My Wifes Confession.

I have been with my wife for years now and only today she decides to confess something to me...something which I found quite a turn-on in the end and im now thinking about it over and over again in my mind...

She told me this incident happend about 12 years ago, when we were stopping at a friends house. Our friends lived in a two bedroom flat, it was new years eve and we were all very d***k comming back from our new years celebrations. Myself and my friend Claire fell asl**p in their livingroom, while Claires boyfriend Darren went off to bed in his and Claires bedroom. My wife came out of the toliet while all this happened and accidentally entered Darren and Claires room, with the lights off it was pitch black. She thought that this was the room we were stopping in. Being d***k she was feeling a bit naughty, so she decided to strip naked and climb slowly under the covers, thinking that she would surprise me, she then decided to give me a blow job...only this wasnt me, it was Darren. She continued for a couple of minutes, while Darren just lay their d***k and not realy with it thinking it was claire giving him the blow job. As she was sucking his cock, he moaned 'Claire'...suddenly my wife realised that this was Darrens cock she was sucking...but as she realised this she thought she would just slow it back down, then finish and slowly leave the bedroom and sneak back into the room that we were meant to be sl**ping in. But as she was slowing down the blow job, he came, now thinking theres nothing she can do, she had swallowed his load in her mouth, then she sneaked out of the bedroom and back into ours.

I always remember she acted a bit weired for a couple of weeks after, but I couldnt think of I know...

We have decided to not ever speak of this incident ever again and to NEVER tell Darren or Claire...
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4 years ago
4 years ago
sounds so hot
4 years ago
haha see what happens when u get drunk! lol