Orgy Surprise At A Festival

Bella is a slut that I know that whenever I am feeling down or in need of a good blowjob, well she could write books on how to make a man cum!  So Friday evening around 7:00, when things were dead at work, I closed up the store and gave her a call.  She said to come on by that she was up for a little fun.
Now Bella had bigger tits than a porn star when she was 12, or so she says, and now that she is almost 30 they have grown to the point that I bet even nuns look at her in appreciation and a little jealousy!!  She told me once that when she was a junky (she has been clean for 5 years now) she had a k** breast fed the boy until the courts took him away from her and gave him to the father who disappeared back to Mexico.  Anyway, she had kept pumping those tits four or five times a day ever since!!  I don’t doubt her story, because she damn near soaks you when she goes over the edge with a nice milk spray!!
Anyway, I pulled up in front of her apartment and she came running down the steps in shiny black boots that stopped just short of her boots and then large hole fishnet stockings and a shiny vinyl skirt that barely covered her nice round ass!!  She has a nice flat belly and tonight she had it on full display with some purple and silver pendant hanging over her navel.  The stretchy yellow halter she had on struggled with her every step to keep from just snapping and letting the whole world see what was really only barely hidden anyway!  I mean, if I had kicked her out of the car that night, she could have earned cab fare back to her place in about 10 minutes!!!
She plopped down in the seat next to me and turned and kissed me full on the lips and I wondered again why I never just made her my steady!  I mean she knew how to kiss and leave your head spinning, heart pounding and cock throbbing!  Then she looked at me and said, “Let’s go down to the river!  I hear there is some sort of festival down there.”  I knew what she was after and I was game.
So 45 minutes later I paid the attendant $10 to park and we got out and started walking through all kinds of beer and food booths.  We had not gone 50 feet into the festival area before I realized that this was a Gay and Lesbian celebration of some sort!!  I looked this way and there were dudes in biker leathers kissing and that way and women were looking at displays of whips and handcuffs. 
Now I am not homophobic, but when they outnumber me, I admit I was nervous and I was ready to head back to the car and go to some hole in the wall bar and get some beer.  Instead, Bella turns to a trailer selling beers for $7 a glass and order three.  Then she pulls her money out of the cleavage of her top and looks at the girl serving the beers and says.  “I can have him pay the last dollar or I can let you suck on one of my nipples for it?”
My jaw dropped!  I looked at the woman who was studying Bella like she was a cut of steak.  I guessed her to be approaching 40, with short cropped black hair, flashing blue eyes and a solid, though far from fat build.  She had on a white wife beater and a black leather vest that showed tats on her shoulders of angels.  She looked over her should and said, “Hey Tam, I’m taking a break.”    She pushed the beers to us and picked up the 20 and flipped her head for us to follow behind the trailer. 
When we got behind the trailer, we were in a small area with all kinds of water hoses and cartons and crates of supplies for the festival.  Most of it was walled off by a tent wall that must have been part of a seating area for eating.  Anyway, someone had taken a few of the crates and coolers and made a little seating area and the butch from the concession stand walked over to one cooler and sat down and motioned for Bella to come over.  Bella set the beer she had on top of a stack of boxes, walked over and grabbed hold of bottom band of her top, lifted it up and flopped her tits out in the other woman’s face like it was the most normal and common thing in the world.  The other woman’s face split into a toothy grin and she looked at me and said, “I swing both ways.  If you bring that cock over here, you might get your $20 back!”  With that she picked up Bella’s breast furthest from me and began to suck!
I watched her face and smiled as her eyes flew open big as platters and she looked up into Bella’s contented and happy smile!  Then she began sucking in earnest.  She started squeezing the breast nearest me and I began undoing the buckle on my belt and soon was standing with the ladies as butch was taking handfuls of Bella’s milk and used it to lube her stroking of my cock!!
I was just this close to blowing my load when a guy came around the corner and yelled, “What the hell are you fuckers doing back here?!?!”  Think about it for a second.  If you can come up with a bigger hardon killer than being at a Gay rally, pants at your ankles and a big bull of a man standing behind you in leathers and chains saying that, you let me know!!!  I thought my virginal ass was about to be stretched like a rubber band!
“Shut up Albert and tell Teddy, I got some raw talent that he needs to get on stage NOW!” the seated lady said.  Bella seemed to have had a near shit attack as well, because her milk was no longer spraying and she was grabbing some napkins from a stack beside her and was quickly cleaning up.  The bull snorted and turned and walked about 15 feet up the tent wall and went through a place where two panels came together.
Handing me the $20 she looked at Bella and said, “My name is Starla.  On the other side of this wall, all kinds of sex acts are being performed for anyone that has $50 to watch.  The best of show walks out tonight with $500.  If we three go out there and do what comes natural, we can each drink ourselves stupid tonight!”
Bella looked at me and I shrugged.  She grabbed one of the beers I still was holding and chugged it.  She looked at me and I smiled and chugged the other.  “After you.” I said with a mock bow and the two ladies followed the trail the bull had just made.
Inside it was dark, though there was a deep booming soundtrack playing.  As my eyes adjusted I realized it was an old circus tent with benches and stands erected haphazardly around small wooden platforms.  There were pillories and beds, racks and suspension t****ze s**ttered throughout in different pools of light.  I was glad to see some hetero sexual unions participating, but I was not certain whether they were part of the show or the audience!!!  There was just sex everywhere in every form and combination.
Starla led us to one low platform with a waist high black box and she bent over that and motioned for me to step behind Bella and lift her top.  A low level light flipped on over us and I moved behind Bella and she backed into me and raised her hands over her head and pulled me down to kiss her long and hard over her shoulder.
Well that was how it started.  Then my hands were on her breasts and on her stomach and then rubbing her bald snatch as Starla lay across the box watching us and sucking on fingers.  I then brought both hands up to the band around her chest and slowly lifted it so her boobs dropped out and bounced in a most obscene way. 
I could just see a few people in the dark shadows stopping and watching to see what we would do.  I began kneading and squeezing and I felt Bella’s hand reach behind her and grab my cock through my jeans and give it a couple of good tugs.  She moaned as I snuggled it into the crack of her ass and immediately I felt the weight of her breast fall and I aimed the fine spray as best I could at Starla’s open and eager mouth and face!!
There were several “oh’s” from the crowd and I felt Bella undoing my zipper and pulling my cock out.  She stepped forward and handed her right breast to Starla who looked at some of those in the shadows and said, “It definitely takes two hands to handle these whoppers!!!”  With that she stuffed as much of Bella into her mouth as she could and began a marvelous suck job.  I could tell because my now free cock was being rubbed up and down the nasty ass crack of Bella’s
Her skirt kept getting in the way, so when I stepped back to take off my pants, I also took the time to also remove the shiny vinyl.  I reached around and milked a palm full of her lovely milk and dumped it at the top of her ass crack and on my cock.  I reached around and started to rub her cunt, but she was already wet and frigging herself to the pleasure of the crowd.  So I took aim with my cock and pushed the head of it into her tight little ass.
It took over a minute just to pop my head into her, but the crowd roared when her muscles relaxed and I was in!!  I looked over Bella and saw another snow white ass sticking up in the air and I got an evil idea.  If she had removed her pants, the least I could do was ream her too!!!  With that thought running through my mind I pushed harder than I probably should have and went nearly balls deep into Bella and she howled!!  The crowd went nuts! 
She was spraying milk everywhere and Starla was milking both breasts for all her worth.  I let her ass get used to my size and then pulled back a little before continuing.  When I looked down I saw I the glistening evidence that I had been too rough.  And it drove me crazy with lust and two strokes later, I was balls deep and slapping her ass with my bare hands as the crowd called out encouragement to us all
It did not take but a few minutes for Bella to let out another howl, only this one was much more a****listic and she was swearing and spewing milk and pussy juice all over all of us!!!  I fucked her for a minute more, but her legs were getting weak, so I pulled out with a gleaming mean red cock and I looked into Starla’s face and she looked at me and said quietly, “Up my ass, please.  Make me cum too.”
Who was I to refuse her?!  So I moved around her and the crowd was going nuts!!!  I spit on her ass and worked the spit into her puckered hole with first a finger and then a nice fat thumb.  Bella crawled around to the side where she could see us from below and she smiled up at me and said, “Come on fuck her hard.  Make me cum again!”  Her hands were massaging her breasts again and the milk was still spraying, though less enthusiastically.
I pushed my cock head against Starla’s ass and I heard a grunt and as I pushed forward I could see her reach under the counter to start playing with her parts.  Then I was in.  She was much more used to this than Bella, because in almost no time at all I was balls deep and slamming in and out hard.  Bella was laughing and frigging her pussy as I slapped Starla’s ass and the tent roared!
I still am not certain how I held out, but I lasted probably another 7 or 8 minutes of pounding into Starla before I felt her clench down and everything inside of me tightened up and pushed every drop of sexual liquid out of me into that glowing red and white ass!!!  Then I saw jets of cum squirt and coat Bella as she furiously rubbed her pussy to a climax at the same time.
That was when I realized.  My cock was buried in the ass of Starla.  So where was……? 
I pulled out so quickly I stumbled into one of the guys in the crowd that had come in close for a good view.  Sure as hell, Starla had his equipment firmly in his fist and was squeezing out the last drops onto Bella as she tried to catch them on her tongue!!
As I stood there stunned, Bella got up on her knees and first gave my cock a congratulatory suck, and then licked some of my seed that was now oozing out of Starla.
30 minutes later we had our money and a lot of kisses touches and congratulatory gropes as we headed toward the car with more memories than I wanted and several new friends who all must have written down my number wrong……
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9 months ago
Sounds like I would love to fuck her and suck her milky tits.
9 months ago
I wrote this for XH user Bella yesterday. She said she wanted to read lewd and rude comments about her in a story.... Anyone want to oblige, Mz Bella?