My Mother Naked(2)

As I lay cuddled naked beside my naked mother I felt like I was ten foot tall. I loved her so much and I loved how the day had turnrd out. Finding naked pictures of mum on her computer had opened up a whole new world for me.

Mum was still asl**p beside me as I cuddled up to her back with my hand cupping her ample breast, my cock was rising again as I thought about last night and mums mouth on my cock, I recalled how nice her pussy looked and felt and I involuntarily pushed my cock hard againt her arse, I pulled back quickly not wanting to wake her fearing she would regret what had happened and make it all end.

I drifted back into a light sl**p dreaming about her and what I wanted to happen.

I woke with a start as she closed the bedroom door leaving me alone in her bed, I noticed that her robe was missing from the hook on the door so I knew she hadn't got dressed yet. I decided to stay in bed knowing she would come back in to get dressed if for nothing else. I was nervous dreading her telling me it had been a bad mistake and would never happen again, I thought about how I would react what I could say to change her mind but nothing seemed to sound right. I resigned myself to the fact that my first time with my mother was also the last.

I leaned over her side of the bed and could smell her perfume of her pillow, I reached down and picked up her pink panties and bra not sure in my mind why I had done that. As I examined her bra I noticed the size tag reading 36DD this meant nothing to me as I had nothing to compare that with but it smelt nice and I imagined her nipples pressing against the soft material, I next looked at her small panties trying to figure out front from back but noticing light staining on extra lining in the centre, as I lifted them to my face I could smell her scent clearly the same scent I smelt on my fingers last night. I heard footsteps in the coridor and quickly hid her underwear under the sheet beside me. Mum opened the door carrying a tray with tea and toast and walked slowly over to her bed, I saw a new look on her face a look that told me a lecture was coming my way.

Mum placed my cup and toast on the locker beside the bed and put down the tray down by her feet, turning to me she pulled her robe tighter round her breasts and held her hand there as if protecting them. She told me that we needed to talk and that I should listen to her first without interuption until she had finished. I nodded agreement and dreading what I was about to hear sat attentive in her bed feeling her bra and panties against my leg.

She started to explain that what happened last night was her fault and that she was weak and it should never have happened. She apologised for the pictures on her laptop saying she was careless for leaving them on the disc, and that I should never have had to see these pictures at my age.
She went on to explain that she was lonely and had needs like other women but that she should keep these needs private and in her bedroom. She started to cry as she apologised for me seeing her naked and for her forcing me to be naked with her in her bed. I started to protest but she gently stroked my face and told me to listen to her.

As she continued to apologise she promised that I wouldn't have to do anything like that again and that she would be more private with her things from then on, and if I would forgive her she promised she would be a model mother to me from then on in. As the tears ran down her face I sat up and leaned over to hug the seemingly broken woman sitting beside me. I flung my arms around her and pulled her hard against my still naked body softly telling her that I was fine and that she had nothing to apologise for, assuring her that far from been hurt by her actions I had wanted it to happen. She put her hands to my face and holding me away she sobbed that she was a slut and that I deserved a better mother. I pulled her harder against me and told her that I loved her o much and that I wouldn't want any other mother than her. As I cuddled her I stroked her back feeling the silk of her robe slide easly over her skin. I felt my cock twitch as she arched her back under my hands pushing her breasts against my chest. I continued to plead with her not to apologise telling her that I was grown up now and that I knew what I wanted and liked, I told her that if she rejected me then I would have to leave and go live with grandma as I couldn't be around her knowing she was so close but so far away. She grasped my shoulder and agast told me that she couldn't live without me and that if I moved away she would have nothing left to live for.

I told her it was my choice and that my mind was made up, it was her or grandma and with that I got up to use the toilet. She watched me closely as I walked away my cock swinging between my legs dejected thinking my dream was over. I heard mum move behind me but I never turned round to look at her.

As I flushed the toilet and washed my hands I walked back to her room walking straight in without knocking something I had never done before. Mum was on my side of the bed picking up her used underwear from under the sheets where I had hidden them, her robe was loose and I could see the large globes of her breasts straining against the material she turned to look at me and with her panties and bra in hand told me she now understood what I was telling her. She asked if I really did want her and would I be able to live with her in a liberal state. I smiled and assured her I wanted nothing less. She bounded over to me and threw her arms around me kissing me tenderly on my lips thanking me for understanding. I asked her if she was sure about what she was saying and she smiled back saying that she wanted to teach me everthing about men and women and what they do together.

She took my hand and led me back to the bathroom she opened the shower door and ran the water testing for the right temperature before guiding me inside the cubicle. I turned to her and gently tugged her arm pulling her towards me she hessitated and breaking free from my grasp opened her robe and let it fall to her feet, her naked form stirred all my passion again and my cock sprang to attention in anticipation. She stepped into the cubicle beside me and started to wash my body. starting at my shoulders and slowly down my back to the cheeks of my bum, she slid her hand into my crack and gently washed that area her hand sliding under my body and finding my scrotum she gently tugged my balls washing every fold before turning me round to start on my front. As before my shoulders got initial treatment before she worked her way to my now rigid cock gently sliding her soapy hand up and down my shaft. Pulling back my foreskin she ran a soapy finger round my helmet making sur it was cleaned thouroghly. I told her I was about to cum and she stopped telling me not to yet. She wouldnt let me wash her body telling me it would push me over the edge making me cum, so I watched as she soaped her large breasts and pulled at her nipples making them stand proud. She slid her hand to her pussy and slightly bending her legs washed her hair covered mound. I was fit to burst as she towel dried me and pulling on her robe she led me back to her bedroom, as soon as we got through the door she let her robe fall and she lay naked on her bed lifting her legs slightly to open her pussy before my eyes. She guided me towards her and asked if I wanted to put my cock inside her hot wet pussy, I nearly exploded there and then as I nodded aproval to her. She placed a hand on my cock and as I moved between her knees I felt the tip of my cock touch her slippery pussy lips, She moved her hips forward and gently guied my pulsing cock inside her vagina, as I entered her nature took over and I thrust my hips forward pushing my cock deep into her pussy. Mum gasped and clutched her breasts as my balls slapped of her arse and my barely covered pubic bone met her hairy mound, I pushed and pulled a few more times feeling my balls tighten and rise as my cum rose in my cock, mum moved her hips to meet mine lightly moaning as i pushed hard into her. I tensed and moaned loudly as a rush of cum flowed down my cock and burst out of my cock tip splashing deep into mums pussy. She pushed her hips hard forward and throwing her arms round me pulled me down ontop of her. My head was between her breasts as she continued to grind her hips against me I could feel her pussy tense and relax in motion with her hips until she arched her back and her pussy gripped and squeezed hard against my cock, she screamed my name, a throaty groan rose from her mouth as she orgasmed nearly smothered me holding my head tight against her breast.

As I lay ontop of her she relaxed and laughing told me that she had just had her first proper orgasm for years. I told her I loved her and loved what she did to me, I kissed her breast sucking gently on her nipple and caressed her other free breast. I lifted my head and asked her if I was now a real man, she smiled and told me that I was her real man and that her bedroom was now my bedroom but that rules had to be put in place. She moved up the bed making my softening cock slip out of her pussy rolling me onto my back she moved onto her knees beside me and made me promise what we did would remain a special secret between us, telling me that no one else could ever know how much she loved me and how she showed her love towards me. I smiled and promised her everything glancing down to see drips of my cum fall from between her swollen pussy lips. She leaned over and caressing my face kissed me tenderly on the lips promising to teach me more about what her body could do for me. I closed my eyes and told her that I loved her so much and that I would do anything and everything for her. She rose of the bed and standing naked before me she smiled and assured me I would, walking to her dresser she took some fresh underwear from the top drawer and slowly pulled her white panties up to cover her wet pussy damp spots appearing through them as they touched her lips. Putting her heaving breasts into her bra she contorted as she tied the clips forcing these glorious globes up and together and she adjusted herself. I lay back and thought how lucky I was to have such a fantastic mother to care for. Thoughts of what could happen tonight filled my mind and the anticipation stirred my cock yet again.
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1 year ago
Good things come (cum) to those who wait!! Mother has her "new man" in her life; her son has taken on the task of learning from the best sex teacher he'll ever have! It appears mother and son have many years, a lifetime, to please, love and appreciate their existance as lovers eternal!! A very heart warming, sensual story!
1 year ago
One thing every being in humankind have in commom, we ALL have (had) a mother. That one of a kind ownership, our mother, is like none other! God gave mother the graces and patience to be wives and bearers of children and the wherewithall to tend, care, understand, nurture them. Unfortunately, many times lives stray, not as the fault of mothers, but mostly due to other influences outside the mother's care!1

Many, many, many times our lives are charmed by having a mother as depicted in this story; those are the most, ultimately, the most luckiest persons on earth! To a lesser degree the remainder of us are less luckier, but one thing is damned sure: We had a mother and we were all influenced by her!!
2 years ago
Lovely story...I hope that was the start of a wonderful relationship with your mum.
3 years ago
Very hot story I really like your mom I hoping l have like your mom , good Luke
3 years ago
nice sotory
3 years ago
a hot story shit im turn on
3 years ago
4 years ago
very good more please
4 years ago
4 years ago
Very hot story...had me rock hard and ready to explode.
4 years ago
And yet again I aplaud you my friend. You have great talent in your writeing with deatail. Make more like these are before to make an Sister3,4
4 years ago
good story hope its a true one
4 years ago
I Too Used To sniff my mother panties.Man aren`t they the best.Today I`m married now its my wifes panties,and all her sisters and our Nieces,i manage to get my stepdaaughters panties all the time too.Man She Likes wearing sexy thongs.Sometimes she wears her 1 pair for 2 or 3 days,Man her aroma makes me rock hard.She too caught me and my wife got mad as hell.But I still do it when I know no ones home.
4 years ago
nice story but where is part one
4 years ago
very nice. we should all have a mom like that.