Fire and Ice Part Two:Entrance of Nero

The being that stepped out of the shadows was nothing short of a dream. Pale skin rippled across the well toned planes of his torso. Though he wore ninja style pants, it was apparent that his biceps were not the only well toned thing about him. His blue eyes flashed like lightning in the candlelight. Their blazing depths seem to burn into the very soul of Alexis's slightly heaving bosom. A roguish, yet cultured half smile complimented his almost ash white ponytail.
"My name," the sultry voice rolled across the cave, "Is Nero."
Alexis stood entraced, drinking in the figure of this gorgeous creature. her insides, and her corset strings tightened at the thought of his touch. Just one kiss, one taste..
She shook her head to clear it. This was not the time to fantasize about handsome, half naked strangers. She was on a mission.
"I am looking for a dragon," she blurted out abruptly.
The roguish smile broadened, the lightning in Nero's eyes flickering slightly.
" A little on the aggressive side are we?" he asked with a chuckle, "Shouldn't you introduce yourself before you start demanding things of strangers?"
The fiery- haired young woman clenched her jaw in irritation. patience was not one of her strong suits, but in this case might be her best bet she decided. She let go of a subtle sigh.
"Alexis," she replied, "And I am here to find the dragon that supposedly lives in these caves."
"I caught that. I just do not understand why such a gorgeous creature would trust her life in the hands of a stranger."
He sauntered over the distance to stand a breath's span away from Alexis. Her heart rate heightened as she sensed what his plan was. Though she was not opposed to the ides of having her way with this gorgeous man, she did not want to be compromised, either.
"Don't even think about r****g me," she said stiffly, her fingers tensing around the handle of her torch.
Another soft chuckle erupted from the stranger.
"I am not going to take advantage of you," he said softly, " That is, unless you want me to."
Alexis swallowed hard, her arousal becoming greater under the gaze of those blue eyes.
"So, is there a dragon?" she asked, her voice slightly meeker than usual.
Nero's half smile turned into a full on grin.
"Me," he whispered softly to her, "I am the dragon."
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