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Good News / Bad News - Perspective

The bad news is, I have had a cold for over three weeks, limiting my sl**p to less than five hours a night... But that is good news from your perspective, because it meant I went through a bunch of old emails that I sent to a friend long ago that had sex stories in them. And now I am sharing them with you!! Good News!

I also wrote a new two part story with a twist that I think is HOT.

Life is that way. Things happen. They happen all the time to everyone. The events are neither good nor bad. It just depends on how your react to it whether it is good or bad.

Your reactions, your feedback, your votes on the seven or so stories I published last night and this morning will tip the balance for me. Was it worth it, or should I have just done something else....

Off to work to infect all those people I don't really care about there!!! But then, they might enjoy an extra day off.... Perspective...
Posted by imornery81 2 years ago
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