Morning shower with my s****r, Kay

Kay told me just a bit ago that she was disappointed that no one seems to give a damn about what I am writing about us. She told me to quit wasting my time. I have to admit, I am a little disappointed that not many people have commented or voted for my stories. If you want to continue to read about us, please let us know, otherwise……

I watched Kay step out of the shower as I lay in my bed across the hall. I had started to protest her leaving the door to the bathroom open 10 minutes earlier,.. until my eyes focused well enough to see her drop her night shirt in the hamper. All thoughts of protest died right then and there.

Yeah, there are some extra pounds and curves to her. She is a real woman. She is not a centerfold that has been airbrushed and photoshopped to the point that even Mom would not recognize her. I watched as she first undid the long braid that held her blond hair while she slept. Each movement of her hands and arms caused her big breasts to swing in a lurid dance that called to me. As she then ran a pick through her hair, she looked into my darkened room and saw me staring at her. She blew a kiss at me and then turned side to side to swing her big hangers for me!

She reached into the shower and I heard the nozzles come to life, hissing out their warm morning greeting. As she stepped into the shower, she paused and called over to me. “Hey sl**py head! Are you going to come join me? I need a good back scratching!!” Then she stepped beyond where I could see.

Now I can be lazy and I can be stubborn, but I am nearly always horny!! My s****r inviting me to join her in the shower was not a daily or even monthly event, so I was not about to miss the opportunity.!! I sl**p naked, so all I had to do was pad across the hall and relieve myself before turning and looking into the shower.

Kay’s house is rather small and very much a normal, small starter house… except for this bath. Whoever had it before her had converted the small third bedroom into a bath, with the centerpiece being the shower. It looked as if it was carved out of large hulking dark stone wall, and was large enough for three or four people to stand in easily if required. There were a few outcroppings strategically located as shelves for soap, shampoos and other such items. There were even two of them on either end of the shower area that could be used as seats!!! There is a large single shower fixture in the middle of the ceiling, two from either end and one for a hand held nozzle. They could each be used together or individually.

Kay had turned on the overhead fixture, soaked her hair and was in the process of working her shampoo through her long hair. I stepped in behind her and began working the suds down through her hair as well. “Mmmmm You are such a good big b*****r.” She murmured and I felt the twitch in my cock move it lightly against the crack of her ass. “And you also seem to be a very naughty one as well!!” she laughed.

I leaned down and kissed the top of her head and slipped my arms around her. Our height differences meant that top of her ass crack provides the perfect nestling point for the root of my cock. She flexed her ass a couple of times to let me know that she knew where my anatomy was and I felt the rising monster of my lust moving up her lower back.

I looked over her shoulder as she ran the soapy cloth over the pristine white flesh of her breasts. Until she would lift one of her heavy breasts, her nipples were not visible, but as she lifted her breast to wash beneath, I saw how the water had already caused them to pucker into a state of diamond hardness. I moved my hands up from her hips and lifted each of her breasts for her. It was solely to help, I assure you!!!

The weight of them and their solid heft in my hands sent the flames of desire higher and caused my cock to go from just being erect to being on full alert. I watched between her breasts as she moved her hand with the wash cloth over her belly and then lower, between her thighs. Her eyes were closed and my fingers were beginning a deep massage of her mams. My thumb and fore finger on each hand gently pulled at first on her nipple and then became more insistent. She rolled her head back onto my chest and I bent down and brushed her lips with mine.

I love the way Kay kisses. There is both a tenderness and a passion that seem to drive each second of our embraces. I swear, I can taste the hungry soul of her lust as she breathes!! My eyes closed and heart pounded as I felt her soft velvet like tongue rise to invite mine into her little mouth.. her lips parted and she seemed to breathe me in and consume me with the furnace of lust that threatened to turn my every thought other than her to ash.

She turned toward me and I felt her hands go round to my bottom. She pulled me to her and I felt the tip of my now lurid cock get trapped against her belly. For a moment, the realization that it had to be scant inches from her breasts, raged through my mind and caused the cum to rise deep within me, but it was not to be. Not yet.

She stepped me backward, to one of the rock out croppings and seated me on it without ever breaking our embrace. But once I was seated, I knew what was on her mind and my own desires moved in concert with her. I kissed, nipped and sucked my way down her throat. When I bit a little more fiercely at her collar bone, I felt, more than heard, the rumblings of lust moving within Kay.

She stepped between my legs and with one hand raised one of her breasts and with the other hand pulled my face to it. “Suck me b*****r. I want to feel your mouth on my tits!” “That’s it, oh god yes!!! Keep sucking on them!!” With both of my hands on the one breast, I pulled her to my mouth and I did my best to do it as she directed. I was still learning, but from the previous few weeks, I knew that she liked it rough, so I was not timid about dragging my teeth carefully across her flesh or occasionally clamping down hard with lip covered teeth on her.

I could sense she was reaching for something and then I felt water spraying from a different angle. Now she had a fine warm spray coming from the hand held hose, playing over her pussy!! Her other hand was pulling on her other nipple and tugging on it with more vigor than I had imagined and it drove me to bite and suck on her even more ravenously than before.

I dropped one hand between her thighs and felt the warm water playing over the fine hair of her snatch and the tender flesh just hinting at what was hidden within her outer lips. I rubbed my hand across her sex and immediately her hips pitched forward into the palm of my hand, seeking more friction, more contact more….

For a moment, I thought of standing up and slamming my cock into her, but with our height difference, that was more of something from my fantasies than reality. So instead, I pushed the tips of two of my fingers into the vestibule of her temple of erotic pleasure, and then by spreading them apart, I opened the doors to her innermost sanctum. The warm spray that moments ago had been nice, now played directly up against her clitoris and immediately she began to shudder.

The first waves of orgasm, f***ed her to throw back her head as if a demon from hell had seized her from behind. Then the demons wailed from within her soul to pull out her essence in a sound that was neither growl nor scream, but unadulterated sexual power. I pulled her nipple with my teeth and I heard her entire being convulse as this new sensation flooded her brain with new waves of raw sexual hunger. I released her nipple and she gasped with the suddenness of the change, and I leaned up and bit into her throat as my hand found the free nipple and twisted it hard.

I felt her hand in my hair, pulling on me as she screamed and then she lost all motor control and fell against me as the ecstatic waves of her orgasm raged throughout every corner of her and destroyed all purchase on sanity that remained there.

I held her as she dropped the hose that had played it’s devils dance over her hyper-sensitive clit and she sank down my torso, with my cock rudely poking its way up between her heaving boobs. Once on her knees I felt her trembling end with one last, violent shudder. Her head fell onto my thigh and I ran my hand over her shoulders and back and just held her as she fought to get her heart and breathing to come back into the normal range.

My cock started to lean as the seconds slipped into a minute and approached another before her eyes fluttered open and Kay looked up at me. “You are one hell of a lover, you know that? It isn’t just that you are my b*****r, but you do shit to me that….” She shuddered again and closed her eyes.

I laughed my evil little laugh and figured play time was over for the morning. But then her hand grabbed the base of my cock and aimed my glistening head at her mouth. Now Kay is the most talented cock-sucker I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing and there are days that she seems to have an insatiable appetite for my cum. This was starting out to be one of those days!!!

She pulled the flesh of my cock up and down with her tiny hands as she ran her tongue around the tender under flesh of my cock head. Then she licked from her fist all the way up to the slit of my cock with her pink tongue, all the while looking up into my eyes with her, “Come fuck me!!” eyes! My cock was very quickly swollen back to its full to bursting state when she plopped me deep into her mouth and throated me!!!

I was seconds from blowing a huge load down her throat when she pulled back, gagging and sputtering. Suddenly she grabbed the root of my nut sack and pulled hard on them and then slapped them hard maybe a half dozen times!!! My head spun on a string that was pulled tight suddenly between ecstasy and pain. My eyes crossed and though I fought to scream, the air only rushed into my lungs in a gasp that seemed to threaten to make my lungs explode instead.

“You don’t get to do it that way, you bastard!!” I heard a voice saying through my reeling mind. I vaguely saw the shadow of Kay standing up and slapping my thighs together. Then as I moaned out the desperation of my soul, I realized she was aiming my still rigid cock right at her pussy.

There was no “easing down onto my shaft”. Kay lodged the head of my cock in her pussy lips and then slammed herself all the way down onto me and from someplace I heard us both howl as the new set of sexual sensations overloaded our brains. She just sat there for a moment, allowing us to both realize where we were and what was happening. And then she began to fuck me. It was not having sex, and it was definitely not making love. She fucked me. She wanted sexual release and she did not care what it took and within a few of her thunderous slams into my cock, I was of the same mind!!

She grabbed my shoulders and rocked back from me to f***e my cock deeper into her and I reached down and slapped both of her breasts several times as I watched her head throw back and I saw the mark of my earlier bite showing red on her white skin. I pulled her back to me, by pulling her breasts to my mouth. One good hard suck on both nipples simultaneously and I felt her vagina begin a vice like gripping that signaled the onslaught of yet another huge orgasm slamming through her body. The combination of the sensation and the realization caused my balls to crash back up into me, and we both trembled as I felt wave after wave of sperm spray up into her belly!!

I have no idea how long it took my cock to begin to soften. It could have taken only seconds or it could have been days. But finally, with all of our sexual energy spent, Kay looked up at me and we kissed. It was a long, slow, lovers kiss. When we finally broke our kiss, she leaned back a little and chuckled. “I think I need a shower,” she said. I laughed and kissed the tops of each of her breasts before saying, “Me too.”

*** Please do not forget to comment. I love writing about what Kay and I do, but if she does not see any value in it.... ***
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