s****r 2

As my day on the beach drew on both my s****r and I got a bit d***k and as is often the case a bit more daring. I asked her if she was enjoying her first nudist experience and was pleasantly surprised as she told me how it made her feel. As she lay on her back her legs bent and slightly open I could see her slightly open pussy was wet, it was obvious she was horny, she explained how she was lacking confidence since her divorce and that since then she had not let anyone see her naked until today. I told her again that her figure was superb and how she was easily the most attractive woman on the beach, she laughed and glancing around admitted she wasn't the fatest anyway, I was pleased she was enjoying herself and I could see her confidence returning.

Back at the hotel my s****r took a shower not shutting the door and I could see her outline through the screen. I called to her and asked if she minded if I came in to shave, she told me to carry on and on entering the bathroom her naked shape was all to clear. As I shaved she came out of the cubicle and standing totally naked before me she asked me whether she should shave too. Turning to look at her I asked what she meant, she replied by pulling at her pubic hair and looking down asked if she should shave her pubes, I stammered and said she should if she wanted to, she asked if I preferred a hairy or smooth pussy to which I replied smooth but that it wasn't my call. She said she had felt a bit self concious on the beach as most of the women she saw were shaved, and that she wanted to try it. I asked if she had shaved her pussy before and was a bit surprised when she said hadn't as although she was hairy it wasn't a forest down there. Her mind was made up and she asked me if I could help her as she was nervous she would cut herself, getting this close to my s****rs pussy was a dream come true for me so I agreed to help telling her to lay on the bed to make it easier for me.

I took the razor, a scissor and a jug of warm water and walked over to the bed and knelt down between her legs, I told her that to shave her properly I would have to touch her and open her pussy lips, she laughed and told me to get on with it. My cock was rock hard as I clipped her curls and as I lathered her pussy my fingers slipped easily over her labia, she jerked as my finger hit her clit, she apologised saying she was very sensitive, she relaxed and opened her legs wide giving me full access to her cunt. I shaved the top of her mound first taking my time deliberatly rubbing her labia as I worked, I could see her nipples were erect and her breathing was heavy as I worked down to her pussy lips. As I slipped my finger into her to allow me to shave her left lip she arched her back and gasped, I explained what I was doing and told her to lay still, her pussy was warm and exceptionally wet inside as my finger slid deeper into her, I could feel her muscles spasm against my finger and without warning she shuddered, moaning loudly to a violent orgasm. I was shocked how quickly she came and how little stimulation it had taken. She recovered and laughing apologised for been a dirty slut, she told me how I was the first man to enter her for 5 years and that she couldn't help herself. I was fit to explode by now and my cock was oozing precum inside my shorts, desperate to empty my balls I pushed her back down on the bed and continued to shave her lips,I could see her clit engorged from her orgasm and her labia lips had puffed out giving me a heavenly view of the most gorgeous pussy I had ever seen. As I was finishing my shaving chore I pushed two fingers deep into her pussy and again felt her muscles spasm against them as another orgasm ripped through her body, my god she was an orgasm machine. I withdrew my hands and stood up gazing stary eyed over her naked form laying in front of me, she opened her eyes and looked straight at my shorts and the obvious bulge of my cock, I told her I was going to sort my problem out and turned towards the bathroom intent on wanking my cock furiously to ease the fire raging inside me, she caught my hand and asked if she could watch me cum, tugging at my shorts with her other hand. Not needing any further encouragement I whipped out my cock and cupping my balls started to stroke my length, having my naked s****r watch me wanking over her was too much to handle and my balls lifted as a flood of sperm spurted from my cock splashing onto her tits face and hair. I collapsed onto the bed beside her and lay my hand on her tummy as I cuddled up to her exhausted from the most intense orgasm I had ever had. She turned to face me and pulled my head into her breasts as she ran her hands from my butt to my head all the time pushing her hips against me grinding her pussy onto my leg she moved with purpose getting fiction against her clit taking her to a third intense orgasm in record time.

What a holiday this was turning out to be.
98% (73/2)
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2 years ago
Great story.
3 years ago
Such eroticism
4 years ago
very good sounds like a part3?
4 years ago
Warmed me right up
4 years ago
wow vare sweet sex with the your sister
4 years ago
what happened then?
4 years ago
got me hard!!!
4 years ago
4 years ago
Similar things with me and my sis but we were about 25 years younger. Keep going.
4 years ago
i know thats right
4 years ago
more please