My weekend with a Domme begins

This is the script for what I am looking for. There are many more ideas that may wind up as a sequel to this, but for now…. Let it be known that this is the start of a hookup I am looking forward to soon. Let me know if you think this sounds like a nice start to a weekend. And please let me know how you like this!

I looked at the text on the phone. It was short and to the point. “I am top. You will be the sub. Safe word: Uncle.” My heart pounded as I slid the phone back into my pocket and I reached for my bag, opened the door and started up the walk.
I was surprised at how short she was. I had seen pictures of her. Her long dark blonde hair that cascaded over her shoulders had always seemed to mask her height. She stepped back from door and said, “Well don’t just stand there where anybody can see, get in here.” Twin lightning bolts fried from her brown eyes directly through me and I moved quickly to comply with her command.
“Take your stuff down to the basement,” she said indicating a door to my right, “I will be down in a few minutes.” Then she added, “Don’t sit down.”
The basement was only partially finished. The far wall was bare studs. There was a cheap table and chairs set over by the wall with objects hidden beneath a sheet. I had no idea what the specifics of those objects were, but I was only too certain I would be finding out soon. A finished bath was tucked into one corner of the room and bed was set near the bath.
As I finished my mental inventory and took a deep breath, I heard her coming down the steps. She had a pitcher in one hand and a couple of glasses in the other. “Why do you still have that shirt and your pants on. Get down to your underwear; I want to see what I am working with.” She walked over to a second small table and set the glasses and poured a drink into one of the glasses. As she lifted the drink to her thin lips, she turned and watched me with those eyes that crackled with energy.
Once I was down to just my boxers, she walked over and stood in front of me, less than a foot away. She raised a hand laid it against my chest, with her fingers almost touching my collar bone, Then, with her eyes locked on mine, she d**g her nails over my skin. I wanted to look and see if she had drawn bl**d; I wanted to scream. Instead, I lost myself in the heat of her glaze as she repeatedly clawed and scratched lines across my flesh.
Then without warning, she leaned forward and sucked my hard nipple into her mouth. Before I realized what she was doing, I felt her bite down onto my sensitive flesh and pulled back. It took everything I had not to scream. Instead, I groaned and closed my eyes. Just before releasing the nipple, she bit just that little bit more that caused a short cry to come from my lips.
I looked down and saw the most wicked smile on her face as she looked into my tear filled eyes. “Did that hurt?” I nodded and the smile evaporated immediately as she took a half step back and slapped my aching nipple with a stinging slap that caused me to draw a sharp breath. “When I ask you a question, you better answer, Yes Mistress, No Mistress! Do you understand me?” I immediately replied, “Yes Mistress.” Her face melted suddenly back into that wicked smile and she stepped again back up as she repeated the biting upon my other nipple!!!
When she released my nipple I thought I could not do it, but I said, “Thank you Mistress,” and she smiled that evil smile and she said, “Oh, that was delicious….”
She grabbed my cock through the material of my boxers and turned and lead me to the table by the wall. She pulled the sheet back and revealed two sets of handcuffs. Without any explanation, she put a cuff from one set on my right wrist and a cuff from the other on my left wrist. That was when I saw the eyebolts on the insides of the studs up near the ceiling. She then led me to the wall and stepped up on a chair and cuffed my hand to the first bolt. She then moved the chair to the other side of me and pulled me toward the other bolt.
For me to get to the second bolt, I had to stand up on my toes and put my chest against rough lumber. I had to stay on my toes to keep the cuffs from biting into my flesh. She brought a 2x4 scrap over and with it under my heels I could almost relax… Almost.
I looked over my shoulder and saw a nasty looking knife revealed. My heart skipped a beat. I had only met this woman once before. Was she capable of killing me? Before I could say or do anything, I felt the blade of the knife slide up the opening of my left leg hole, and then, with a single smooth motion, she sliced the cotton fabric of my boxers clear to the waistband! I then felt the tip of the knife nick my right buttock as she repeated the same cutting motion on my other side. Then she pulled the elastic out and sliced the remnants of my clothing to the ground.
I could not see what she was doing then for a few moments, which in many ways was more terrifying than anything else. My mind raced as I heard her moving behind me. Then I felt her move up behind me. Her tongue flickered over my strained back muscles that were covered with sweat. “I always wondered what fear tasted like,” she said as she laughed. Her hands went to my hips and I felt her full breasts begin to press against my back.
“Feel my girls? They like you. My nipples are pointing at you and want you to suck on them, but first, we have to explore your body and see if we approve.” Her hands then moved around to my groin. One hand cupped my balls, while the other wrapped around the base of my cock. Then slowly she stretched my cock to its fullest length. “That feels good to me, how does it feel to you?” she crooned in my ear.
“Mistress that feels wonderful.” I barely breathed. She continued to stroke me and within a minute, I was hard as steel.
“Good. I want you to know. I can give you pain, or pleasure. Honestly, I prefer giving you pleasure, but don’t EVER forget, I can do the other just as easily.” Her sudden hard sqeeze of my testicles and vicious yank made my head spin and I almost became nauseous.
As my head cleared I could feel her breath on my ass and then I felt her bite first one cheek and then the other. She went to the bath and returned with a soapy cloth and I felt her begin washing my ass crack and she kicked my feet so far apart that I had to go back to standing on my toes. She did not neglect cleaning any single spot on me… none.
Then I felt her tongue at the top of my ass crack. I started to squirm and try to move from her because I had never had anyone do anything to my ass before and I just was not certain if I was ready for her to start doing it. The hard slap to the side of my ass stung! “If you so much as flinch again, you will sooo regret ever having come here, do you understand me?”
“Yes Mistress,” I immediately replied.
I then felt a hand open my crack and then a single fingernail dragging over the puckered flush of my bung hole. It was so wrong. So forbidden. My cock jumped and I half wondered if I might cum, just from her touches. But then the finger left for a moment and returned, cold and wet. And then it began. She shoved the tip of her finger into my ass and began twisting her finger and turning it, working the lube into every old of my flesh.
The finger then slid deep into me. A moan came from deep within me and I heard her giggle. “I knew you would like this…. You really are a slut boy.” Then a second finger joined her first and she waited as my muscles relaxed and learned to accommodate her invasion. Then it began. In and out. Then it was slammed hard into me. Over and over again her fist rammed into my taint as her fingers violated me in the most intimate way!
My head spun like I was d***k. I could only get my breath in gasps and I could not define in my own mind, no matter how hard I tried, whether what I was feeling was pleasure or pain or both!! She held her fingers deep in me and started rubbing something inside of me that made my cock jump and I realized that the erection she had given me earlier was still raging.
Then the fingers were gone. And then, before I could pull my mind together, there was something else proding its way into my ass. I felt her breasts press against me. “I’m gonna fuck you, bitch boy. You are going to be mine today. You can make me cum later, and you will, but I am going to show you how hard you really can blow your nuts!!”
With that I felt her strap-on dildo slide all of the way into my virgin passage. I gasped. She bit into my shoulder and then whispered. “Moan like an a****l. That’s it, give me something to listen to and to hear in my dreams. She pulled back and then slid deep into me again. Her teeth bit back into my shoulder.
One arm snaked up and grabbed my shoulder and held me to her while the other went to my cock and began stroking me in time with the thrusts of her hips into my ass. I groaned. I grunted. I cried and then I felt my cum boiling from deep in my nut sack and rising through me. With a roar, I began shooting over and over again, with every drop of my what was inside of me, threatening to explode from between my thighs and turn me inside out!!
She held me close and then reached up and released the cuffs from my hands. As my head spun, I heard her say from somewhere out in reality. Here, take these and drink this. I did. They were two pills and a foul tasting thick liquid. I almost gagged. “Welcome to my home. We can resume in a few minutes and with that concoction running through your system, I’d say you should be hard for about the next four hours… and I plan on making the most of every minute of it

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6 months ago
I remember the first time being with a Dom lady and her husband. Just wait until you feel a cock exploding inside of you the first time. :-)
2 years ago
2 years ago