This is a recollection of what happened between my s****r and me last year.

As a forty year old man my sex life is regular but somewhat routine with my wife of 16 years. I secretly craved excitment but never really went looking for sexual adventure, so what happened with my s****r was accidental.

I had booked a holiday for my wife and I to relax after a hectic year, our plan was to go to the sun for 2 weeks chill out and do nothing spectacular, the one thing we do enjoy is nude sunbathing and have done for many years always holidaying close to nudist beaches this is a far cry from our normal mundane lifestyle.

As our holiday approached my father in law who is a widower took ill and required constant help to cope day to day, I had offered to cancel the holiday but my wife insisted that I go as my job was very stressful, telling her I wasn't keen to go alone she secretly asked my s****r( ten years younger than me) if she wanted to take her place on the rapidly approaching trip. My s****r although negative at first agreed in the end to join my abroad. When my wife told me about her plan I was unhappy at first but after some convincing I finally agreed, I contacted the holiday company and made the necessary arrangements regarding travel etc and really started to look forward to the trip.

Trip to airport and the flight went really well and both of us were really in the holiday spirit having a few drinks and relaxing, the problems started when we reached the hotel and we were given one key. I questioned reception and they promised to sort things out for us so in the meantime we went to what I assumed was one of our rooms.

I dropped my case and told my s****r to settle in while I went to find out about a second room, after an hour or so of haggling with reception I was told there was an oversight and that no second room was available untill the following friday, 5 days away. Despite all my protests I was told nothing could be done. I resigned myself to the fact and went to tell my s****r what the situation was.

She was as unhappy with our arrangements as I was but the reality was we were stuck. I told her we had three options as I saw things.
1. I sl**p on the lounger and she has the bed.
2. She has the lounger and I have the bed.
3. We be adult and mature about things and share the bed for the few days till we got seperate rooms.
I fully expected her to grab the bed and stuff me with the lounger and was surprised when she told me that the only option was for us to share, her caviate was that if I made inappropriate moves at night she would kick me and more shocking for me that if she made an inappropriate move I was to do the same. We both laughed and joked and decided to make the best of things.

Things were a bit awkward getting changed and showering but s*s broke the ice by anouncing that she was getting into her bikini and openly lifting her top over her head right beside me. I tried not to stare but as her full bra came into view I was amazed by the size of her tits, I had never looked on her as been sexy but the sight before my eyes was very very sexy. She caught me staring and laughingly told me to close my mouth and stop staring. I apologised and moved towards the balcony, as I opened the balcony doors I turned to tell her something and was confronted by her naked as a babe, back towards me and bending over, I caught a glimpse of her hairy pussy bulging between her legs and her fantastic round arse.

I quickly decided to get into my swim shorts and started to undo my clothes. As I dropped my jeans she turned and smiled, embarrased I tried to cover the obvious bulge of my cock, she sat on the bed and asked if we could be open with each other for the holiday, when I asked what she meant she said she didn't want us to be embarrased and hiding every time we needed to undress and for us just to relax after all we were b*****r and s****r. I agreed telling her it would make for a better holiday if we could be natural around each other.

We decided to wander to the nearby beach stopping on the way to pick up some drinks. Mairi was surprised to note the beach was signposted as nudist, I reassured her that not everyone was and it wasn't compulsory to go nude and for her to be open minded. As we reached our chosen spot she spread our towels and set the sun shades up. I instinctively started to strip as normal only for her to question what I was doing, I explained that we always went nude on this beach and that it was no big deal, she asked if my wife went nude too and seemed shocked when I said she did. Mairi anounced that she wouldn't be naked in public and although slightly disapointed I just shrugged my shoulders and lay down beside her.

I offered to rub oil on s****rs back, as my hands rubbed her back I felt my cock jump and fill with bl**d getting semi hard infront of her, As my hands slid over her back my fingers brushed the sides of her tits as they bulged out of her bikini top this made things worse for me and my cock sprung to attention. Mairi obviously noticed my dilemma and flushed slightly telling me to stop if I wanted to, I apologised and lay on my side facing her, I told her I had little control over what happened but assured her it wasn't lust, she smiled and reaching behind her back undid her top, removed it and lay on her back beside me. Her tits were superb, large shapely and crowned with thick brown nipples. I noticed as she rubbed oil onto her breasts her nipples went erect and stood proud springing free from below her hands as they moved over each in turn. She apologised and assured me witha laugh that it wasn't lust either. With us both in fits of humour we got stuck into some drinks and lazed about. After about an hour of chatting and discussing nudity she hooked her fingers into her bikini bottoms and removed them from her shaply legs, I felt a surge of electricity as her hairy mound came into view, it was plump and beautiful moulding neatly into her flat tummy.

I stammered that she was gorgeous and that her body was fantastic and that she should be proud of her shape, she giggled and said that she was d***k and that she found been naked stimulating, As I moved to get a drink she raised her legs and slightly parted them affording me a look between her legs, her pussy was sweet, perfect lips and a large clit visible. What a first day.
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