Younger Cousin

This is a recolection of what happened to me when I was a young lad rapidly approaching puberty and just discovering that my cock had another function other than peeing.

I was sent to stay with my auntie for a week while my parents were away attending business meetings. I hated staying with her because she lived in a remote area and her two daughters were a royal pain in the arse, been a town boy I was used to going out with my mates into the town and doing lads things.
While staying with her there was nothing to do during the long days except walk up into the hills and admire the vast expanse of nothing.

My two cousins both younger than me, Catherine 12 and Joan 11 years old. I thought I was really grown up and mature for my age and made no secret of the fact I thought my cousins were both silly little girls. I teased them continously about how backward they were compared to town girls and how town girls were far prettier than they were.

My experience with girls was limited and although I had a girlfriend the closest thing to sex I had experienced was holding her hand and kissing her cheek when we went home at night. I had seen my girlfriend in a swimsuit a few times at the pool but never really noticed her budding breasts pressing against her top probably because my chest was bigger than hers, no matter I was just glad I had a girlfriend.

On my second morning at my aunties house she told us she was going to town for shopping and taking Joan with her, she left Catherine a list of chores and asked me to give her some help, needless to say this did not improve my mood any and I sulked back to my room and watched TV wishing I was back in my own house.

Catherines room was across the landing from mine and as I had left my door open I saw her leaving her room in her pjs and head towards the bathroom. I called her and asked her what chores her mother wanted us to do, she walked into my room and sat on the chair beside the bed and started to reel off the list of things we were expected to finish before her mother got home. As she sat there I noticed that she had distinct bumps in her top and noted that her nipples were pushing against her top making sharp points in the fabric. I must have been staring at her top because she flushed slightly and covered her breasts with her hands and told me to stop looking at her like that. I flustered and blurted that I wasn't staring at her and told her to get out of my room, she jumped up and pushed me onto my back on the bed and started to hit me with a cushion she had picked up, I reached up to try and grab her and managed to unbalance her as she fell ontop of me. We wrestled on the bed for a few minutes and I eventually managed to pin her arms under my knees with my crotch inches from her face. As I was wearing sports shorts I could clearly feel her breasts against the bottom of my thighs and as she struggled under my weight I could feel her nipples moving under my legs. I noticed my cock was starting to get hard inside my shorts and a bulge was forming infront of her eyes. She screamed at me to get off because I was hurting her so I rolled off and lay on my back beside her on the bed. We started laughing and I told her I was surprised how strong she was, she called me a pervert and said I was staring at her tits and that I deserved to be hit. She rolled over towards me and climbing onto me she reversed the roll and pinned my arms under her knees. I could have easily have got her off but I was by now quite interested in her and her lumps and bumps.

As her pussy was so close to my face I could smell a musky scent from her and this along with a clear view of her hard nipples pressing against her top made my now rock hard cock twitch and pulse in my shorts. Catherine saw me staring at her tits again asked if they were the first tits I had seen. I told her I had seen my girlfriends under her swimsuit, but that hers were different, more pointy and bigger, as I was explaining my knowledge of b**sts to her I felt her hand brush against my shorts and press against my cock. She giggled and told me she could feel how excited I was, she told me to stay put and that she was going to free my hands and with that she moved her butt down my chest and sat with her pussy ontop of my shorts.

I lay still under her and watched her face as she moved her hips forward and back rubbing her pussy against my cock, her face got redder and her eyes closed as she rocked faster and faster ontop of me, I could feel my cock pulsing hard in my shorts and the friction of her pussy was giving me serious feelings down there that I had never felt before. Catherine moaned loudly and now seriously flushed she fell forward onto my chest panting for breath and lay still with her face beside mine. I was gutted she had stopped and asked her to carry on doing what she was doing to which she replied she couldn't for a while untill she got less sensitive. I asked her to explain what she meant and she told me she had cum and that her pussy got super sensitive when that happened and it would take time to recover, she asked if I had cum too and I told her I had funny feelings down there but didn't know what it meant to cum, she laughed and asked if I had leaked some milky stuff when I had these funny feeling before when I told her I hadn't she asked if I was still hard now. I was, I was rock hard, and my hand instinctivly reached for my cock and I started to rub it through my shorts. Catherine asked me to take it out or I wouldn't know if the milky stuff was there or not. I by now was so excited I just did what I was told and tugged my shorts down to reveal my pulsing cock in my hand. She gasped and told me it was bigger than she thought it would be, she told me to move my hand up and down the shaft and slowly pull the skin back from the tip. I asked how she knew about these things and she told me all her pals knew about cum and how it happens.

As I moved my hand up and down Catherine pulled her bottoms down and I saw my first pussy bare before my eyes, it was smooth with just a few light hairs between her legs. She opened her legs and her fingers went wild rubbing her pussy while her other hand reached under her top to her tits. I pulled her top up and out popped two fantastic mounds with hard pink tips, my first glimpse of breasts, my cock by now was pulsing like crazy and as my hand moved faster and faster I felt my balls lift and a rush of fluid rise up my cock and with the most amazing feeling a gush of milky fluid spurted out onto my chest and tummy. Catherine gasped and told me that was cum that had come out of my cock, she rubbed faster on her pussy and arching her back started jerking and bucking her hips as she moaned louder and louder.

As we lay there spent I told her that that was the first time I had cum and that her pussy and tits were the first I had seen. She told me that my cock was the first she had seen and that she had never cum twice so quick before.

We gathered ourselves got dressed and went to do aunties chores with a new vigour and spring in our steps. I asked Catherine if we could experiment some more before I went home and was delighted when she said she wanted to show me loads of other things she and her pals talked about.
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2 months ago
Nice story. Thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
Never did make it, at all, with my female cousins though two of my favorite cousins were female but we never spent too much time together over the years. My younger years I did have a sister two years younger than me. We did much exploring but being Baptist, lots of jobs, lots of homework from school, I suppose I was lucky just to get as much limited eduction with my sister as we did.

Those young years with an opposite gender sibling is so educational, no matter how limiting, but it stuff and years that one never forgets. Most memorable, most rewarding and most educational.
3 years ago
Hot story
4 years ago
Nice way to learn.I had a cousin that was a few years younger than me and she was a very horny girl giving me my first peace of pussy untill i fucked up and shot a load inside more after that look dont touch.
4 years ago
What a horny story. Girls are curious like that at that age. They want to see a dick, and they masturbate a lot. Girls start playing with themselves before guys, so it makes perfect sense.

Good job. Will there be a Part 2? I would love to know what else she wanted to show you...
4 years ago
Nice, You should continue this
4 years ago
got 3 girl cousins they were never quit that nice
4 years ago
Very nice. I want more
4 years ago
i want more
4 years ago
That was very hot. I had a cousin that wanted to get together one summer when we were alone. I was to stupid to do it. I really didnt undertand what she wanted until years later. Oh well.
4 years ago
write more
4 years ago
I had A Cousin Like That Too.She was 4 years younger than me.Man she had big tits.She wore 36D bras when she was just 15.I always wanted to get in her panties but alas it never happened.closeset I came was sniffing har sweet dirty panties.Man I Love Her Pussy Aroma.Shes 40 years old now,still a sexy young woman.
4 years ago
Wish id of had a cousin like that!
4 years ago
nice story