My weekend with a Domme continues.

I was thankful when I was lead over to a wooden dining chair and told to sit. She joined the handcuffs behind me in a manner that was llse and comfortable. My legs were wobbly from having so much strain on them and from my cumming and to be honest; I really didn’t pay that much attention to what she was doing.

When I looked up, she had brought another chair around directly in front of me . She unstrapped her harness and her dildo and stood before me naked to the waist. Her breasts were at least double D in size and they were capped in nipples that I could never begin to imagine fitting in the mouth of a baby! They were large and while they were no longer puckered tight, they were still amazing.

She sat down in the chair and said, “I guess you have earned a little recovery time, so, I will let you just watch for a few minutes.” She then lifted her right breast with both hands and began sucking her nipple in a wet, loud manner that sounded so erotic. I watched her jaw move as her lips moved in a milking motion over her areola. It was the most hypnotic sight I had ever watched.

Her hands would gently fondle and massage the full tissue of her huge tits and each time she allowed the nipple to escape from between her lips, I could see it was darker and longer than before. I wished for sll the world that she had been lactating. It was the only thing that could have made the whole thing anymore erotic.

Her hips began to rock back forth on the chair and I could see her breath become more labored as she watched me watching her. My cock was stirring to life again and I saw her eyes dart to it several times. She moved her attentions to the other tit and I found myself licking my lips in pure lust as I stared at the nipple that still glistened with her spit.

Then she got up and slid her pants and underwear off and sat back down facing me. Her pussy was completely visible since it had only a light covering of soft blonde pubic hair. Her outer lips barely showed, but were coated with moisture that shown like diamonds. She put her calves up on the top of my thighs, spread wide open and with one hand she raised her breast to her mouth and the other slowly went down to between her legs.

I stared in wonder as her fingers opened up her steaming pussy. It was a vibrant, erotic pink that screamed of sexual desire. She showed it off to perfection. Tracing a finger around the outer fould collecting the dew it found in the crevices and folds of her flesh. With fingers to either side of her clit, she pulled back the flesh to reveal the pearl of her sex, barely the size of the end of her smallest finger; I knew that this tiny piece of flesh could cause her to do whatever. As if to prove my thoughts wer true, she lightly passed a dew covered finger over the nub of flesh and immediately arced her back and gasped before shuddering.

She then went to the table and got a fat dildo attached to a small belt. She walked over and knelt in front of me and without saying a things, strapped the device just above my knee so that the cock extended rudely up into the air from my thigh.

She then stood up in front of me and straddled my leg and positioned the rubber cock at the entrance to her sex. She held her one breast out to me and in a voice filled with lust and desire she said simply, “Suck me off!” I took her nipple between my lips and I began doing my best to do exactly that!! Meanwhile, she began impaling herself on mthe strapped cock above my thigh. She was sucking on her own breast and within a minute she was humping my thigh with both of her breasts being sucked and she only stopped sucking long enough to scream at me, “That’s it! Suck me. Oh, yeah baby, suck on me while I fuck you the hell out of you. Oh yeah, milk Momma, drain her tits that s it!!!”

Within maybe five minutes she was smashing my face into her breast and screaming obscenities at me as she pounded her body onto my thigh. Her knee that was between my thighs kept bouncing my nuts which were quickly rising tighter and tighter to my cock. Her juicy cum erupted hot down onto my leg as she collapsed against me

She dismounted my though and sat on my other thigh and with her hand in my hair, pulled my head back and kissed me deeply. Her breath was hot and her tongue was coaxing and playing me as I felt her cum drip now down my other leg. Her free hand grabbed my far nipple and gave a suddenly squeeze and that caused me to suck in air sharply. She laughed. “I have finally found a man whose nipples are responsive like mine… this could be a lot of fun!!!”

She got up off of my knee, turned and gathered something into her hands and then came back between my thighs and knelt down in front of me. In my mind’s eye, I could already see my cock going into her mouth and my rigid member twitched as she leaned forward. But then she began to quickly run a thin rope around the base of my manhood and tighten it, she then looped it several times around my package tightly, pulling my cock and balls out from my abdomen. Then she ran loops separating my balls from my cock and then from each other.

It was pure joy and it was incredible pain. I knew that there was no way for me to cum wrapped like this, yet as she lightly d**g her fingernails across my tight skin over my testicles, she laughed and I groaned. “Poor big man. You got your boy parts all in a knot and there isn’t anything you can do about it is there?”

My voice trembled as I replied, “No Mistress. Please Mistress, let me cu?”

She laughed, and said, “Oh you will cum. I am going to make you cm so hard you are going to look to see if you are spewing your ass out of that slit in a bit!!! But first, I think we should play!!” She stood up in front of me and slapped her breasts against my face repeatedly while rubbing first one thigh and then the other against my aching cock. She would grab my head and smash her large breasts over my mouth and nose and hold them there, making it impossible for me to catch my breath. She would allow me to catch a brief bit of air only to slam her boob back into my face and laugh. All the while she laughed at me and said things that would make a porn star blush!!!

“Get that cock hard, bitch. I want to ride you and fuck your nuts out through those ropes!!! My cunt is sooo juicy and wet. I love it when you moan and I can’t tell whether it is from pain or desire. Suck Momma’s big tits. Drown in my milk jugs. You want them, don’t you DARE stop sucking on them!” On and on it went.

Finally, she stepped back and knelt before me, and looked up at me with brown eyes full of lust.. I looked down at my cock and it was already turning purple. Her pink tongue flicked out to that spot on the underside of the cock, just below the head where at the right moment the slightest touch can be so pleasurable as to be painful. It was electric!! She slowly ran her tongue back and forth on the underside of the ridge of my cock head and I could do nothing but groan!!! She laughed and then said, “If you think that feels good, what about this?!?!”

She then got up on her knees, put the top of her head against my belly and then began going down my shaft with her mouth!! She swallowed me until my head hit the back of her throat, then I heard her take a deep breath and then she moved down on me further, swallowing the head of my cock into her throat until I was completely buried in her. The, she purred, and the vibrations of her throat made me scream in frustrated hunger to cum!!!

She pulled back suddenly and the sudden popping of my cock head from her throat into her mouth sent my head reeling. As she worked to get her breath, her tongue sucked and played over my flesh, coaxing out what little cum I could release through her devilish ropes. She took me back down twice more before rocking back on to her feet. Her one hand came to my mouth and when she told me to open my mouth, I did. She thrust her fingers into my mouth and I tasted the sweetest pussy juice I have ever had!! She didn’t have to order me to suck her fingers clean, I longed for it. When she would pull her fingers out, she would shove her breast into my mouth for a few seconds while her fingers went to her pussy to get more for me to lick and suck.

She then stepped from between my legs and lifted my cock and balls from between my thighs and told me to close my legs. I did. She then unlocked my hands and said, “I want you to play with my tits until I cum and if you do it right, I might even let you blow your nuts in me.” She then moved in front of me and slid her ass down my chest and aimed my cock up at her heavenly pussy.

She began to move up and down my shaft in the reverse cowgirl motion. I move my hands in front of her and squeezed and teased her breasts as best I could. As she began thrusting herself onto me harder and harder, the best I could hope for was simply to hold on and that was what I did. I don’t have any idea how long it took, but within minutes she was screaming and creaming all over my thighs!!!

She collapsed back against me looked back over her shoulder at me. I managed to get my face up over her shoulder far enough to kiss her and she said, “Oh that was delicious…Once I catch my breath you will have to flood my cunt with all of that stuff in your balls…”

I wasn’t certain I could. My balls ached from their confinement and her smashing them against my thighs as she rode me, But after a few minutes, she got up and untied my balls. The feeling of bl**d flowing once again was incredible both in pain and pleasure. And then without a word, she turned around, leaned down on her elbows and stuck her ass up into the air.

I did not need any more of an invitation. I was kneeling behind her in a flash and pounding into her boiling pussy with a single thrust! She gave a yelp, but I was beyond caring at this point and I began pounding with abandon into her with full hard thrusts. My eruption took longer to finish than to build up, and all too soon I was turning myself inside out as my body went rigid and my cock shot what felt like gallons of cum deep into her.

We both collapsed into heaving, panting tangle on the floor. She smiled over at me and asked me to get a towel from the bath. I did, and we cleaned up a little before crawling over to the bed and getting some sl**p.
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very good
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I received no feedback on the first installment...I would really like to hear some on this one or else I will just let my dream die.....