubber cock strapped into her black harness that pulled my eyes from her young firm breasts, full hips and slim waist.

“Well at least you are obedient. I am going to enjoy having you around like this if you can continue to obey.” She slapped my ass hard and I jumped a little in surprise and she laughed and tossed the lube between my knees as she turned to the mirror. “Oh, you are enjoying what you see?” she crooned, as she reached up and cupped her beautiful breasts. Her nipples immediately hardened into half inch long and round buttons of flesh that begged for attention. “Or are you staring at something else in fear?” Her hips swung back and forth in an exaggerated fashion and the red dong lewdly swung from side to side like a primeval monster searching for its prey. She laughed, picked up a hair tie and pulled her little more than shoulder length brown hair back into a pony tail and then stared right at me.

“My pet, you will enjoy this. Keep your face turned like that so I can see your face as I **** your precious virgin ass!!!” She pulled on the straps of the harness and then ran her hands seductively over her body. “I plan on fucking you so hard that my body will be covered in sweat when we are done. If you please me, you might even get to lick the sweat from my feet, belly and ass!!!” She laughed again and I tried to swallow.

“Stroke your cock for me pet. I want you to be ready and excited for this. If we do this right, I won’t be the only one who enjoys this, but if you don’t… oh well. Sucks to be you!!!” I reached down between my legs and began to stroke my cock. It was already almost hard. I did not need any spit. Pre-cum was already dripping from the top of it in anticipation.

She picked up the camera and snapped picture after picture of me. Some she shot in the mirror to get us both in it. She had me suck her rubber cock. “Get it wet, slut boy, or I will fuck you up dry and have you walking oddly for days!” I gagged on it in my attempts to please her and do as she told me.

Then she moved behind me and grabbed a pair of rubber gloves like old ladies use to wash dishes with. They were green, and after a little squirt of lube glistened and she wriggled her fingers at me and laughed. “Oh don’t worry, my cunt boy, this is the easy part!!! I will be gentle… unless you piss me off!”

I felt the first finger press against my puckered ass and I closed my eyes for only a second and took a deep breath. “Open your fucking eyes or I will slam my whole hand up your ass right now!!” she yelled at me! My eyes flew open and in a quieter voice she said, “That’s better.” For probably more than a minute she just circled my ass again and again, occasionally picking at my sphincter. I found myself moving my hips with her motions and she smiled at me.

“Now, I am going to count down from 3 and I want you to draw a deep breath and push back onto my finger. Yes, that’s right. I want you to fuck yourself, my little pervert. Ride my finger like a slut and be glad of what I give you!” Her nipples were hard and as I watched her looking at what her fingers were doing. I saw the evil glint of lust burning there as she bit her lower lip and then licked her full red painted lips.

“3-2-1” I moved back and felt her finger slide easily and deeply into my back door exit! “Damn, my pet! You really are wanting to be an anal whore aren’t you? I have done guys three or four times before having them accept my middle finger like that!” Our eyes met in the mirror and she smiled at the look on my face as she held her hand still, her finger deep inside me. “Yes, I have my middle finger deep in your ass you little slut. I am literally saying fuck you!!!”

The wickedness of hearing my daughter-in-law talking to me this way had me so hard I was about to explode. Hell, I was so close that I was squeezing my cock to keep from shooting rather than stroking it to stay hard! She had left like everyone else that morning for work. I had crawled out of bed and was in the room she and my youngest shared in the basement. I liked stroking off in their bedroom with a pair of her underwear whenever the opportunity arose. Since I worked third shift this month, I had gotten comfortable with the idea of being alone in their room. I never heard her until she said, “Jesus, Christ, you perverted old bastard!”

On their TV, I had been watching a scene as two women destroyed a man my age by kicking his balls and fucking him with strap ons. I grabbed for the towel at the foot of the bed, but she was quicker and had seen enough to know what was going on. “So you are the slut puppy that your little bitch son gets it from…. Well from now on you both belong to me and will serve me, or I will tell your holy wife and you will lose your house, your wife, and everything you hold dear.” She had walked over to stand right in front of where I was standing trying to shield my now wilted cock from her. As she said, “hold dear” she slapped my hands away from my crotch and grabbed my manhood in her thin hand and stared straight into my eyes. She had me by the privates both literally and figuratively!

For the next 30 minutes, she stood over me as I watched the rest of the movie. She had made me keep my cock hard but told me if I came without her consent, she would cut my cock off and stuff it up my ass. Then she had started stripping off the formal clothes she had put on to go show a house as a realtor. She had smiled at me. Then she had slapped me for watching her instead of the movie. On and on it had gone.

Now I felt her adding a second finger to the first in my ass and I moaned. Like a whore I wanted more. I wanted whatever she would give me. She slapped my ass with the other hand hard. “Now we are going to make some progress, slut boy. I am going to stretch your ass, just like I do almost every night to your son. Soon you will have 3 and then 4 fingers deep up there, caressing your prostate like this.” I felt her fingers curl and touch something inside of me. My cock jumped and I groaned. “You are such a whore!” she laughed and then continued fucking me now 3 fingers in and out of me.

“I’m going to own your ass this morning. And when I walk through the house nearly naked, you are going to tell your hag of a wife to shut the fuck up. I will flash you my tits and pussy and keep you hard. And when I feel the need for a pathetic cock, and I tell you to drop your pants, you are not going to think about doing anything but doing what I tell you from now on!!” She climbed up behind me on the bed behind me and the rubber cock was dancing in anticipation. I could not help myself; I pushed back into her hand to meet her every thrust.

Single-handedly she flicked open the tube of lube and applied a generous puddle on it without slowing her other hand’s thrusts deep into me. I watched fascinated as the red cock began to glow and shine as if it was excited at the prospect of violating me! I had to squeeze my own cock again to keep from shooting the heavy load that had built up in my balls over the last hour.

Then her fingers withdrew. I looked over into the mirror and the look on her face said more than her words could. “From now on, I own your ass, this house, your cock. I will tell you when you can cum and how to please me and you are going to do it, because you want to be my bitch, just like your son. I swear that from this moment on, you belong to me, my pet!” And with that she pushed the hard rubber cock, harness deep into my ass and our hips slammed into each other violently!!!

There was no need to stroke myself. I only had to squeeze occasionally to keep from getting too excited as she pounded my ass and told me, “I am going to have your ass tonight while I have your son eat my ass and pussy. The two of you are going to serve me. Fuck me. You will suck me and pleasure me in ways I have dreamed of for so long. The one that can last the longest while I stroke the other will get to suck the other’s load! Yes, oh God, yes, I am going to fuck you two as my whores!...” On and on she went.

Then she abruptly slapped my ass and pulled out. “Roll over, slut! I want to watch you shoot your load on your face while I fuck your ass!!” I turned over as quickly as I could without kicking her and she laughed at my eagerness. She went over and grabbed a silver vibrating egg out of a drawer and shoved it up inside of her harness and closed her eyes with a shudder as she turned it on and slid the control to the right speed.

She had me slide two pillows under my ass as she climbed back onto the bed, her beautiful solid breasts moving so alluring. Her voice now was thick with lust. She lifted my knees up and pushed them up toward my shoulders and then, as I held them, she inserted her rubber cock into me and slowly began fucking me as she stared into my eyes. “I can’t shoot a load in you my slut, but open your mouth,” she told me. When I did, she leaned forward and over me and then drooled a long ball of spit into my hungry mouth and I swallower her spit. “Good slut. God you make me so fucking hot!!”

She was starting to tremble a few minutes later and she told me to start getting my cock ready to blow. It was already there, but I was only too glad to get to stroke it. Then she began banging me hard and she screamed, “Now you mother fucker. Cum!! Squirt it on your face, Oh God cum for me bitch!!!”

I needed no other words as I felt the load boiling through me, up from my balls and out the end of my cock, shooting white creamy streams of jizz all over my chin, face and the headboard above me. She dug her fingernails into the backs of my thighs and ass and screamed as I felt her squirt all over my ass and the bed. She fell forward onto my cum streaked torso and twisted her body against mine, mixing her sweat and my sperm together into a decadent concoction of lust and desire. Her hips continued to work the rubber cock in and out of me, only not nearly as deeply. “Mmmmmm, that was good my slut. You pleased me, so your secret is safe… for now.

“Tonight, when your wife goes to meet the other old hens at church, you will stay here. I have not made up my mind exactly how I am going to introduce you to your son’s cock, but for now, go get showered and get some fucking rest. I am going to enjoy owning and destroying your manhood just like I have your son’s over the last year!”

With that, she sat up off of me, wiped some of our sex from her body onto a finger and stuffed it into my mouth. “Eat it slut boy. I think your mouth and tongue are going to be doing a lot of eating for me in the very near future.” I licked her clean and she laughed as she got up and headed back into the on suite bath and turned on the shower.


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3 months ago
Loved that you licked her clean !!! I would,too!!!
3 months ago
I have just finished reading your story.very nice.I'm surprised somthing like this doesn't really exist. But as far as your story goes, I hope you keep right on writing.
3 months ago
quickly on to part 2 with a hard cock and hope for my future
4 months ago
Nice story to arousing ever reader with normal lust.
5 months ago
great story
6 months ago
Glad you liked it. The story has to take a hiatus while I make a living...
7 months ago
very hot so far. looking forward to part 2
7 months ago
lol, had that reaction after my curiousity got me to look at the critics page. Keep writing your hot stories darlin, there is certainly no competition from that "writer"
7 months ago
Thanks. These characters are exploring many facets of sexuality to allow people to see beyond their own experiences into lives most of us will never live, nor would we want to..... but it makes for some hot reading!
7 months ago
Thank you for letting me know how convincing my fiction writing is. Having an expert on sexual orientation like yourself mistake me as homosexual because of my writing is actually flattering!
Secondly, I suppose you believe Jules Verne was truly a submariner since he wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Finally, resorting to name calling is juvenile. If you don't like that aspect of a story say so. No need to attack me personally like a narrow-minded backward bigoted Neanderthal homophobic coward compensating for his own sexual inadequacies and doubts..
Lol..... the next story is worse, please don't read Itt if this offended you!
7 months ago
clearly your and fag. You should put that in the title.
7 months ago
mmmm i love it!! i need more of it :)
7 months ago
Thanks!! Glad you are enjoying the stories!!
7 months ago
very hot and intense
7 months ago
Lol glad you're enjoying it! That makes my day!
7 months ago
Sorry you wasted your time. the next will definitely offend you, so dread it
7 months ago
Thanks. mate, the second part is done, submitted and awaiting approval!
7 months ago
great start for a series so do write more for your fellow Xhamster perverts
7 months ago
Meh this is boring. Something only sexually confused betas would think of.
7 months ago
very very hot