Dads and Sons.

They were lying in the back of the pickup on an old mattress, naked to the warm, autumn sun, with long ropes of come streaked across their muscular bodies. The boy, a muscular teenager of eighteen, had a streak of come on his face that ran from high on his cheekbone to dangerously close to his mouth. 'I'm going to hate to see this trip end,' the older man said.

'It's been one of the best weeks of my life,' said the boy. 'I'm glad you decided to take off work and go.'

The man laughed. 'I wonder whose cornfield we're in.'

'Yeah, wouldn't he get a big shock if he decided to come back and check on his corn?' the boy said, laughing. There was a long, quiet but comfortable pause, and then the boy broke the silence, like a mallet hitting a gong. 'Dad, is what we're doing wrong?' Jason asked.

'Do you think it is?' Brian Goddard asked.

'I did at first.'

'You should have told me.'

'I was afraid you would stop if I told you.'

'We would have till we talked about it,' Brian said. 'But you didn't answer the question. You said you thought it was wrong at first. How about now?'

'I'm past that now,' Jason said. 'I decided nothing so good could be wrong, no matter what anybody else thinks. Part of the problem was, I was doing such incredible and wonderful things with my dad and couldn't tell anybody about it. I couldn't talk to my friends about our great times.'

'I understand how you feel. I've wanted to shout it from the rooftop,' Brian said.

'I hate to see it end, but I need to get back in the gym before I turn to flab,' Jason said.

'Yeah, right,' said Brian as he rolled onto his side and rubbed his hand down his son's abs, over the warm, sticky cum.

'What a mess,' Jason said.

'Such a beautiful mess, though.'

'We need to climb over that fence and take a quick swim in that creek,' Jason said.

Brain stood up and pulled his son to his feet. 'If we get arrested for anything, it's going to be trespassing,' he said, laughing.

At the gym the next day, Brian went down slowly on the last rep of squats. 'Stand ready,' he said to his son, who was spotting him.

'You can do it,' Jason told him.

He watched the muscles in his thighs bulge mightily as he fought to control the downward motion. There was no relief at the bottom; he pushed right back up. The muscles in his thighs burned as he neared the top of the upward motion. He glanced at his son in the mirror and their eyes met.

'You can do it...push!' Jason barked.

With one last burst of energy he straightened his legs and locked his knees and tightened his butt to complete the rep. Jason helped him place the barbell on the rack and he ducked out from under it.

'Another personal best,' Jason said proudly.

'It was almost a personal disaster,' Brian said.

'I'm going to do leg curls,' Jason said.

‘I'll be over to spot you,' Brian told him. He picked up his towel and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

‘That's some impressive weight.'

Brian looked around to see a tall, muscular guy about his own age straightening from the water fountain.

'Thanks. I was beginning to have some doubts,' Brian said. 'I had to fight for the last rep.'

'You son, didn't have any doubts,' the man said.

'I haven't seen you here before, have I?' Brian asked.

'We just moved here. I just went through a messy divorce and my son and I are starting over again, on our own. We usually work out together but he couldn't make it today.'

'How old is your son?' Brian asked.

'Just eighteen. My name's Mike Wells, by the way.'

'Brian Goddard.'

As they shook hands Brian noticed that Mike was watching Jason walking around the machine before his second set.

'Is that your real son?' Mike asked.

'Yes,' Brain said with a bit of a scowl. He was bewildered at the man's question. Why wouldn't he think Jason was his real son? And what difference did it make?

'He's really well built,' Mike said.

'He works at it,' Brian said, trying not to sound surly, but he couldn't read the guy.

'He's got legs that could move a tank,' Mike said.

'He's always had strong legs, even as a little boy. It's his favorite body part to work.' Jason had finished his second set and was walking toward them.

'My son is in damn good shape, but he's not built as well as your boy. He's got it in his head that he wants to try competing in a bodybuilding contest. Maybe your son could give him a few pointers.'

'I'm sure he would be glad to,' Brian said.

Jason went to the water fountain and walked up to the two men.

'Jason, this is Mike Wells. He and his son just moved to Landis.'

'Good to meet you, sir,' Jason said, the first to put his hand out.

'Good to meet you,' Mike said, letting his eyes rake up and down the boy's muscular body.

Jason didn't linger. 'One more set, dad, and then I need you to spot me,' he said and headed back to the leg machine.

'Hey, I apologize for the way I asked if he was your son,' Mike said.

'I thought it was an odd way of asking,' Brian said.

'And out of line. Again, I apologize.'

'One apology is enough,' Brian told him.

'Well, you never know,' Mike said.

'What do you mean?' Brian asked.

'It wouldn't be the first time a man and boy pretended to be father and son,' Mike said.

Jason had finished his second set and was pacing during a short rest before tackling the really heavy weight.

'He needs me to spot him,' Brian said as he moved to walk away.

'I'll see you,' Mike said.

At supper that night, Brian told Jason about what he had told Mike. 'I told him you would give his son some pointers,' Brian said

'Dad, I don't even know the guy. And you know how I feel about a workout partner. If I need one, you're there.'

'I didn't volunteer you as a workout partner. Mike saw the way you were built and thought you could give him some pointers--he's wanting to compete.'

'Oh. Well, I guess I could keep an eye on him and give him some pointers,' Jason said. Brian laughed.

'What's so funny?

'The way you changed your tune when I told you he was a bodybuilder.'

'After seeing his dad, I don't know if I need to meet his son,' Jason joked.

'Well, you've said several times how great it would be if we could find another dad and son team. I'm thinking maybe we've found one.'

'No k**ding! That would be great. But what makes you think so?' Jason asked.

'Something he said. He asked me if you were my real son.'

'Well, I am,' Jason said.

'It was the way he asked it. Normally, you would ask, is that your son.'

'How are we going to find out if they're on the same track as us?' Jason asked.

'I'll pursue it,' Brian said. 'Next time I see him at the gym I'm going to ask him if Todd is his real son. That should open the lines of communication again, along the same track he was on.'

When they went into the gym the next evening, Mike and his son were already working out. Mike saw them and smiled and waved as he pointed them out to his son. Brian waved back and they went into the locker room to change.

'Hey, his son's not bad,' Jason said.

'So you'll give him some pointers?' Brian asked.

'I'll teach him anything he wants to know,' Jason said with a grin. 'Why don't you ask his dad if he wants me to give him some pointers.'

'Don't rush it,' Brian said.

Brian was cautious about his approach. It was dangerous territory, exposing their secret to a stranger. If Mike and Todd's situation wasn't what he though it was, he could be opening the door to real trouble--devastating, if the guy happened to be a cop. He didn't know what the guy did for a living and he didn't remember telling Mike what he did. It came out in their conversation. Mike was a construction worker, happy to be associated with a warehouse foreman. Over the next couple of weeks the four of them got to know each other. The two boys hit it off. So did Mike and Brian but it was more cautious and reserved. As he grew more confident, Brian invited Mike and Todd for a cookout.

While Mike watched Brian cooking hamburgers over the grill, Jason took Todd out to show him the stable. 'Maybe you would want to go riding sometime,' Jason said.

'I've never ridden a horse,' Todd admited.

'Don't tell the horse that,' Jason said.

The horse, Jack, was standing in his stall with his cock hanging out about two feet.

'Geezuss! He reminds me of my dad,' Todd said.

'I started to laugh, but you sound serious,' Jason said.

'About half serious,' Todd said, eyeing the a****l's huge cock. 'Yeah, at least half serious--maybe a little more.' Jason didn't believe Todd's dad could be built even half as big as the horse but he didn't say it. He didn't want to call the k** a liar. At the grill, Brian was working up the courage to open the conversation once more. He told Mike to hand him another beer out of the cooler, and Mike got another for himself as well.

'I've been meaning to ask you, is Todd your real son?' Brian asked as the boys were walking toward the barn.

Mike gave him a knowing smile. 'You know he is.'

'Well, you never know. It wouldn't be the first time a guy pretended a boy was his son,' Brian said, using Mike's line.

'He is my real son,' Mike said.

'You couldn't deny him, he looks too much like you,' Brian said.

'Well, it's good you brought it up,' Mike said.

'Is it?'

Mike chugged down his beer and got another one out of the cooler. He held it up, in a gesture of asking if it was okay.

'You don't have to ask,' Brian said.

Mike opened the bottle and took a long swig. 'I get the feeling we're dancing around on a pin. And I'm not a very good dancer,' he said in an even tone.

'Neither am I.'

'But I am a good father,' Mike said. 'No matter what else, I'm a damned good dad. So are you. I can tell by your relationship with Jason.'

'You're still dancing,' Brian told him.

'I think you know that my relationship with my son is more than being just his dad.'

'I was hoping so, but it's great to know for sure. Thanks for having more balls than I've got in bringing it up,' Mike said with a relieved smile.

'So is it safe to assume that you and Todd have a similar relationship?' Brian asked.

'That would be a safe assumption,' Mike said.

Brian put out his hand and Mike clasped it in a tight grip. 'To fatherhood,' he said, raising his beer.

'Damn right.' Their relief was obvious that it was out in the open. 'I wonder if the boys know,' Mike said.

'I told Jason not to say anything. Not ever, not to anyone,' Brian said.

'I've told Todd the same thing. But you never know about a couple of teenagers.'

'I do,' Brian said. 'I know Jason.'

'Me, too. I know Todd would never say anything to anybody.'

'Jason's going to be happy as hell when he finds out. He's always wanted to find another dad and son team like us.'

'Are we going to tell them when they get back?' Mike asked.

'No. I want to tell Jason myself, when we're alone. I wanta give it some time.'

'Damn don't torture me,' Mike said with a grin. 'At least give me a time frame when we might all get together.'

'I have to make sure he's okay with it. Really okay, when he finds out I've found someone. Do you guys like to camp?'


'Then how about we plan a camping trip, say next weekend,' Brian said. 'I'll tell Jason, you tell Todd and if it's a go, well, we'll see how things work out.'

'Great! All I gotta do is figure out how I'm going to last for a week,' Mike said. 'How long have you and Jason been making it together?'

'A couple of years.'

'You guys are late bloomers,' Mike said. 'Four years for us,' Mike said.

Brian's looked at him wide-eyed, his mouth open. 'How the hell did you get him started at that age?'

'Well, it wasn't exactly me that got it started,' Mike said with a smile. 'From about the time he started getting hair around his dick, he's been the horniest little fucker I ever seen. I caught him jacking off one time and he was so embarrassed he almost cried. I set down and made him know it was all right. I wasn't mad or disappointed or anything and that it was a perfectly natural thing to do.'

'I had a similar experience with Jason,' Brian said.

'I caught him several more times after that,' Mike went on. 'I swear, I think the boy was jacking off three times a day. In our little talk I forgot to mention the part about not letting it become a habit. But, hell, that's a lot of bullshit anyway. A stiff cock makes its own habits. Anyway, the next time I caught him, he didn't even stop. He was so close and he kept right on pounding it till he shot off, all the time he was looking straight at me, right in my eyes. It was the weirdest thing.'

'What happened then?' Brian asked.

'When he as done it was like he was back to being embarrassed again. There he lay with come all over him. He told me he was sorry but he just couldn't stop, and his eyes started welling up. He was still feeling guilty about it. I went and got a washcloth and a towel and cleaned the come off of him and sat down and we had another little talk. I told him again that it was okay, it was nothing to be ashamed of and I stopped there. I didn't say anything about a habit. That's when he hit me between the eyes.'

'With what?' Brian asked.

'He asked me if I jacked off.'

'Well, I never got hit with that question from Jason,' Brian said, laughing. 'What'd you say?'

'I told him the truth. Hell, he would've figured out I was lying. It's a no-brainer. I've never seen such a relieved look on a boy's face. It was like a whole heavy load had been lifted from his shoulders. But that's not what he hit me between the eyes with.' Mike laughed, remembering. 'It was the damnedest thing. He asked me if I thought I might want to jack off with him sometime. I was so stunned I couldn't even say anything for a minute. Well, as you know, at that age their cocks never go down, and his was still bone hard and he was trying to cover it with the corner of the sheet. He pulled the sheet off real slow so I would see it. Then said he was ready again if I wanted to.'

'Did you?'

Mike sighed, nodding his head. 'Yeah. It was probably the most difficult decision I ever made. I could either get up and walk out of his room and make him feel more guilty and ashamed, or I could do it and make us both happy.'

'So you had these feelings for him before that,' Brian said.

'Yeah, but I was able to suppress them,' Mike replied. 'It's hard to hide your feelings from a twelve-year-old, though, when he's looked into your soul.'

'I'll tell you about me and Jason sometime,' Brian said quietly as the boys approached. 'Hey, guys, we've just been talking about going on a camping trip. How about it?'

'Great!' Todd exclaimed.

'Yeah, that would be great, Dad.' Jason agreed.

After Mike and Todd had left, Brian told Jason about his conversation with Mike as they were cleaning up. Todd was happy as hell. 'Is that what the camping trip is all about?' he asked anxiously.

'I don't know for sure. We'll see what develops. We left it at that,' Brian said.

'You know what's going to develop, dad, if we're all of the same mindset,' Jason said.

'Well, we don't really know them yet,' Brian cautioned.

'But we're going to get acquainted, on the camping trip, right? Really acquainted.'

'We can hope,' Brian said.

'I can hardly wait! I can't wait to talk to Todd.'

'Wait a minute. You and Todd can't talk about this at the gym or any place else in public,' Brian warned.


'Listen,, should know that Mike is going to want to fuck you. He ogles your butt quite openly.'

'Did he say that?' Jason asked, looking surprised.

'Not in so many words. But look at you. Look at your butt. It's a no-brainer. And the way he looks at you...'

'Damn, dad, I don't know,' Jason began with a concerned look. 'When we were out in the stable, the horse had his dick hanging out and Todd said he reminded him of his dad.'

'So, he's hung like a horse, since when was that a turn-off for you?' Brian chided him.

'No, I mean a horse. I thought he was just saying it, but he was serious. He said he was half serious, making it sound like his dad really is half as big as the horse.'

'I'm sure he was exaggerating, just bragging on his dad. Anyway, you don't have to do it,' Brian said.

'Would you be mad if I did?' Jason asked.

'No, of course not. Just know that I'll be there with you. He won't make you do anything you don't want to do.'

Finally, the big day came. Brian and Jason were used to camping light and primitive, carrying only sl**ping bags and food and water. Mike brought a four-man tent. Brian wondered if he'd purchased it especially for this trip.

'It's light weight, easy to carry. The trick is finding a level spot up in the hill country,' Mike told him.

They hiked up the steep trails for over an hour, Mike shouldering the tent while Brian carried the food and two sl**ping bags; the only two they brought. They left the boys to travel light so they could go off the trail and explore on the way up.

'The boys are getting along great,' Mike said.

'Jason says Todd is coming along great with his workouts.'

'Todd appreciates his help. He talks about him all the time. He's really excited about competing,' Mike said. 'Even if he doesn't compete, he just wants to look like Jason.'

'Your boy's got everything it takes--the determination and desire, and the genes.'

Mike glanced at him with a grin. 'I think I'm going to take that as a compliment,' he said. Just then the boys appeared on the trail ahead of them, laughing and punching playfully at each other. 'They look sexy as hell in their shorts and no shirts and those belts with the canteens bouncing against their butts,' Mike said.

Brian smiled his agreement but didn't say anything.

'I get the feeling you're still not comfortable with this. Are you?' Mike said.

'I'm a little uneasy,' Brian admitted. What Jason said about the horse was still lingering in the back of his mind and he wanted to ask Mike how big he really was.

'If you don't want me to do it, I won't,' Mike said in an even tone.

Brian gave him a scowling look. 'Do what?' he asked.

'I thought you would've caught on by now,' Mike said. 'I want to fuck your son in the worst way. But not if you don't want me to.'

'That's ultimately Jason's call,' Brian said.

'No, it's your call,' Mike said. 'You say the word, right now, and it won't happen.'

'I appreciate that, but if I know my son, he'll see you as a challenge, and he never backs down from a challenge,' Brian said.

'I wish I could say the same for Todd. He can't handle me very well. You're wouldn't be a piece of cake for him. From what I've seen in the showers, you look like you'd be pretty thick.'

'But Jason can take me. You're saying Todd can't handle you?'

'Not all the way. It's frustrating, but I would never let him know that. Hell, I'm not going to **** your son,' Mike said.

'How're we going to do this, anyway?' Brian asked then.

'I was thinking you and Todd might go for a hike while I take Jason and.....'

'No. I told Jason I would be there with him,' Brian said.

Mike grinned. 'You wanta watch? Wow! That is hot!'

Brian was a little embarrassed. 'Maybe it would be better if you and I teamed up this trip and let the two boys team up together,' he said.

'I can go for that with no problem at all,' Mike said with a leering grin 'But you know it ain't gonna end up that way. Hell, how come we're father and son teams in the first place? The boys are going to feel left out.'

'Yeah,' Brian said nodding. 'Yeah, you're probably right.'

'I know I'm right. Hell, the boys are probably up there talking about the same thing right now.'

They climbed well up into the wooded hills before they stopped. 'I think we're up far enough so we won't be disturbed,' Mike said as he shrugged the back pack containing the tent off his shoulders.

'The only other creature that's going to climb this high is a bear,' said Brian.

'Let's see if we can find a spot for the tent.'

They turned off the path and made their way through the thicker brush till they found a well-hidden thicket with a clearing of grass big enough for the tent. The four of them tramped down the thick stand of grass then Mike and Todd set the tent up while Brian and Jason set about making supper. Jason kept looking at Todd and his dad, then at Brian, with a questioning look on his face. Brian smiled but didn't confirm anything. During supper the conversation was friendly but casual. Mike made a couple of innuendos but Brian didn't pick up on them and they died. After supper the two boys went down to a small lake to go swimming. Halfway there they stopped and stripped off all their clothes.

'Damn, would you look at those two butts!' Mike exclaimed under his breath.

'Yeah, they are two fine looking young specimens,' Brian agreed. He still had an uneasy feeling, though. Mike seemed too anxious; even too determined. He struck Brian as a guy who went after what he wanted, a trait he usually admired except that this guy was wanting his son.

'Can I ask, how far have you taken it with Jason?' Mike asked.

'Pretty much all the way. How about you and Todd?'

'There's not much we haven't tried. So you fuck him?' he asked.


'And he fucks you?'

'Yeah. How about you and Todd?'

'Like I said, there's not much we haven't tried,' Mike replied.

'Look, I don't know what's going to happen on this trip, but I want you to take it slow and easy with Jason,' Brian said.

'Sure. You do the same with Todd, okay?'

'Of course. It's just that I've seen you in the shower and putting all things in perspective.....'

'For a guy with a hunk like Jason for a son, you worry a lot,' Mike said.

'That's what I do. But it's something Jason said.....the two boys were talking when you guys were over for the cookout.'

'And?' Mike asked.

'Well, it seems our horse was showing off when the boys were out at the stable and Todd remarked that he reminded him of you, and Jason said he didn't sound like he was k**ding.'

Mike shook his head, laughing. 'Dam k**. He likes to brag. You know how k**s are. My dad is bigger than your dad, my dad can beat up your dad,' Mike scoffed.

'Is it brag?' Brian asked. 'How big are you, if you don't mind me asking?'

'You don't want to know,' Mike said.

'Yeah, I do.'

'Pretty big.'

Brian looked at him, waiting for an answer.

'Thirteen inches; a little more.'

'Geezusss! Todd wasn't k**ding!' Brian got the distince impression that he was trying to sluff it off.

'Jason's a big boy,' Mike said. 'Why don't we let him decide what he can handle?'

Brian nodded. Yeah, maybe it was time to let go. Jason wanted this. He'd remarked often how great it would be to find another father and son team like themselves. Now that they'd found one, he didn't want to interfere and be too protective. He needed to be there for him, but nothing more. The two boys came out of the water and grabbed up their clothes and came up to the camp ground dripping wet. Their tanned, muscular bodies glistened in the soft light of dusk.

'Would look at that. They look like two gods,' Mike said.

'You should have joined us,' Todd said as they came up on the camp.

'I'm all out of practice,' Brian said.

'Bullshit, dad, you swim like a fish,' Jason scoffed. He turned to Todd. 'He was a champion swimmer and diver in college.'

Mike looked at him. 'You don't have a swimmer's build,' he observed.

'I got interested in weight lifting,' Brian said.

'Yeah, real interested, I'd say,' Mike said. Then he shoved himself up from the log he was reclining on. 'I don't know about you guys but I'm ready to call it a day,' he said.

'Yeah, me, too,' Todd said.

Brian glanced at the boy, who was looking at him. He wasn't sure what he saw. Apprehension? Excitement? Fear? Maybe a little of all. The boy followed his dad into the tent and Brian followed him and Jason came in after him.

The sl**ping bags had been spread out to cover the floor of the tent. The boys stacked their clothes in one corner and sat down, one on each sl**ping bag. It was natural thing for them to do, and whether they knew it or not, that set the tone for the start of the adventure. Mike wasted no time taking off his hiking boots and socks and his hiking shorts. Brian looked furtively at the heavy bulge in his shorts. He was anxious to see if it was true. He sat down and took off his own boots and socks then slipped off his hiking shorts. A part of him hated that he let Mike lead the way, but there was something about the big stud that was nearly overpowering. When he saw Mike hook his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs, Brian quickly rose up and took his shorts off too. Mike peeled his briefs down his thighs, kicked them aside and straightened. The two boys and Brian sat looking up at him, standing there with his hands on his hips and his feet planted apart like a Colossus. He was a tower of a man, made more so by the huge hunk of meat hanging out from between his legs. Brian was surprised that he wasn't already hard.

'Well, I guess we all know why we're here,' Mike said, and with that, he stepped over and dropped to his knees beside Jason. It left Brian and Todd on either side of them. Jason let Mike lay him back on the sl**ping bag as he lay beside him on his side. He glanced at his dad as Mike brushed one hand across his chest and Brian tried to give him a look that everything was okay. His worst fear was that his son didn't think he would be there for him.

'Dam nice pecs,' Mike said as he rubbed his hand back and forth across Jason's broad chest. He laid two fingers between the two thick muscles. 'You could dam near squeeze my fingers by flexing your pecs,' he said.

Jason tried it and sure enough his thick pecs tightened against the man's fingers.

'Goddam, I never seen a guy your age with pecs like that,' Mike said. 'Todd's going to have pecs like this one of these days soon, aren't you Todd? '

'Y-yes, I wanta look just like Jason,' Todd said.

Mike's hand was moving downward.

'Fuckin' great abs, too,' Mike said. He moved his hand lower. 'Can't say I never seen such a cock on a k** your age, though ‘cause I think Todd can match you.'

Brian saw the man's cock slowly rising from between his legs. Rising and growing to a monstrous size. He feared for Jason.

Mike urged Jason over onto his stomach then hunkered down and buried his face between his butt muscles.

'Ohhhhhhhhhh!' Jason cried out.

'MMMMMMmnnnnnn,' Mike moaned. He didn't stop till he had Jason thrashing and squirming and clawing at the sl**ping bags, and then it was only a pause. He kept squeezing the boy's taut butt and working his big, thick fingers between them. Then he told him to turn back over on his back.

'Get up there and hold his legs for me,' he told Todd. Todd scurried to his knees at Jason's head and grabbed his ankles. He pulled Jason's legs higher, pulling his hips up more and spreading his butt apart.

'Yeah, now I can use both hands,' Mike said as he pulled the twin muscles apart and dug his fingers deep into the crevice to stretch the tiny hole unmercifully. 'Does your dad do this for you?' Mike asked him.

'Y-Yesssss!' Jason hissed.

Mike looked at Brian with a smile of approval. 'Good man,' he said.

'I'm gonna fuck you with my tongue, now,' Mike said. 'I'm gonna go in so deep you're gonna think there's a cock inside you.'

'Yes, do it! Fuck me with your tongue!' Jason gasped.

But Mike took a moment to gaze at the boy's asshole and lap his tongue over the gaping hole and breathe his hot breath into it. 'Geezuss, that's beautiful, his pink muscles clenching and squeezing at the air,' he said huskily. He lapped his tongue around the hole and flicked it with the tip of his tongue. It was having the desired effect on Jason.

'Awwwhhh, do it...stick it said you were gonna fuck me with it!' Jason moaned.

Mike buried his face hard and drove his tongue deep inside the velvet-like muscles.


Mike rose up. 'We're a long way up here but they're gonna hear him clear back in town. Better stuff something in his mouth,' Mike told Todd. Todd reached around to grab up a pair of shorts. Mike laughed. 'Boy, if you can't find anything better than a pair of shorts to stuff in his mouth, maybe I should've left you at home.'

The boy's face turned pink with embarrassment. He glanced at Brian and Brian smiled an okay smile. Jason tilted his head back for the boy's cock. Brian could see Mike's cock, fully hard now. It was a phenomenal size. Todd wasn't k**ding, and he had every reason to brag on his dad. He was easily well over a foot long, and thick as a wrist. It looked like a ball bat standing out between his legs. Under it was a pair of baseballs to go with it. Truly, they were the size of baseballs. My Godd, Brian thought. How is he ever going to do it? He didn't think Jason had seen it, and he wanted to warn him but it would seem foolish--like treating him as a little boy. Mike was right, he was a big boy, he could decide for himself.

'Ohh, please, Mike, you said you were going to fuck me with your tongue,' Jason begged.

Mike laughed and glanced at Brian with his tongue stuck out. Brian blinked with surprise. He'd never seen such a long tone; it stuck out easily five inches. It made a chill go down his spine as he imagined how it was going to feel inside his son's ass.

Mike bent down and went to work. He lapped at the boy's asshole some more, then dug his fingers into the right rim and pulled it apart and drove his tongue through it.

'AWWWWWwwwhhhhhhhh!' Jason cried out again around Todd's cock. 'Ohh,'ve got such a long tongue! Ohhh, its reaching so deep.....ohhhh, dad, he's.....he's almost able to reach my love nut.'

It was apparent that Mike was eating Jason's ass to prepare him for his cock. Even as he was still tonguing the boy's ass he was reaching for a tube of lubricant that he had slipped under the edge of the sl**ping bag. He flipped the cap open and reached down to squeeze some onto his cock. He closed the tube and tossed it aside and rubbed the lube all up and down his cock. Then he used the rest to mix with his spit in lubricating Jason's hole.

'Your dad says you like to get fucked,' he said as he raised up, stroking his slick cock. It looked even bigger, sticking up at that angle, and with his big hand that barely reached around it.

'Yeah, are you going to fuck me?' Jason asked nervously.

'I want to so bad,' Mike said. 'Is it okay?'

'Yeah...I want it too, but...'

'But what?' Mike asked, glancing at Brian.

'Are you as big as Todd says?' Jason asked.

Mike pushed his cock down out of sight. 'I don't know what kind of stories Todd's been telling you, but yeah, I am pretty big. But if you let me fuck you, you take just what you can handle. I stop any time you say so. Besides, your dad is right here and if he tells me to stop, I'll sure as hell stop. I don't wanta fuck with your dad.'

Brian felt good that he said it although he thought he was being patronizing. Mike was already nudging the head of his cock against Jason's hole. The head alone was going to be a challenge. It was as big as his balls.

'Is Todd able to take you?' Jason asked, almost fearfully. He looked up at Todd and asked, 'Can you take him?'

'Not all the way,' Todd said.

'But he will, in time' Mike put in quickly. 'It's just like bodybuilding. He's gonna look like you some day, and just like you, he's gonna be able to take a bigger cock.' It was pretty lame, Brian thought, but it seemed to calm Jason. 'You hang on, now stud,' Mike said. 'This is gonna be a real challenge at first, but you dad said you never back down from a challenge.'

Jason glanced up at his dad and Brian gave him a reassuring wink. Mike smashed and flattened the head of his cock hard against Jason's hole. Brian saw his thigh muscles bulge and the side of his butt tighten as he eased upward and forward. Jason cringed as he braced himself. Suddenly the rubbery hole stretched wide and the bulbous cockhead disappeared into the tight hole.

'UUUhhnnnnn!' Jason grunted through clenched teeth.

Mike paused and Brian held his breath as his son suffered through the long moment of pain. 'Damn!' Mike swore softly. 'He's got an ass like a rubber vise!' He waited a minute more then asked, 'Are you okay, buddy? Ready for some more?'

'Yes, I guess so,' Jason replied bravely, nodding.

Mike inched more of his cock through his hole. Jason's eyes widened as inch after inch of the man's hot, thick meat sank into his body, and his mouth grew slack.

'OOOhhhnnnnnn,' he moaned but it was hard to tell if it was from pain or pleasure. Mike didn't stop when he moaned. He kept pushing. 'Ohh!' Jason moaned again. He didn't know that he had more than half of it, or that there were still six or seven inches remaining; the size or bigger than most men's cocks. But Mike kept on. Brian saw the slack smile and the almost glazed look in his eyes as he sank another inch or more, which Jason took bravely--and another, which caused the boy's eyes to suddenly blink and widen. Brian started to stop it but then Jason's facial expression seemed to relax and he let it go on. He must have at least nearly the length of Brian's own cock in him by now which still left an awful lot to go, and Brian began to feel the boy's anxiety. He was tensed, ready to stop Mike, if Jason gave the slightest hint.

'Fuck, he's taking me like a real stud,' Mike told Brian with a proud smile. He saw the look on his own son's face and added, 'Don't worry, son, I know you'll take it too, now that Jason's showed you that he can do it.'

'Yeah, I wanta try it again,' Todd said rather timidly.

Brian could see the fright in Todd's eyes. The boy was only saying what he thought his dad wanted to hear. As Mike slowly shoved more of his cock through Jason's hole, the boy reached up and Brian took both his hands in his own. He squeezed his hands so hard it felt like the bones were going crack.

'Hold it,' Brian said when Jason grunted out another moan.

Mike looked at him with a smiling scowl. 'He's doing fine,' he said.

'No, he isn't,' Brian said. 'Stop. No more. I don't want you hurting him.'

'He ain't said I'm hurting him,' Mike argued.

Brian looked down at Jason and saw the anxiety and the fright in his eyes, but there was something else. That look of desperate determination he'd seen before when he was faced with a real challenge.

'How about it, Jason? You wanta go all the way with this?' Mike asked before Brian had a chance. Brian saw Mike's muscles tense as he was about to shove in deeper and he reached out with a hand around the man's arm. Mike halted his thrust.

'You okay, Jason?' Brian asked.

'Yeah....Yeah, I think so, dad,' Jason replied.

'Do you wanta keep going? There's no shame if you don't want to. Mike's probably already deeper than I ever went.'

'How much more do I have to take?' Jason asked.

'You don't have to take any more at all,' Brian replied.

'A couple of inches,' Mike said. Then to Brian, 'I think that's what he meant.'

'Well over three inches,' Brian corrected him.

Jason closed his eyes and took a deep breath. 'I wanta do it, dad,' he said.

'You don't have to prove anything to anybody,' Brian said.

'I want to,' he said again. 'It feels so good, I wanta see what it feels like all the way in.'

Mike looked at Brian for his okay. Brian shrugged and nodded. 'Go ahead, but take it easy,' he warned.

'Yeah, I don't wanta hurt him either,' Mike said.

Brian didn't believe that. If he weren't there, he was sure Mike would plow right in him and fuck him unmercifully. True to his word, Mike shoved deeper, almost in slow motion. Jason's eyes closed sl**pily and his mouth grew slack as he was slowly impaled on the last three inches of the man's cock.

'Aah-hh-ahhhh-haahhhh!' Jason groaned. 'Ohh, Goddddd!'

'You okay, son?' Brian asked.

'Are you okay, Jason,' Mike echoed.

Jason nodded as he gasped in deep breaths of air. Brian wasn't so sure he was okay; it was more like he was determined to do it. Jason opened his eyes then and looked up at his dad. 'Oh, Dad...Ohhhh, Daddddd, it feels...Ohhhh, you oughta feel it...his cock throbbing so deep I don't even know where it went...somewhere so deep feels like it's not touching anything, like there's nothing around it, except pure pleasure. Ohhhh...Ohhhh, dad, I'm glad...I took it!'

'Good. I am too, son, if it feels that good.'

Mike was almost gloating. 'You gotta be fuckin' proud,' he said to Brian. Then to Jason, 'I'll just hold it in there deep and let it throb for a minute. You let me know when you want me to start fucking you.'

Jason was unable to bring his excitement under control. He wanted more. He looked up at Mike with a longing in his eyes. 'It's okay, if you wanta fuck me now,' he said.

'If I WANT TO fuck you?' Mike scoffed. 'Shit, I never wanted anything so bad in my life,' he said as he began pulling his cock back. Brian watched in awe as inch after inch of thick meat pulled free of Jason's hole. It looked like there was even more than had gone in. He couldn't believe his son had taken all of it.

'Okay,' Mike warned with a smile as he entered him again. He went slowly, but he went deep; all the way.


'That okay?' Mike asked.

'Oh, yesss.....Ohh, yeah,'s more than okay... Ohhhhh, fuck me...fuck me, Mike.'

Mike chuckled as he pulled his cock back again. He shoved back in, this time a little faster, and when he saw that Jason wasn't hurting, he set his pace and picked up some speed. Jason went crazy. Brian could only try to imagine the pleasure that he was displaying in his face and his groans and whimpers.

'Are you two guys going to jump in or just watch?' Mike asked.

Brian looked across at Todd. 'I...I w-want to watch for a minute, if that's okay?' Todd said.

'Sure,' Brian said. It was okay, but he was hot himself, now that he saw that Jason was all right, and Todd was looking mighty good to him. They watched their dad and son having sex, their eyes fixing on each other now and then, as if to gauge the other's readiness. It was Mike who grew impatient.

'Shit, guys, Jason and me shouldn't be having all the fun,' he told Todd. 'How about you get over here and give the old man some cock-lovin', boy.'

'Yes, sir,' Todd said as he obediently climbed over his dad to get to Brian. He took his dad literally and boldly began playing with Brian's butt. Brian let him squeeze his butt muscles, but he didn't make any move to let the boy get at him. In his own mind, he had it pictured the other way around; him fucking Todd. In his own mind, that's the way it ought to be. But Todd had other ideas.

'Turn over, on your hands and knees,' he told him.

Surprised at the boy's audacity, Brian found himself doing what he said. He positioned himself on his hands and knees beside Jason and set his knees wide apart, ready for him; offering himself. He glanced at Jason to see him looking at him. He couldn't read his eyes with all the lust that was there. Was he disappointed in him? Or pleased, or proud, or what? He couldn't tell.

'My boy knows what he wants and goes after it,' Mike said proudly.

Brian hated himself for being so submissive, especially to a teenager but he was already squirming around on the Todd's probing fingers. He winced and gasped a couple of times then groaned softly when Todd touched his prostate. Then he withdrew his fingers and Brian felt the head of his cock against his asshole. He braced himself. He wasn't as big as Jason but the head of his cock was big, and it was going to hurt. And Todd wasn't easy.

'UUhhnnnnnn!!' he groaned as the boy popped his cock through his hole and sank it in to the hilt in one easy motion.

Jason reached out and put his arm around his dad's neck, pulling him in close. There was wet in his eyes. 'Godd, dad, I'm sorry, but I never felt anything like this before,' he whispered.

'Don't be sorry, son,' he said. 'I'm glad Mike's making you feel so good.'

'Is Todd good?' Jason asked. 'Is he making you feel good, too, dad?

'Oh, yeah,' Brian replied. 'Yeah, he's good.' But part of his feeling good was being mesmerized watching Mike's monstrous cock pull out..... My God, there was no end to it....then it slowly disappeared into his son's ass. And each time Jason moaned and shuddered with pleasure. The boy's eyes fluttered and rolled back in his head. Dam, he's fucking him out of his mind, Brian thought.

Todd, behind him, was doing a stand-up job, too. Brian wondered if his dad had given him lessons on cocksmanship. He had the moves and technique equal to Jason's.

'I wanta cum so bad,' Jason whispered, his voice shaky.

'Go ahead,' Brian told him.

'I can't,' he whimpered. 'It feels like I'm going to all the time, but it won't cum.'

'Hey, dad, twist around here and suck your son's cock, maybe that'll help him along,' Mike said.

Again, Brian did as he was instructed. He buried his head in the V of Jason's body and took his cock in his mouth.

'OOOhhhhhh, Dadddddd!'

'Yeah, that's gonna do it, I can feel it in his ass,' Mike said with a chuckle. 'Do you want me to cum in you, Jason, or shoot it all over you?'

Brian rose up. 'Don't cum in him,' he said.

'Okay, not this first time,' Mike said, persistent in getting what he wanted, if not this time, then the next.

As Todd fucked him with his youthful expertise, Brian sucked his son's cock hungrily, trying to help him get off. His own lust was building rapidly, soaring higher and higher each time Todd's cock slid across his prostate. The k** was good. He was wonderful. Jason's breath was coming hard and his abs twitched and trembled.

'I'm getting you close,' Mike observed.

'Ohh, Yesss!' Jason hissed. 'Ohhh, Yessss, don't stop .....please, don't stop...fuck me...fuck me deep...ohhh, I wanta come so bad...fuck me and make me cum, Mike.'

'Yes sir, son, whatever you say,' Mike said with a chuckle as he extracted his cock to the head.

It pissed Brian off a little that Mike called him son but he didn't say anything.

Mike twisted his butt around in circles going back in, using a corkscrew motion. It sent Jason up the walls.

'AAwwwnnnhhhhhh! Ohhhh....Ohhhhh, yeah, do that again! Fuck me like that! Ohh, suck it, dad...suck my cock...ohhh, I'm getting close...don't stop...make it happen!'

Jason's cock stiffed in Brian's mouth and quivered hard as a steel rod; so hard it must hurt. Then suddenly it exploded. The stuff shot against the roof of Brian's mouth like a power hose.

'Awwhh, yeah, he's shooting it,' Mike said. 'Gezuss, his asshole is squeezing my cock so hard...awwwhhhh, yeah, milk it...squeeze it, k**'re gonna get me there!'

Brian hoped Mike remembered not to shoot his load inside Jason's ass. He couldn't remind him, his mouth was full of his son's hard cock and being flooded with his hot cum. Was he going to stop, he wondered. Mike was really pumping it out of him. In his frenzy of the moment, he became vaguely aware that Todd was acting like he was working it up too. He hadn't told him not to cum inside him and that's exactly what he was gong to do. The next instant he felt his hot cum shooting deep inside him, bathing his guts with warm, thick cum. The boy's cock swelled and bucked to deliver its load. Mike was pulling his cock out of Jason's ass, fisting it, his hips jutted forward, and then he was cumming. The stuff shot out in a long rope and splattered all over the side of Brian's face, hot and hard. After the initial second of humiliation, Brian let himself enjoy it. Again and again, thick ropes of cum shot against his face... Geezusss, at least a half dozen blasts...and he kept cumming. 'My God, he is a stallion,' Brian thought. Somewhere in the middle of it, Brian was aware of his own climax shuddering through his body.

Their mutual lust built to a moment of exhilaration so intense that they seemed suspended in time as their cocks spewed hot, thick cum. Then it began to subside and they floated back down to gasping reality.

'Damn! Motherfuck!' Mike swore. Nobody else said anything. 'I don't know about you guys, but that was about the hottest thing I ever seen or did,' he said as he sat back on his haunches. His great cock hung to the ground, thick and rubbery.

'Yeah, me too, dad,' Todd said as he was pulling his cock free. 'Wow!'

'Good ass?' Mike asked.

'Oh, yeah...almost as good as yours,' Todd replied.

Brian rose up from between his son's legs, sucking the last of his come out of his cock before it fell to his stomach. His face was streaked and laden with come. It ran down his neck onto his chest.

'Shit, I really white-washed you,' Mike said proudly. 'But you didn't want me to cum in your boy; I had to let it go somewhere.'

Brian sat back on his haunches and made a swipe at the side of his face. His hand came away full of come. 'Todd, get over here and clean this mess up,' Mike said.

Todd scrambled over next to Brian and began licking and sucking the come off of his face like a hungry puppy. Brian let him do it and he had to admit there was a certain perverted thrill about having the boy lick his own dad's come off his face, especially with his dad watching.

'You okay, son?' Mike asked Jason, smacking him on the thigh.

'Yeah, sir...I think so,' Jason gasped.

'You are one hot, horny, brave little fucker,' Mike said. 'You took my cock like a stud!'

Brian lay down beside Jason, on his arm, still somewhat perturbed that Mike had called him son again, and Jason called him sir. Todd and Mike lay on either side of them and soon dozed off. After several minutes, Brian rose up and motioned for Jason to come with him. They crawled out of the tent into the cool night air and walked down the path to the edge of the tiny creek.

'Are you okay, really?' Brian asked.

'Yeah. I feel funny inside, but it's a good kind of funny. Sort of like I felt after the first time you fucked me. It was sort of like I was a virgin again.'

'Well, he is pretty big, and I didn't want him to hurt you.'

'I'm sorry I blurted it out that it was so good, dad, but he had me feeling so good I couldn't help the way I was acting,' Jason said.

'I told you not to be sorry,' Brian sand as he put his arm around him and hugged him in close. 'I don't like the son-of-a-bitch, but if he made you feel that good, he's okay.'

Jason stopped with a surprised look. 'Why don't you like him?' he asked.

'Actually, it's me. Look, I'm sorry I let things get out of hand back there,' Brian said.

'You didn't let things get out of hand. Things went like I thought they were supposed to,' Jason said.

'I let him take over,' Brian said.

'No you didn't. You could have stopped him any time. You did, once.'

'Yes, but I still let him call the shots. I did everything he said, like his slave, or something. Hell, I even did what Todd told me to do.'

'You said Todd was good,' Jason said.

'He was.'

'Then what are you apologizing about?'

'I don't know...I surprised myself, that's all, letting Mike and his son take over the way they did. Hell, I let him shoot his load all over my face.'

'I've done that before,' Jason reminded him. 'Although not that much.'

'It's different with you.'

Jason tightened his arm around his dad's waist. 'If I didn't know better... the way you talking, I might think you were jealous,' he said in a mischievous tone.

'Maybe I am,' Brian admitted. 'I let that stallion fuck you and maybe I am a little jealous that he made you feel so good.'

'You've got nothing to be jealous about,' Jason assured him.

'Are you sure? He's got thirteen inches of cock,' Brian asked with an easy smile.

'He's great sex, but he's not my dad.'

'And Todd's not my son,' Brian said.

'Are you going to let Mike fuck you?' Jason asked. 'You should. You need to get past not liking him and see how wonderful he can make you feel.'

'Part of me wants see how it feels to take a thirteen-inch-cock. But another part of me doesn't want to let him have such total control and run things.'

'Get over it, dad. Just enjoy the weekend.'

But it wasn't that easy. 'You notice that you and I were the ones that got fucked.'

'Is that so bad? Todd made you cum; he must've been pretty good.'

'Somehow, I just feel like we're being used,' Brian said.

'The weekend isn't over, Dad,' Jason said. 'We haven't had our turn at using them.'

'Somehow, I don't think Mike's going to let anybody fuck him. I don't know, maybe they're both tops.'

Jason laughed. 'The way Jason was lapping his dad's come off of your face, he's no top.' He stopped and turned so he was facing his dad. 'I've never heard you talk like this, dad. You can match Mike hands down, pound for pound, looks for looks....well maybe not inch for inch in the cock department, but in every other way. I don't like you talking like you're inferior to him. Two or three more inches of cock isn't all that much to get worked up over.' He stopped and laughed, shaking his head. 'Somehow, this all sounds like something you should be saying to me.'

Brian put his hand on his shoulder. 'You're right. Sorry I'm being such a wimp. You shouldn't have to switch roles with me. Don't worry, I'll turn things around.'

'You're not a wimp, dad,' he assured him.

'I know. I just want you to be proud of me.'

'I am.'

'Hey, guys, where're you going?' Mike asked as he came up from behind with Todd at his side.

'Just getting some fresh air,' Brian said.

Mike laughed. 'Yeah, I guess we were sucking in a lot of oxygen in the tent.'

'Hey, Todd, do you want to go swimming?' Jason asked.


Mike and Brian stood back from the creek watching the two teenagers swim and playing grab-ass.

'Two very exceptional boys,' Mike said.

'Yeah, they are,' Brian agreed.

'You know what I would really like to see?'


'I'd like to watch you fucking Jason.' Brian looked at him. 'It's the ultimate turn on, watching a guy fuckng his own son,' Mike said. 'And you don't get the opportunity to see that often.'

'I'd like to see you fuck Todd, see if he takes all of those thirteen inches.'

'He's already said he wants to before we leave. After seeing Jason take me, he's more determined,' Mike said. 'How about you? Are you the man your son is?'

Brian laughed, shaking his head. 'That's not going to work on me,' he said.

'Don't tell me you don't like it. Todd fucked you right out of your mind, and he's just a boy. Think what a real man can do for you,' Mike said.

'If I decided to try you on for size, it'll be my decision, not because you goaded me into it,' Brian said.

'Okay. Sorry. Sometimes I get too aggressive,' Mike said. 'This is not goading you, but I want that ass of yours awfully bad. I'm partial to young asses, but you've got the greatest looking butt I've ever seen on a grown man.'

'Flattery won't get you anywhere either,' Brian said, laughing.

'Okay, whatever happens, happens,' Mike said. 'But are we on, fucking our boys?'


Jason and Todd were racing and Jason came out of the water first. Mike had gone back to the tent to get towels for them. Brian told Jason what Mike wanted to do.

'You know I'm game for it any time with you, dad, with or without an audience,' Jason said. 'What about you?'

'Hey, I'd fuck that tight ass of yours anywhere,' Brian said.

'No, I mean, does he want to fuck you?'


'Are you going to let him?' Jason asked.

'You want me to, don't you?'

'I think it'd be hot as hell, watching my dad take a thirteen-inch-cock, like I did,' Jason said.

'I'll probably let him, but I want to see his own son take him first,' Brian said.

'Todd said he wants his dad to fuck him, all the way, like he did me, but he's scared. But he wants to do it because I did.'

'Todd looks up to you,' Brian said. 'Probably even more, now. You just raised the bar for him.'

'You don't have to do it, dad, just because I did; you don't have to prove anything to me,' Jason said.

'If I do it, it won't be to prove anything,' Brian assured him.

Mike returned with the towels. He tossed one to Jason and held the other one out to wrap it around Todd. Brian did the same, wrapped it around Jason and dried him off. Brian held his son in close and tight, even after he was dried off. 'I think I'm gonna haul your cute little butt back to the tent and fuck it till sun-up,' he told him.

'How will we know if the sun's up if we're in the tent?' Todd asked. 'Why don't we do it outside?'

'He's got a point,' Brian said. 'I'll bring the sl**ping bag out here.'

They spread the unfolded sl**ping bag out over the thick grass and lay down together. The warm night breeze wafted over their naked bodies. Mike rolled over on top of Todd and began humping between his thighs. Brian held Jason in tight and reached for his cock. Mike wasted no time. It wasn't about being easy or fatherly with his boy, it was about the sex, pure and simple, about showing Brian what they had between the boy a chance to prove his own manhood by taking his dad's huge cock. When he said he wanted to fuck him that's all he meant; there was no emotion in it. In no time, he had the boy's legs bent up over his head, exposing his butt. He spat in it then leaned down to tongue the boy's ass and work the spit in. He ate him for several minutes and left another mouthful of spit in his hole. 'Hold you legs up,' he told him as he spat in his hand and lubed up his cock.

Todd held his legs up and out in anticipation.

'Take it easy with him,' Brian said.

Mike looked at him with a scowl then aimed and set the head of his cock in the pool of spit. He worked it through the hole gradually and held still when Todd gasped with the pain of entry. He waited till he was relaxed some then shoved his cock in a little deeper.

'You okay?' Mike asked him.

'Yeah...yeah, just a little...scared, I guess, because you're going all the way this time, aren't you?'

'Yeah, I'm going all the way,' Mike said.

Jason reached over and squeezed Todd's hand. 'You can handle it,' he said.

'Yeah, I know,' the boy said nervously.

'It'll be easier if I just shove it in,' Mike said.

'Geezuss, man...' Brian started, but cut himself off at Mike's scowl. Watching Mike's big cock disappear into his son's ass, along with his own son's cock in his hand, made Brian hot as hell. He leaned down and took Jason's cock in his mouth.

'Hey, you're supposed to fuck him, not suck him,' Mike said.

Brian ignored him and went on sucking Jason's cock. He let the spit, the thick stuff from deep in his throat, run out of his mouth and down around his balls where he caught it and worked it into the boy's ass. He was already relaxed and loose; all he needed was the lube. It was Jason who urged him over on top of him to let him know he was ready. Meanwhile, next to them, Todd was uttering tiny, gasping moans as his dad plowed his cock deeper and deeper into his body. Brian looked down and there was at least six more inches to go. He hoped Mike didn't hurt the boy. He wasn't sure he could stand by and let that happen, even if Todd was Mike's son.

'Ohhh, Ohhhh, Daaddd, Stop!' Todd gasped through clenched teeth.

Mike paused and glanced down. 'You've taken more than this a lot of times,' he said, in a reprimanding tone.

'It's so big! God, it feels like you're punching my lung with it already.'

Mike inched in a little deeper.

'AAwwhhhhhhh!' the boy cried out again.

Brian reached over and touched Mike's shoulder. 'Don't hurt him.'

'The pain is part of it,' Mike said. 'You think I wanta hurt my own k**? I won't hurt him any more than it has to.' And with that, he eased more of his cock through the boy's hole.

Todd didn't cry out. He clenched his teeth in determination, but there was fear and panic in his eyes. Mike shoved in deeper.

'Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh, you're going to deep; it's hitting something, dad!'

Brian reached out again, this time wrapping his hand tightly around Mike's arm. 'Hey, fuck me instead,' he said.

Mike paused and looked around at him with a surly grin--almost a victorious grin. 'I intend to, if you're man enough to handle me,' he said.

'I'm man enough to take anything you can dish out,' Brian said. 'Just don't hurt your k**.'

Mike looked down at his son. 'Look, son, it's like going swimming in a cold lake. It's better if you just jump in like a man and get used to it, instead of wading in like a pussy.' And with that, he shoved the rest of his cock, about three more inches, into his son's ass and clasped his hand over the boy's mouth to stifle his scream.

'Goddamit!' Brian swore, but when his muscles tensed, Jason wrapped his legs tightly around him to hold him in place.

Mike held his cock lodged deep in his boy's ass while he screamed with pain that was muffled with his hand. When he began to quiet down, he took his hand away.

'Ohhhh.....Ohhh, dad, it's so deep! Godd, it still hurts. I don't wanta be a pussy but I can't do it.....I'm not the man Jason is, dad.'

'Just this one time,' Mike said in a soothing tone that was more mocking than sincere. 'Remember how it hurt the first time I fucked you? Well, for part of you, way in deep, this is the first time. You're virgin deep inside, it's supposed to hurt. Just hang in there, it'll start feeling better in a couple of minutes.' He didn't wait for the boy's response. He simply started fucking him--full out and full back in. Slow, even gentle, but deep, all the way into the virgin territory.

Todd cried out with each thrust inward, begging his dad to stop. Mike didn't bother to put his hand over his mouth. He told him to yell as loud as he wanted to, let it out, it would make it easier.

Brian was getting pissed as hell. He was about to knock Mike out of the saddle. He gauged the man's thrusts, ready to light into him on the pull-pack. But there was a perverted excitement, hearing the boy yell and scream from getting fucked. And he was Mike's son. He had no right to interfere. Then, after a couple of minutes, Todd began to quiet down. Then he started to moan softly.

'There, that's feeling better ain't it?' Mike cooed. 'Feeling downright good.'

'Y-yessss,' Todd hissed. 'Aw, dad, thanks for not listening to me,' he moaned. 'Ohhhh, I know what Jason was feeling now. Ohhhh, yeah, fuck me, dad, fuck me real deep. OOOhhhhhh!'

Brian was thankful that he hadn't interfered. His own cock throbbed and bolted inside Jason's hot ass, so hard it ached, from listening to Todd.

'Yeah, fuck me, dad,' Jason said.

In the night, Brian left the others sl**ping and went down to the creek for a swim. It was a beautiful night, and he wished he'd awakened Jason to come with him. Part of him wished that they were alone on the camping trip, but there was still an undeniable excitement about having Mike and Todd along. Despite what he thought of the man, he had a certain magnetism about him. He glanced around at someone was coming. He couldn't tell who it was till the silhouette was closer to the creek bank. It was Mike.

'How's the water?'

'Great. You coming in?'


'Don't dive,' Brian warned him. He watched Mike wade out into the water, his big, rubbery cock swinging out between his legs nearly to his knees. Brian felt a twinge of fearful excitement, and even envy of the two boys who had been on the receiving end of the huge cock. Mike dove under and swam away, hard against the current, as if everything he did was to prove something. Brian wondered if he could out-swim him. Not that it was important, he just wondered.

'You've got a great son,' Mike told him. 'Jason's a great k**.'

'Thanks. So is Todd.'

'You think I was too hard on him,' Mike said.

'Truth is, I was ready to knock you out of the saddle,' Brian said.

Mike laughed. 'I'm glad you didn't.'

'So am I. A couple of minutes later he was begging you for it.'

'I knew he would be. He wanted to take me real bad after he saw how well Jason did it. Todd's a little more timid than Jason. But I know him. I knew he wasn't about to chicken out in front of you guys.'

Brian laughed. 'I wouldn't call it chickening out, I'd call it common sense,' he said. 'The better part of valor.'

'You said you could handle anything I could dish out,' Brian reminded him.

'Yeah, I said that.'

'You ready to back that up?' Mike asked cockily.

'If you brought the lube,' Brian said.

'It's in the tent, where I want you,' Mike said. 'I wanta fuck you in front of the boys, show them how a real man handles a real man.'

'You want my son to see his old man getting fucked by a thirteen-inch cock,' Brian said.

'Yeah. That, too,' Mike said.

Brian found himself following the big man out of the creek, going with him back to the tent. He was doing it again; letting Mike take charge, succumbing to his demands. The boys were awake.

'You guys go for a swim?' Todd asked.

'You should've waked us up,' Jason said.

'We can all go again, later,' Mike said. 'Right now, you're gonna get to see your old man get his ass fucked.'

Jason blinked, looking at his dad. Brian hoped he looked brave to the boy. Inside he felt like a wimp, but he was between a rock and hell. He could defy Mike, tell him he wasn't going to let him fuck him but it would look like fear more than defiance. He had no choice but to submit and take it like he said he a man. Mike wasn't wasting any time. He had the tube uncapped and was lubing up his cock even as it was getting hard. He tossed the tube to Todd. 'Here, son, lube up Brian's ass for me.' Then he asked Brian, 'How do you want it, on your belly or your back, or maybe you like it on your hands and knees.'

Brian was even afraid to make a choice. However he said he wanted it would sound like he was afraid of the other positions. 'It's your call,' he told Mike.

'Stretch out on your stomach,' Brian said. 'You've got a terrific butt, I wanta see it spreading apart around my cock, and feel those tight muscles while I fuck you.'

Brian couldn't help the shivers of excitement from the man telling him what to do. He stretched out on his stomach, propped up on his elbows and let the teenager probe his asshole with the lube.

'He's ready, dad,' Todd said.

'Ready as he'll ever be,' Mike said with a husky laugh.

Mike got between his legs and pushed his legs wider with his knees. Brian tried to brace himself but he knew deep down that there was no way he could prepare himself for the onslaught of the huge cock. He glanced over his shoulder to see Mike working both fists up and down the hard shaft and he looked away. It was better that he didn't see what was going to be buried in his ass. He could feel Jason's eyes on him but he didn't look at him. He was afraid the boy would see the fear in his eyes. He felt the heat of Mike's cockhead against his butt and he closed his eyes

'Try to relax ‘em for me,' Mike said. 'Hey, Jason maybe you wanta walk your old man through it.'

Jason lay closer, on his back so he was looking up at his dad. Brian didn't want him there till he glanced down into his son's eyes and saw nothing but admiration in the boy's smile.

'You're gonna like it, dad,' Jason told him.

'I hope so,' Brian joked. He was jolted then by Mike's big cockhead being pushed through his asshole. He stifled the gasp but his mouth was open at the ready and he looked away from Jason so he couldn't see his pain.

'Hurts like hell, don't it?' Jason said. 'The head is so damned big. But give it a minute, it'll start feeling good.'

Brian knew everything his son was telling him was true but he wished he wouldn't. He didn't like him talking to him like he was a simpering virgin. Mike drove his cock deeper. He could feel it plowing through the folds of his ass, easier now that the pain of entry was wearing off. Deeper...deeper...ohhhh, Shit, how much deeper?

'OOhhnnnn,' he moaned suddenly when the blunt head ran up against something.

'Feels like we struck a barrier,' Mike said. He twisted his hips around and drove his cock past it. 'There.....I'm around it.' And he shoved deeper.

Brian didn't know exactly at what point Mike passed into virgin territory where Jason had never reached but he knew, when he felt the man's hairy belly smashing against his butt, that he was there.

'OOOhhhhhhh,' he moaned as Mike twisted his hips around, making his cock lob around inside him.

'Do you feel it, dad?' Jason asked eagerly. 'Are you feeling it in there deep where it feels like it's nowhere?'

Brian nodded, unable to speak from the lust that had overpowered him. 'Ohhh, Ohhhh....Ohhhhhhhhh!' he cried softly as Mike gave him several short jabs.

'I think he's feeling it,' Mike said, laughing, to Jason. 'Ready for me to fuck you, dad?' he asked Brian. Brian nodded and the big man started fucking him. Slow and easy and gentle at first, using only part of his cock. As he picked up some momentum he wasn't so easy with it, and he started using all of his cock. Great thrusts that lasted an incredibly long time from start to finish.

'Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Awwhhh! Aawwuuuhhh!' Brian groaned as the huge cock plowed in and of him. He clawed at the sl**ping bag and gritted his teeth beneath his curled lips.

'I can tell you're feeling it,' Jason said. Detecting the pride in his son's voice, Brian let himself enjoy it, as Jason wanted him to.

'That feeling pretty good, dad?' Mike asked him.

'Yeah! Yeah, it's feeling fine,' Brian gasped.

'Hang on. I'm gonna kick it up a notch and make you really enjoy it....give you something to moan about.'

Brian learned in the next moments what an expert cocksman Mike was. He pulled out completely and probed back and forth through his gaping, clenching hole with just the head. It pulled and stretched his asshole unmercifully. Then he drove in hard and deep.

'AAAAwwhhhh!' Brian cried.

'That hurt?'

'No! No, fuck, no...shit, Mike...' Mike laughed and did it all over again, except he twisted his hips around in circles causing his cock to cork-screw down into Brian's hole. 'Ohh..ohhhh...ohhh, Geezusss...Oh, Shit, Mike, what're you doing to me!'

'That feels great, doesn't it, dad?' Jason said.

'Yesss...Oh yes, I see what you meant, son.' Very soon, Brian felt himself loosing complete control, letting Mike take total control over him, and he didn't care. He wanted the big stud to take over, take him in every way he waned. He wanted to be totally submissive to the man. Mike was an expert at detecting when Brian was getting close and each time he would ease off till he had it under control then he would fuck him into madness again. Brian's moans were half-whimpering now, and his eyes were tearing up from the way the man was using his phenomenal cock on him. At one point, Brian whispered to his son, 'My god, son...I don't think I can take much more of's so good.'

Jason only smiled, happy that his dad was feeling such pleasure as he had felt on the receiving end of the huge cock.

Before long, Brian found himself responding to the man's steady thrusts, besides just the moans. He was responding physically. He didn't know when he'd raised up off his stomach and reared his butt up for Mike, but he was on his hands and knees, thrusting back at the driving cock, getting fucked like a dog.

'Aww, yeahhhh....ohhhh, fuck, dad...fuck, do it...fuck that big cock...ride it like a fuckin' stallion. know how to move that ass, man,' Mike groaned.

If it was humiliating, Brian didn't care. He was being consumed with lust for the big man and his incredible cock. He couldn't get enough. Not enough strokes, not enough cock. He wished Mike was fifteen inches long. His brain was hot with lust, his senses seared so that his brain was rendered useless for thinking. His total being was centered on Mike's hot cock, his senses clinging to the throbbing meat and he let himself be consumed by his lust. He was constantly on the verge of comming yet it wouldn't come. If only Mike would fuck him harder....if only he had more cock...if only.....

'Ohh, fuck me,' he cried softly. 'Fuck me, you big horse .....Goddd, Mike...fuck my eyeballs out!'

'Yeah, I'm gonna turn that tight ass of yours to mush,' Mike said, laughing.

Brian hated his laughter. It was like evil doom, but it excited him. It made him want to be humiliated even more by the big stud.

'I'm gonna come if you're getting close. And I know you are,' Mike said after awhile. 'You've been close from the very beginning, I can tell the way your asshole squeezes my cock so hard when you're trying to hold off.'

'I haven't been trying, it just won't come,' Brian said.

'Oh, it'll come,' Mike assured him. 'Just hang on, dad, I'll make you cum.'

'Do it, dad,' Jason whispered. 'I want you to feel what it's like to cum with Mike's big cock inside you. He can do it. He can make you go off.'

Brian didn't know what Mike was doing but he was using a whole new set of moves. Moves that triggered his climax somewhere deep in his loins; so deep that he nearly screamed from the tiny eddies of pleasure swirling to the surface.

'Getting close yet?' Mike asked him.

'I...I d-don't know...I want feels like.....'

'I'll pump it out of you,' Mike cut in. With that he started fucking him like a jack-hammer, except that he used the entire length of his cock in fast, staccato thrusts.

'Oh, Goddd!' Brian gasped tossing his head back in pained ecstasy. He looked at Jason through his teary eyes. 'Geezuss, Son!'

'Yeah, let it go, dad,' Jason encouraged him.

'You better be close, ‘cause I'm about to cum,' Mike announced.

The thought that he didn't want Mike to come inside him was so far in the back of his mind that he couldn't reach it. His lust buried it. He wanted the big stud to cum in him. He wanted to feel that huge horse cock belching out thick ropes of hot cum deep in his ass....he wanted to know what it was like to be had by a stallion.

Mike's climax triggered Brian's. He felt Jason's hand around his cock, pumping it, pulling his cum out of him, urging him on. Then suddenly, Jason kissed him. He pulled his head down with his free hand smashing their mouths together and Jason's tongue lashed around in his mouth like a snake, sending ball-shattering eddies of lust through Brian's body. The boy held the kiss all through his climax, swallowing his dad's outcries. It all happened so fast and so intensely that Brian couldn't grasp all of the pleasure and where it was coming from. He only knew that he had been fucked like no other time in his life, and the pleasure was indescribable. Mike hovered over him then eased his weight down against him, pressing him into the sl**ping bag. He was gasping and his hard, thick pecs bore against Brian's back.

'If you ever thought dad is not a wimp!' he told Jason. 'Goddam, I don't think I ever had anybody take my cock like that!'

Brian's animosity waned for awhile. He found himself sort of liking Mike, more than being used by him, even though he knew he had been used. It was drawing on to morning when the four of them came awake once more.

'Anybody for a swim before breakfast?' Mike asked.

They all ran to the creek to swim. Brian felt an exuberance that he'd never felt before, and his feelings toward Mike had changed a little. He still felt a sense of inferiority but he was confident that it didn't show.

'I'll go start breakfast,' Brian said, as he headed out of the water.

'I've got your breakfast right here,' Mike said.

Brian turned around to see Mike standing knee-deep in water, holding his cock out across one hand.

'Come on, guys, there's plenty for all of you,' Mike said.

God, he was such a braggart! But there was such sensuality in his bragging that Brian couldn't help but want him. He could see that the boys weren't turned off by him either.

'Sausage, meat balls, and if you work on it real yard, there's hot, fresh gravy,' Mike went on.

Brian felt himself weakening, wanting to succumb once more to the man, and go to his knees right there in the water. He glanced at Jason who was looking at him, again with that look of questioning innocence, asking if it was all right. Fuck, yes, it was all right. If they all wanted it, why not? He just hated being the one to make the first move. It was like giving in to the man.

'Hey, anybody think they're man enough to swallow this big sausage?' Mike asked.

It was a dare, a challenge, a throwing down of the gauntlet, and Mike knew that his dare would be taken. Brian didn't have to make the first move. The two teenagers went down on their knees in the water, chest-deep and began sharing Mike's big cock with their mouths.

Mike looked up the bank at Brian. 'You're missing breakfast,' he said, laughing. 'You better hurry; these two guys are hungry as hell.'

Again, Brian felt the painful pleasure of submission as he walked back into the water and went to his knees between the two teenagers. Mike was right, there was plenty of cock to go around, and in the end, plenty of hot gravy. And Brian found himself opening his mouth like a hungry bird for his load that he shared with the two boys.

The camping trip was deemed a success except for the misgivings Brian still had about himself. Even his challenge that Mike fuck him seemed more like submission simply because of the way Mike took him the second time. Brian was determined to take him like a real man, all the way and every way he wanted to dish it out. It hurt like hell, but he kept Todd's cries of pain in his ears and endured it. Mike was one hell of a cocksman. He dam near fucked his brains out and in the middle of it, Brian was crying out and begging him to fuck him harder and deeper. Afterwards, despite the intense pleasure, he felt less of a man.

Back home, he and Jason were putting their camping gear away and Jason noticed that his dad was quiet.

'You're still feeling guilty, aren't you?' he asked.

'Something like that,' Brian said.

'Well, I had a great time,' Jason said. 'And so did you, if you would only let yourself admit it. Don't tell me Mike didn't make you feel great; not the way you were yelling and thrashing your butt back for him.'

'He did that,' Brian said.

'And you took him, like a stud. He couldn't give you anything you couldn't take, and he tried. He was working his ass off to make you cry uncle and beg him to stop. And the way you swallowed his cock! Dam, dad, I couldn't believe it when I was right there watching it.'

'Yeah. But Mike was the only one who came home without getting his ass fucked,' Brian pointed out. 'Shit, I submitted to him at every turn, like I was his sex slave or something. In case you didn't notice, he was calling all the shots. So what does that make me?'

'I don't know what you want me to say, dad.'

'Just say you're not ashamed of me,' Brian said.

'I'm not ashamed of you.'

'Are you saying that because I asked you to, or are you really not ashamed of me,' Brian asked.

'No. Hell no, why should I be? It wasn't a love match or a competition. It was all about having fun, dad, and it was damned good sex. Can't you leave it at that?'

Brad hugged Jason by the shoulder, laughing. 'If you can, I guess I can,' he said. 'I've had people tell me that there would come a day when the son steps into the dad's role and I think you did that on this trip. You gotta understand, that's not an easy thing for me.'

'I wasn't trying to step into your role, dad. I could never fill your shoes. I just want you to know that you're still my hero. Maybe even more of a hero.'

'If I didn't think you were saying that just to make me feel good.....'

'Naw, if I wanted to make you feel good I would throw you down on the floor and fuck your eyeballs out,' Jason joked.

'Do you really think you're man enough to do that?' Brian challenged him.

'Do you wanta try me?' Jason asked, flexing his muscles.

'Yeah,' Brian said cockily .

They sparred on their feet for a moment before they went to the floor. It was a toss up who pulled who down, but Jason landed on top. Brian fought back but not with all his strength. He wanted Jason to beat him. He suddenly liked the role of submission and he wanted to be f***ed to submit to the boy.

Jason paused with his dad in a tight hold. 'You're not trying very hard,' he said.

'It's dumb to put up a fight when you already know the outcome,' Brian said.

'And what outcome would that be?' Jason asked.

'You said you were going to fuck my eyeballs out,' Brian said.

'And you're going to let me?'

'I wouldn't exactly call it letting you, you're on top,' Brian said. 'But if you don't do it, you're really going to have a fight on your hands.'

'I'm not going to be gentle, Dad,' Jason warned as he lifted his dad's legs up and shoved them against his chest. 'After seeing the way you took Mike's big horsecock, I'm gonna fuck you hard.'

'You're nothing I can't handle,' Brian said daringly. 'UUUUNnnhhhhhhh!' he gasped suddenly as Jason entered him. All the way, deep, in one easy shove. 'Whew! You don't mess around, do you?'

'Still think you can handle it?' Jason asked as he began pounding his dad with his cock.

'Geezuss, son! Have some pity on your old dad.'

'It's not about pity, it's about getting fucked,' Jason said and with that he began to pump his cock in and out of his dad's ass with a steady pace.

'Uuhnn...Mhnnnn...ohhhh...awwhhh,' Brian moaned softly with each thrust of his son's big cock. 'Mike was good, but he never made me feel like this,' he said.

'If I didn't think you were saying that just to make me feel good.....

'Ohhh, Mannnn, you're touching all the right places,' Brian said.

'We'll see Mike and Todd again at the gym, right?'

'Yeah. Why?' Brian said.

'Maybe we can arrange another get-together,' Jason said.

'I was wondering if you'd want to do that,' Brian said.

'I was afraid you wouldn't, the way you feel about Mike,' said Jason.

'Hey, Mike is the only guy I know with a thirteen-inch cock. Do we want to let that slip out of our grasp?' Brian said.

'Mike's also got a great looking ass. I wanta fuck him, as much as I want him to fuck me again,' Jason said.

'And you want me to fuck him.'

'You don't want to?'

'Oh, yeah,' Brian said. 'I wonder if he's been fucked. Somehow I get the impression that their dad and son relationship is one way, with dad always on top.'

'Maybe we can change that. Show Todd his old man can be fucked, maybe they'll be more like us.'

'Nobody can be like us,' Brian said.

'Yeah, you're right,' Jason agreed.

'A long time ago you asked me if what we're doing is wrong,' Brian said. 'Do you still have any doubts?'

'Not a one,' Jason declared. He twisted his hips around in circles as he shoved his cock keep into his dad's ass. 'That don't feel wrong, does it?'

'OHhh...Goddd, no!'

99% (76/1)
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3 months ago
hot! made me cum.
9 months ago
2 years ago
11n stars on a 1 to 5 scale.
2 years ago
I'm truly breathless... what a fine damn recount of a camping trip for the fucking books!!! I'm guessing Brian is your Dad who wrote this, and what a lucky fucking boy you are. I can only remember fishing trips and spelunking with my own Dad when me and my brother were kids in Oklahoma and sometimes his drinking buddy would come along when they could drink beer without my mom and his wife going ballistic. But it never got this far- just my Dad and his buddy showing us jack-off techniques and nothing more.

The fucking between Mike and you was great- I can't imagine 13 inches even on a dildo. But the best part was your Dad getting bull fucked by Mike- that was magic and I suspect if he was acting all shamed about it and all, he was really just being shy. Like I am, sometimes.

Great story- tell your Dad thanks for giving it to you!

2 years ago
2 years ago
I'm actually the son, I had my dad write this.
2 years ago
fuckk! wow!, the hottest dad/son story on this site!, wish i could fuck with my dad like that so bad!
2 years ago
Fucking amazing. I want Mike's phone number.
2 years ago
Fuckin' hot!!!
2 years ago
Took me 2 days to read this..... WOOF!
More and More!
2 years ago
WOW!!!!! so fucking hot ya............
2 years ago
fucking hot story, dam I came twice myself with this. I would love to share my sons with you guys
2 years ago
not one, not two. three. i did cum three tims reading this. FANTASTIC!!