i love pussy and BIG dick

What the hell its tim'e to be my self!!!!!!! I have a wify and we are in love with each other not playing..........for 7 yr's .but when I was 6 I wood have love to be a girl..I love looking good that wood be so fun ...bute I am happy with the way I am .....I love the look of women.. if I hade the money I wood do it....with a big ass DICK and have a big ass like pinky ..that is what I wood love to look like...and just have sex all the time I love it all.......I wood do anything for that to be done ...it not going happen fast ..dam pinky I wood love to look like you ...dam dam dam ..see for me if I could I wood do it the same day and MiN IT ...I lived in Oakland and you woarod have not know that I woodblove to be a bitch that is me I am a girl that and can be a good one.ITS IN MY HEART ...pinky plz teach TEACH me ..I will do what you won't me to do and love it ...I have to have safe sex all the Time .I am not stupid at all you know what Oakland is like and I did it all in the sets. and in 2004 I moved to. N.C and lived life being how I am and my wify love it to if i did it .I wood keep being me like thin happin at all and love me baing me and have fun
...I am not happy at all like this ...that is just the thing I am good looking as hell ...lol. I am not good at shit in but FUCKING that is it not playing at all .......and so do what I have you do and you wood not be mad at all ..........NO ONE is GOOD like ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this is for all out there plz help me .........I want to do just porne for a living so yes yes I do look up to pinky she is the shit ..........I am out
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