Surprising my wife and daughter...

A little background to start.  First, our ages:
I am Brian and am 37
My daughter Alex is 18
M second wife, Heather, is 26
Susan, my first wife died in a car crash 4 years ago.  Heather was my physical ther****t as I recovered.  Alex has hated Heather not just because she was taking her mom’s place in my life, but when Alex lived at home, having your parental figure being just less than 10 years older than you is rough.  
But 5 months ago, when Alex returned home from college… with grades that did not get her invited back for a second semester, things changed.  I had expected the fighting and bickering to resume, but it did not.  The women in my life became cordial, then pleasant then actually started being friends and giggling and doing things together.  I did not ask what had changed; I just quietly thanked the spirits that there was peace under my roof!!
Meanwhile, in the bedroom, things had gotten … kinky when Alex moved out.  Heather is petite, and when I say petite, I mean, she is 5’2”, 105 pounds with be cups IF she puts in some padding.  It is fine by me; I can do whatever I want with her!  She works out daily and flexible in ways that men dream of (yes, I have had one of her feet on my chest, the other on the last step to the upstairs and fucked her royally!)  I have owned my own excavation and construction company since I turned 21.  Tanned salt and pepper hair, and since being with Heather, more fit than most 19 year olds that apply to work for me!
With that all in mind, Heather asked me if I would be game for action where she was in charge and dominant.  At first I laughed at the idea of such a little caring woman taking charge of things.  I should not have laughed.  That weekend, she made me pay, and we both had more orgasms in those first three days after Alex went to college than we had had in any one week since the honeymoon!!!
Last month, she snapped a clear plastic chastity device on me and teased me until I was ready to die.  When she finally released me I loaded both her mouth and pussy with steamy stringy loads that seemed to pull everything in me out!!!  Since that day, I have awakened about twice a week to Heather looking at me and having me lie on my back while she subdues the monster.  I do not mind really.  It serves as a reminder all day that when I get home, there is a woman that wants every drop of me for her!  She wears the tiny key on a long chain around her neck that allows the key to hide between her beautiful pert breasts.  She says it builds her lust for me all day as well!!
So yesterday, we got the footers dug, braced, rebar finished and were ready to pour concrete when the place where we get out concrete from called me and said they had gotten some substandard material in and it was not setting up well.  They assured me they would have my loads ready first thing on Monday, but they were not going to be able to meet my order for then.  So at lunch, I let the guys know they had an early Friday, and after securing the site, we all headed home early.
The cars were in the drive when I pulled in, but as I walked through the house I did not see anyone.  When I got to the Master bedroom, I thought I heard something out at the pool so I went over and looked out the window.  I will always be thankful that I had been quiet!!!
My wife was lying on her back in a chaise lounge, soaking in the unusually warm sun of May.  She has always hated tan lines so that was not surprising.  Seeing my daughter kneeling next to her chair, also naked, pouring tanning lotion into her hand and then rubbing it onto my naked wife was!!! 
There was just something overly familiar about the touches as she rubbed the lotion on her belly and then up between her breasts.  Heather’s eyes fluttered open and stared at Alex as the hand began moving across her tiny breast swells and nipple.  Alex smiled down and her and then, to my utter amazement, she bent down and sucked in first one nipple and then the other in turn before smoothing more of the lotion on up her chest and shoulders.
Alex leaned back on her haunches and I had my first really good look at my daughter.  She was tall, like me, and much broader and bigger built.  She wasn’t fat, though she did have a soft belly.  Her breasts, which I had complained about being on display too much in her high school days, were good C cups if not D and had small pink areolas and big  fat and long nipples that seemed to indicate she was aroused since it was in the 80’s!!  As she reached for the bottle of lotion, I saw that like Heather, her snatch was clean shaven, though her labia and all were all up in her and all that was visible was the mounded camel toe that seemed to glisten….  It had to be from tanning lotion.
I moved back from the window and undid my zipper and belt and shoved my pants and boxers down, and remembered.  My cock, which was trying to straighten, was trapped inside the clear plastic of the chastity device Heather had locked in place this morning.
I turned from the window and went scrambling through our toys and through her jewelry box.  I had to find that stupid little key and make the most of this moment!!  But it was nowhere to be found.  I cursed and glanced back at the window.  It was almost not worth going back to watch with my cock like this.  I swore as I shut her jewelry armoire and right then I heard Heather say, “Looking for something?”
I whipped around and saw my wife walking from the bedroom door toward the master bath with a huge Cheshire cat smile and not a stitch else!  She went in and sat on the toilet and looked back at me and laughed softly.  “You look like I buried an axe in your head!!  If you want the key to your toy, you have to get naked and go get it.  It is on my book out by the pool.”  I began to protest and Heather immediately “Shushed” me.  “Alex didn’t hear you pull in.  She thinks you are still at work!  Now,” she began cleaning herself, “if you want to show your daughter and me the kind of man you are and get that thing taken off of you, get undressed and come out.  Otherwise, be quiet and watch the show.”  With that, she crossed the room, rubbed her naked body against me and turned with a quiet low laugh and walked out of the room shaking her ass at me!!
Walking out in front of my teenage daughter, naked, I think I could have done.  But having her see me wearing the hard plastic chastity belt.  “There is no fucking way I can go I there,” I mumbled as I walked back over to the window, just as Heather was coming out the kitchen patio door.  She blew me a quick kiss.
She moved her chair so her feet were facing my window and her head was down near the knees of Alex. Alex was lying on her back and I was nearly salivating watching her breasts rise and fall.  Then Heather began oiling my daughters’ body and there was no denying she was playing with certain areas more than was absolutely necessary.  Then my jaw dropped as Alex reached up between her thighs, ran a finger through the older woman’s twat and sucked it into her young full lips as Heather bent down and kissed her nipples!!
Heather sat down and winked at me and then said, “Okay, my little slut, time to make me feel like a woman.  If you do it right, I might even let you sit on my face before your father gets home!”  She then laid back and started pulling on her nipples and dragging her fingernails across her chest.  Alex moved her hand first to the thigh and then between the thighs of my wife.   I watched in utter fascination as she walked her fingers slowly through the folds of my wife’s damp pussy lips.  I could see her carefully avoid touching her sensitive clit, but squeeze the fleshy skin around it tight and then make small jerking movements.  The moans let me know that my daughter knew tricks to pleasing my wife that I had yet to try!!
The folds were pulled and lightly tugged and teased and then a single finger went in slowly down low in the cleft of Heather’s pussy.  In and out it worked as Alex rolled onto her side so she could get both hands involved!    She slid the one hand under the thigh and pushed a finger from that hand deep into her lover while the other finger, glistening with the arousal of my wife moved up and began working the slippery fluid over the sensitive higher folds of her pussy lips.  Round and round the finger moved and soon Heather was moving her hips in the same lurid motions, chasing the pleasure of Alex’s touch.  The other hand was fucking her deeply at the same mesmerizing pace.
Then she pulled the one hand away from her clit and held the other finger down low, in the pussy, as if she were trying to join the sphincter and pussy as one.  My wife seemed to lose control and her hips involuntarily thrust back and forth.  “Say it, bitch.  Say it or I will stop.”  She said as she looked down at my wife’s face.
“I want you to fuck me, you little whore.  I want to squirt in your face and give my slut girl her drink.  PLEASE!”  Heather said in ragged breathes choked with lust.
“That’s better!”  Then Alex leaned over, put her mouth over the now soaked pussy of my wife as I watched three fingers suddenly fill her tight pussy and pound in and out!!
My cock was dripping precum everywhere and I was near to cumming just from cupping and rolling my balls.  The scene before me was simply incredible!!!  “Oh yes!!  Yes, you little slutty whore, fuck me and drink my cum!  You want Mommy’s cum in your nose and mouth, don’t you?  You are such a whore.  Show me how badly you want it!!  That’s it, make me cum, you skanky piece of ass!!!”  On and on my wife said as she thrashed beneath the tongue and fingers of Alex.
And then I could see the juices of my wife squirting all over the face and hands of Alex as she sucked and swallowed and licked like a woman determined to let as little of the precious liquids escape!!  After what had to be close to 2 minutes of my wife thrashing and swearing, Alex finally released her mouth lock on the quivering quim of my wife.  She rolled on to her back, her face covered with the most pure female ejaculate I have ever had the pleasure of licking myself!!!
I saw that one of Heather’s hands was now between Alex’s thighs and the smile on her face was turning from one of satisfaction to one that was born of passion and pleasure.  Heather sighed and sat up, turning toward the teen body that was now surrendered to  her touch.  Then with the hand closest to me, she pointed directly at the window and then crooked her finger a couple of times.  She then put the finger to her lips and motioned to come to her now and she pointed down beside her emphatically.
Heather was on her back as I crept out the patio door with nothing by my chastity harness on.  Heather smiled at me across her daughter’s belly.  One of her hands was on Alex’s nearest breast, kneading and massaging the firm full more than handful for her.  The other was slowly rocking in and out of the young pussy, making the most erotic squishing sounds as I got closer. 
She mouthed the words, “Squat on her face,” to me.  I was stunned.  I could not do that!!!  It was my daughter.  Yet I found myself standing over head watching as Alex grabbed Heather’s hand and stopped it and then said, “Thrust in me like a man would, please?  Fuck me like Daddy does you when I hear the two of you fucking!”
She released Heather’s hand and Heather began pulled back and then slammed three fingers in deep and hard.  “Your Daddy fucks like a stallion!  He takes long slow stroke back,” she was withdrawing the fingers.  “Then he pounds back into me deep!” and with that her fingers pounded down hard into Alex and she moaned.
“God you are lucky!  Fuck me like he does, I want my Daddy to fuck me like he does you!” she said.  I stood there gaping down.  Heather was smiling from me to what she was doing and back and forth.  She went on telling how hot and sweaty I get when I am filling her pussy to over flowing, fucking her brains out. 
I did not even notice the string of pre-cum drip from my cock, but it fell across the nose and cheek of my daughter as she was saying, “Yes, oh God yes!!  Make me cum Daddy!!”  Her eyes fluttered open and a look of sheer panic flooded over her and heather said, that’s it, baby, show him how you cum for him every day!!!”
The eyes rolled back in my daughter’s head and her mouth opened in a silent scream of orgasmic pleasure!  “Give her your balls now, make her cum harder than ever!!” Heather said and my nuts were touching her lips and then feeling her tongue as Alex began shuddering and shaking with sexual power the like I don’t think I have ever witnessed before. 
She sucked one of my shaved testicles in and screamed around it as if it were a ball gag. My hands were all over her breasts, pinching, squeezing and then grabbing her by the nipples and shaking the flesh back and forth as she shuddered moaned and then spit my nuts out, crying for mercy and for us to stop. 
Reluctantly I stood up and Heather said, “Come here my lucky man.  As you just heard, your precious slut of a daughter wants you to fuck her!  But first, she is going to get to watch how you fuck me!!!”
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8 months ago
8 months ago
I'm glad you enjoyed!
I have 75+ more stories on this site from the theater of my mind for you to read!
Have an awesome weekend!
Thanks for the encouragement!
8 months ago
OMG this was so awesome I loved it very much thanks for posting it for us
8 months ago
Thank you for the kind encouragement!
8 months ago
Very hot and very erotic! Thanks for sharing!
8 months ago
A great story,,well written,,I hope there's loads more to come,,especially him fucking his daughter
8 months ago
I hope you read the rest of the story. The ladies become .... a little crazy!!
8 months ago
Very good! I want to hear how much of a wanton little slut the daughter becomes
8 months ago
I am glad you enjoyed it, Mikey and beri! Hope you continue to enjoy! I have some 70 stories on here, so.... read until you are drained!!

Thanks again for the comments!!
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8 months ago
like it gave me niv=ce hard cock, off to read part 2 now
8 months ago
Uploaded parts 2&3 yesterday. Who knows when XH will post... but thanks for the comment!!
8 months ago
Thanks Stuart. Parts 2 & 3 were posted yesterday. XH will publish.... sometime. ...
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more, we NEED more :)
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please tell more im soo horny from it
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The next installment is hot
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very very good
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Thanks! I just finished the next part and I think it is sooo much hotter! This afternoon I hope to be able to write more, but work might get in the way!!!! Lmao
Thanks for the comments. I will upload in about 15 minutes. XH will post in about....?
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Loved it. Hope we hear more
8 months ago
I am working on the poolside fuck that takes place next...
Let me know how BADLY you want to read THAT!!!