My grades were bad and my dick was hard. What woul

It was lunch time now. The bell had only rang a couple minutes ago and I was on my way to Tech Ed to boost up my grade. I was only in 7th grade a mid-k** at our middle school. Mr Dennis (My Tech Ed Teacher) was always in his room eating some microwaved meal. I always guessed that's how he kept so skinny.
I came up to his room on the right and the door was shut. I knocked softly and peaked in but it seemed he didn't hear me so I knocked again, louder this time. I watched him as he glanced over then stood up and strode over to the door. he swung it open wide and let me step in. "Hey Devan how are you?"
"Fine," I murmerd "doing just fine."
"Well," said Mr. Dennis. "What brings you to my room Devan?"
"Its my grade sir. I'm failing your class and I need the credit"
"I see. Why do you think you have the grade you have now Devan?" said Mr. Dennis
I shrugged my shoulders and scanned the room slowly knowing exactly why my grade was so low. Often times, I would skip class and masturbate in the bathrooms or camp out in the janitor's closet all period. The times I did go to class I never paid attention. Once he'd even caught me making stick figure porn on a computer design program instead of doing the assignment. The truth was I hated this class. It was completely boring and a total waste of time.
"I guess because I don't try my hardest?"
"You're on the right track Devan but that's just part of it. Your never hear and when you are you don't even make an effort to learn. Give me a good reason why i should help you with your grade at all."
I stood in silence for a while staring at my feet until his body became more relaxed and he walked towards his computer. He motioned for me to follow and that I did. He sat down in his chair and logged into GradeSpeed. Here this tells me you missed 4 tests and 12 classwork sheets, 3 reviews and your computer parts PowerPoint.
I swayed back and whistled. "Wow.. That's a lot of work for 1 week before the semester ends.."
"well Devan it would seem you have no other options but to miss this weeks band performance to finish your work."
"Oh no please Mr. Dennis you know how important that is to me I have to go music is my Life."
"I'm sorry Devan but it looks like your out of luck."
"No please Mr. Dennis I can't fail need this grade there has to be another way."
"Well.. I might be able to help somehow.. Do you really want this grade?"
"Yes absolutly!"
"Ok then. I might be able to help you.. but you have to really want it."
"Oh I do Mr. Dennis honest!"
"Alright. Just for you" As he said this he got up from his desk and strode toward the door. I never notice how much his hips moved when he walked until now. All of the students knew he was gay but never had any proof. His hips moving seemed to trigger a spark in my imagination as he locked the door and walked back. He then told me to follow him as we walked to the back room were the computer supplies was stored. As we stepped in it became really warm and dry as my shirt stuck to my chest. It was dark in the room and he didn't seem to try to turn any lights on. I felt a hand on my waist and slowly rub up my back. I had no idea what was going on.
I turned around and felt another hand and soon they were rubbing my chest and pulling up on my shirt. Instinctivly I helped him pull it off and he toyed and pinched my nipples. I felt his lips brush my shoulder followed by his tongue snaking down to my hard nipples. I didn't feel his hands for a while when he turns the lights on. I open my eyes and glance down to see his belt and zipper undone with a big soft cock handing out. It must have been at least 7in long and i couldn't tear my eyes off it. His lips parted my chest and I felt his hands take mine and guide them to his meat. It didn't take long, I was already stroking its long smooth shaft. I could feel its weight in my hand as it filled with bl**d. Veins began to bulge from the shaft and the head swelled up nice and big. As his cock rose up slowly his low balls came into view hanging at least 3in down from his cock. He was beautiful.
I nearly fell to my knees before his cock still stroking it I barely flicked its tip with my tongue and let it creep along down his shaft before licking back up and snaking my tongue all over his monster feeling every vein pulse against my tongue. I went down even further and took his nuts into my mouth slowly licking and churning them. I went up once again and parted my lips and slid his tip into my mouth and began to suck. I bobbed my head slowly stroking him with my lips, deeper and deeper I went and faster did I go. I began to add more tongue and suction then bob my head fast and hard feeling thankful moans from him. I slurped every inch of his b**st until it hit the back of my throat making me gag: but even that didn't hold me back.
Soon I felt his hands on my head slowing me down. I came to my sences and stopped slowly. He asked me to stand up and that I did. He took me over to a table and bent me over then pulled off my pants and boxers and stroked my cock from behind. I was only 6in, nothing compared to him but something to be proud of as a 7th grader. He then bent me over more so my chest was against the table and I felt his finger edging my asshole slowly. He then stroked himself a little before gripping his shaft tightly and sliding his cock head, wet with my saliva, down into my ass. I felt my body shutter as the pain and pleasure overtook me. He began to thrust as he slowly let a little more in till he was halfway in before he really started to fuck me. I felt his hands grip my ass as he crammed half his meat in and out of my ass porking me like a slut. I closed my eyes and moaned as he went deeper and faster eventually sliding all of his cock inside me. Every stroke his balls slapped mine as he rammed my slutty little hole. I felt every inch of him inside me over and over. I could feel the ridge of his head stroking inside me. I soon felt his cock shake and jerk and I clenched my fists as I felt wave after wave of hot, sticky, creamy white cum fill my ass. I could feel it drip out down along my balls as he slowed down and eventually pulled out. He stood behind me as I remained bent over. He zipped up his pants, tucked in his shirt then helped me into my clothes and sent me on my way. I passed that class with honors both semesters, along with his other class for 8th graders the following year.

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11 months ago
VERY nice story..which means....HOT!
2 years ago
Great story, good writing. Glad you passed with honors.
2 years ago
Five nasty fucking stars
Nicly written and hot son.
2 years ago
Hot story. You earned your grade:)
3 years ago
fuck what a good kid
3 years ago
Wow got me all hot and hard jackoff to that one thsanks