Fire and Ice Part One

She waved her torch in front of the mouth of the cave in anticipation. No one had laid eyes upon this cave for a hundred years, let alone stepped into it. Most cowered away at the mention of Brimstone Caverns. Not Alexis.
"I am not afraid to go and seek the dragon," Alexis said haughtily when they had mentioned it at the bar, "A dragon cannot burn a heart made of ice."
So here she was, looking thoughtfully into the dark mouth of the ominous caverns. Her mind reeled as she walked deep into their depths. Would she find a dragon? or a buried treasure? The corpses of others who dared this venture maybe?
A dim light came into view just past the end of the torch light. She sauntered towards it, a smile on her beautiful, pale face.
"If anything is worth finding in here, it will be in that light," she muttered to herself.
The light trickled through the cracks of an ancient iron cast door. She wrenched it open, and shielded her eyes. What she saw next was nothing like she anticipated.
This particular cave had been done up like a medieval bedchamber. Tapestries hung from the cavern walls, matched by lush and lavish woven rugs. A fireplace had been carved into the rock on the far side of the room. Candlebraums gave the place a warm, almost sensual ambience. To her left was a gigantic four poster bed made up with green satins and tulle that was fit for a king. She walked around the room, looking more closely at her surroundings in curiosity. A small, melodic chuckle came from a dark corner of the cave. Apparently, she was not alone.
She stiffened at the tone, unnerved that someone would purposely observe her without making themselves known.
"Hello?" she called towards the darkness, "If you mean to rob me, I have nothing of value."
"I do not wish to rob you of anything, pretty one," a fluid tenor tone answered back, "Nor do I wish you any harm."
She frowned at the voice, her irritation growing.
"Then why don't you show yourself stranger?" she called to the voice again.
The melodic chuckle echoed across the open cavern towards her. How sensual the sound was. The reverbations alone sent chills up her spine.
"Do you wish to do me harm?" the speaker asked Alexis evenly.
"I will if you do not show yourself," she answered, flipping her long, auburn curls across one shoulder indignantly.
The unnerving chuckle met her ears once more.
"Then I shall reveal myself," the stranger answered.....
Next Time- Part Two: The Entrance of Nero
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4 years ago
hi, i like the way you used this as a prologue, i felt her chills too!!!