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[Story] Sugar Daddy for an XH Nymph

I have long wanted to meet a sexy young woman from Xhamster for some fun. The girl in the picture is not the one, but... I love the look and sets the tone!!

Anyway, I had a dream that she finally agreed to meet and this story attempts to convey what not only the dreams was, but what I hope to some day share with.... her.

Maybe it is you! What would you say to this kind of meeting? Guys, does this sound better than going to an auction on a Saturday morning? Gals, would you .... you know!!


I had told Les... Continue»
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50 year old men, I gotta question...

guys, I have a question for each and everyone of you that I would love to have a response from. I would like to know if you had the chance to date a 23 year old woman would you? Knowing that everyone would look at you and think you are an old geezer with a young beauty would you still do it knowing what you would get out of it?

this is a purely hypothetical question. I already have my answer. But I want to know if I'm nuts! So what would you do?
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[Story] Bryan, Tina and Angie - The night wraps up - Part

In truth, I did not have to do much. Tina has tied me down to this exact table on many an occasion and to be honest, all I have to do is try to keep from biting my tongue off! When she is ready to climb on top and ride my face, she is not looking for me to placidly lick the folds of her recessed labia or slowly circle the pearl of her clit with the tip of my moist, pointed tongue. She wants to fuck my face and she is going to press every inch of sex down over my nose mouth and chin and grind back and forth, up and down until she explodes with just a torrent of cum.

[image] http://up0.xhcd... Continue»
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[Story] Bryan, Tina and Angie - The dungeon part 3

Angie led me down the carpeted steps into the basement. She really did not need the leash; I would have followed her skinny ass anywhere it went! She moved with a confident grace that I recognized from having been around Tina. Whether in jeans, sweats, skirt, dress, leather, latex or nothing at all these women were not only beautiful they felt comfortable with themselves and that made them move sexy as hell!!

At the bottom of the steps she stopped and looked at me with an arched eyebrow. I breathed in the scent of her arousal. The mix of tanning lotion, sex and clean woman is a powerf... Continue»
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[Story] Bryan, Tina and Angie - Things Heat Up - Part 2

This is part 2. I had threatened to hold off posting the second part, but after proof-reading it and making some edits, I decided to go ahead and post part 2. This will give me a better indicator of whether the saga is being enjoyed, or I am wasting my time. Bryan has just finished being welcomed home by his lover Tina, who now goes out to enjoy the sunshine with Angie…
To give you an idea how that went…..

She gave me a quick kiss and then Tina walked over to the French doors that lead to the pool. “You stay in here and ... Continue»
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[Story] Bryan, Tina and Angie - The story begins part 1

This is the story of Bryan, Tina and NOT her d@ught3r Angie. I have a couple of sequels to this that I am reviewing and I might finish them up and post them if there is any interest evidenced by you the readers of Xhamster. You tell me, do you want to know, as Paul Harvey used to say, “The rest of the story?”
The picture below gives you a good idea of who Tina is anyay….

Angie went off to college the month before I met her mom and then right after she went back to college at Christmas, Tina moved in with me. That was three... Continue»
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[Story] Happy Anal Anniversary to Jilly

My son is banging a neighbor house full of sluts. Trying to get back in his wife's good graces he drafts me.... Hang on for what happened next!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About two months before their third anniversary, my son called and asked if I would be willing to help him surprise his wife by helping him build a deck on the back of their house.  I agreed and over the next few weeks we measured, made plans and I even pre-made the railings and a few other features for it in my shop.
So last Saturday was 3 days before the anniversary and he had managed to get her to go shopping with her mother... Continue»
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[Story] Mindy's Christmas Camera from her D***y

It is a few weeks after Christmas and you get to be the fly on the wall as Mindy plays with her new Christmas present from her male parent!!! She decides to take some pictures to show her appreciation, but what subject would be suitable....?

Become the fly on the wall in her bedroom before her male parental figure comes home from work and see what she has planned to share with him to express how pleased she is with his gift!!!


Mindy sat on the edge of her bed and flipped through the pictures on her new c... Continue»
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[Story] New Year's shared with another couple

My wife and I had big plans for New Year’s Eve. I had my tux on when I heard her in the bedroom. By the time I got back there, it was obvious she was going nowhere that night. Seems the flu that had been going around had caught up with her. I helped her into bed, cleaned up the mess and went out to watch some football and channel surf.

Around 10:30 she told me I should still go out and enjoy myself. It was not my fault she was sick and she knew I would be grumpy if I spent the whole evening by myself. So I headed out t... Continue»
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[Story] Picture Story - Hotel Softcore Photo shoot

Hotel photo shoot picture story – Softcore first meeting!!

I was ready to pull out of the hotel parking lot when the text finally came. “Go to front desk. Ask for envelope for Mr. Holmes in 1335” So I did.

The envelope had a room key and the instructions, “Come up to 1335. Knock. When I call you in, just come in and get showered. =R” So I walked down the hall to the bank of elevators and went up stairs. My heart seemed to pound louder as I went higher until I thought it would echo in the small steel box.

The r... Continue»
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My Most Devoted Down Voter - NDTBF

Recently, with the posting of my “Santa is Cumming” series of galleries I have had to answer the same question about a dozen times a day.  So today I thought I would answer the question that I get asked so often.  “What kind of a dumb fuck would down vote her?!?!?!”
Somehow, somewhere along the line I have picked up the most devoted fan ever.  I affectionately think of him as “Needle Dick The Bug Fucker” or NDTBF for short.  This person is too wed to their anonymity to even give me a user name on here so I could follow them in as devoted a fashion, but rest assured they are very loyal!!
N... Continue»
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[Story] Nancy Meets Santa on Christmas night

Santa entered the living room and froze. His instincts told him that everyone in the house was asl**p, but he had assumed they were asl**p in bed. Not so at all! There on the couch, sound asl**p sat 22 year old Paul, naked as the day he was born. The only thing he wore was a smile, and looking under the Christmas tree, Santa understood the smile very well!!

She was not tall, but her long body showed the definite curves of woman and not a girl. Nancy wore a red Santa hat and three strategically place bows! Her blonde hai... Continue»
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The Story of 3 Santa's

Little Timmy was watching TV with his slightly intoxicated Dad when 3 commercials came on one after the other featuring 3 very different Santas. “Dad, is there only one Santa or three of them?” Timmy asked.

Dad panicked. What was he going to tell his son who was there at the age where belief wavered? Then an idea came to him (remember, I did not say this was a GOOD idea!!!).

“Timmy, my son, there are three Santa Claus in the the world, but they all move about so lively and quick that most peop... Continue»
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[Story] Santa Claus visits Naughty Kimberly Sue

You better watch out, you better not cry
You better not pout, I’m telling you why!!!
Santa Clasu is coming to town!!!
And that dirty old bastard spends all year looking into the bedrooms of boys and girls across the world deciding whether what they do is naughty or nice!! He is pissed with one young woman that is spoiling Christmas by telling k**s that he is not real!!!! So he made a special trip down from the North Pole just to set some things straight!!!
And does he ever get it straight!!!
Hope you enjoy!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... Continue»
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[Story] Christmas dreams

Being a switch, I like to write from the subbie point of view. It helps me push the envelope more when I Top!

Enjoy the dream of Christmas!
Generally speaking, I am not a Scrooge.  My significant other was just being unreasonable.  It had been colder than a well diggers ass, the wind was blowing like a hurricane and there were two good basketball games and one football game all on TV that I wanted to watch.  She wanted to go looking at Christmas lights and displays.
I still am not certain why she got that pissed off at me.  She won.  I went.  I drove her all over God’s bac... Continue»
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[Story] Being the Mall Santa has some AWESOME perks!!

A few years ago, I grew a beard and was disappointed when it came in fairly white. I decided to make the most of it and grew it out and got a seasonal second job playing Santa at a nearby shopping mall. The other night, I got an unexpected perk that I hope to continue enjoying for the rest of this holiday season!!!


Working as a second job as a Mall Santa can really suck. k**s screaming, crying, pooping and pulling on your beard for four hours straight may seem like a dream to someone, but I think I earn every doll... Continue»
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Santa is Cumming blog

My present this December to all of my perverted friends and followers is a series of Christmas themed galleries (1 a day from now through Christmas eve).

I hope you like them and take the time to comment and vote them!!!

The galleries are collections of pictures I have saved for a while now. I play a Santa in real life sometimes, so seeing the MILFs ad GILFs having at the man in the suit has always made me smile.

So ladies, as you see the Jolly old elf around shopping areas this month, go sit on his lap and whisper in his ear what you REALLY want!! Who knows, he might just give you ... Continue»
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XH is a HORRIBLE place to start a relationship

I was once again reminded recently that looking for friends on a porn site is kind of like looking for a virgin in a whore house. You might find one, but don't count on them staying one for long!!!

Porn sites are, by nature, selfish places. I come here because I want to get off!!! No one comes here because they want to get other people off (unless that is the thing that gets them off!!). I write stories because it excites me to think that there are people out there who think the thoughts in my mind are fairly erotic. I feel validated and vindicated when I post pictures and peopl... Continue»
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Why are you not a member?

In chatting face to face (yes, some of us do actually talk to real people and have real relationships) with a friend who figured out who I was on this site, I asked them why they never commented on any of my content. Their answer was straightforward and honest. "I'm not a member."


Look, there are times I REALLY HATE the management of Xhamster. I get fed up with XH when it loses the 45 images I just uploaded or takes 4 days to post my story. I hate it that I have to self-censor my writing not to use familia words or words that may have connotations that a... Continue»
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There is spanking and then there is...

Okay, if you look at my favorites and read my stories it won't take you long to figure out that I do have a leaning toward domination discipline and yes, I can even say there is a time and place for some rough pounding sex.

But I thought putting together a nice collection of girls being spanked entitled "Santa is having naughty girls spanked this year" would be fun. And there are a lot of sexy and erotic images of that to be found that you could make a ... Continue»
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