The Photo Shoot At the Mansion - Part 2

I was staring out the window toward the lush greenery surrounding the pool and the hot tub.  The realization of just how lucky a bastard I really am was running through my mind.  I am fit, strong, decent looking… but I am 51 years old.  How many 51 year old men in the world were ever going to stand a yard away from two twenty somethings, who were as hot as these two, nearly naked and get to take pictures?!?!?  I am lucky!!
The sound of the doors to the Master bath opening, caught my ears and I turned around and almost died.  Saranya was on her hands and knees like Cheri’s pet, perfectly framed in the doorway.  She had not one stitch of clothing on her tight little body, only a wide leather collar studded with rhinestones and a silver leash, the other end of which was held by Cheri.
Cheri, had on knee high boots, maybe three inches tall.  Black hosiery held up by garters framer her thighs and hips, drawing my eyes toward the bare gash of her sex.  Above the waist, she wore a puffy sleeved white dress oxford, tied at the waist and completely unbuttoned otherwise.  Her other hand had a nasty looking whip with probably close to a dozen heavy 24 inch leather tails hanging from the handle.  Her makeup was vintage porn star heavy.  To say it worked would be an understatement. 
After a quick discussion I began arranging lights and cameras to focus on the dressing table instead of the bed, as I had originally thought.  The ladies discussed different things they thought would look good and I found myself getting harder and harder again with each passing minute!
They started with Cheri seated at the makeup table, Saranya holding a silver tray of make up utensils next to her.  We had shot three or four small scenes like this when I suggested shooting them indirectly through the mirror on the table.  They agreed enthusiastically.  By doing it this way, the illusion of Saranya’s body being closer or in more lewd positions could be achieved without making the picture of Cheri lewd.  The hidden sensuality began making the shoot hotter for all of us.
Then  Saranya moved the small wire frame chair out and knelt down in its place and more pictures were snapped off as Cheri adjusted her makeup, stroked Saranya’s hair, her buttocks, Then, as I thought I was finishing from that side, Cheri said, “Damn, sitting on your soft warm flesh has my pussy so wet!”
“I can tell!  And if you think that you’re wet, check out my slit!” Saranya lauged.  As I sat there, slack mouthed at the exchange I watched as Cheri stood, turned and faced me and then straddled Saranya’s ass and sat down on her wide hips, the bottom of her pussy resting at the top of the other woman’s ass crack!!!  I may have been dumbfounded, but I was not stupid!  I adjusted the focus, turned the remote for the lighting behind me to become more intense and zoomed that camera in as Cheri’s fingers collected some drops of dew from her pussy petals and then moved them down to the puckered hole of my assistants anus!!  That camera could not take enough pictures, as her ringers then slid slower, to either side of the younger woman’s sex and began to open the darker  split peach. 
I layed down on my back and had just gotten focused when two darker fingers joinde the fingers of the woman on top!  Each hand led the other to explore, to open, to spread and to delight the other.  Saranya’s ass was now glowing with Cheri’s cream as the other woman cupped and squeezed her breast with her free hand.  Saranya took hold of the other woman’s fingers and pushed one of them deep within her.  She then pulled the hand back out, finger glistening as I squeezed off more frames.  Then very deliberately, she place the nailed tip of the older woman’s finger at the puckered entrance to her dark passage.  There was no denying the desire, even without hearing the moans and soft words of encouragement. 
As Cheri slid her finger slowly into the other woman, two dark fingers delved stratight into the wet pussy, so lewdly on display just below.  u*********sly, I had begun humping the floor, but I did my best to capture each move that they shared  It was beyond anything I had ever seen before and the scent of their arousal, the sounds of fervent need all mixed together with the tabloid before me to make my heart pound and my cock to leak  with need.
In probably less than three minutes, Saranya was shuddering and small rivers of white cream poured out and down her thighs.  I followed the finger that was pulled from her rectum as Cheri lifted it to beneath her nose and inhaled the scent.
I looked at the neter my camera and realized, once again, just how lucky I was.  The memory card showed 94% full and the battery was beginning to approach the red line.  “Ladies, that was… incredible!  I need to go out into the front room and change out some batteries and such.  You two probably need to take a moment as well.  Think about what you want to do nex.t.”
With that, I got to my feet and walked out of the bedroom into the hall leading to the foyer where my boxes were.  As I popped out cards and batteries I did my best to imagine thoughts tantamount to cold showers.  My head was spinning and I cursed as I saw the wet spot in the front of my slacks.  There was no denying that, but fortunately, they were dark pants so maybe no one would notice.  I pulled stuff together, grabbed a star filter and a couple other filters and walked back into the room to do some more soft core shots on the bed.
That plan went out the window the second I stepped through the bedroom door way.  The ladies were standing in front of the French doors, with their white lace taffeta curtains.  The late afternoon sun was bright outside and they were perfectly silhouetted against the light.  “Stay like that.”  I said and I quickly grabbed a filter and snapped it into place. 
The first pictures were beautiful.  The leash was plainly in evidence as was the state or dress and undress, but the details were all soft and ethereal  They stood side by side, hands to side.  Then I had them turn and face each other.  Saranya tucked her chin all the way down; then Cheri lifted her chin to look into her eyes.  A hand on the shoulder of the younger girl in a couple of frames, led to her kneeling before her superior.  Chin down, position followed by chin up and looking at her mistress then the leash pulling her up and forward and then, I nearly forgot to take pictures.
Cheri slowly pulled Saranya’s face to her naked pussy.  She held her face there, as I captured frame after frame of the erotic scene.  Cheri’s eyes went up, as she dropped the leash and with both hands in her hair, pulled Saranya face first into her hips.  Then a hand loosed its grip and cupped one of the large, firm breasts and picked it up to her own lips and the camera captured the incredible moment of her licking her own nipple to a fully erect state, while the other woman made love to her below the waist.
I snapped off the filter and moved closer in.  Saranya’s tongue was tesasing, her lips tugging the large rubbery lips of the other woman as she held on to the standing woman’s hips.  Her mouth would cover the top fo the clitoral area and I could hear the sucking and humming sound as her lips and tongue drove Cheri’s excitement higher and higher.  The she would pull back and the tongue would slide down the folds of labial lips and nips and tugs would cause groans and moans to rain down from above.  Two fingers squished their way deep into the standing woman’s pussy and her hips rotated forward to receive the intrusion and to ride it to their fullest measure.
I was rubbing my cock now and shooting one handed.  I was so close I could feel the  beads of pre-cum building and running down the shaft of my cock.  At the sound of Cheri’s cry that turned into an ecstatic wail, my own little death over cameme.  I did my best to keep shooting, but holding the camera steady and keeping the subject properly centered as I watched Saranya clamp down on her lover’s clit and shake it like a puppy with its favorite chew toy!!!
Within a minute, she was a puddle of flesh and pleasure, lying on the hardwood floor as Saranya crawled up her body.  I aimed the camera as I caught them slding together into place and then as Cheri cleaned my assistants face with her tongue and kisses.
Finally they relaxed into each other’s arms and I cleared my throat.  “I, umm, think that was a good shoot.  I … think I will go down the hall and freshen up.  Are you still interested in doing more pictures, Cheri?”
The woman opened eyes that were heavily lidded with satisfaction.  “I want more and more.  But for now, go do … whatever.  Then we can get a bite to eat and perhaps finish with some shots by the pool after we have had some wine.  What do you think?”
It had already been 30 minutes more of pictures than I usually take.  I looked at my watch and said, “Tonight, we are yours.” I said with a smile.
“I was hoping you’d say that,” she replied and then leaned down and kissed Saranya passionately on the lips.
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9 months ago
More , more, more.
9 months ago
great read but it sounds like it is about to get even better...
9 months ago
9 months ago
Now we don't know where going your manhood into shooting (filming) or into banging balls and dick into her ousty holes?!
9 months ago
Thanks. Part 3 has been submitted. Now it is up to whenever the rodent gets it posted. 24 hours and counting now!!! But, what can you say. For the price it is a pretty good thing!!

Thanks again!
9 months ago
A awesome story and yes I would love to hear more