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As I lay naked on the beach towel beside my gorgeous mum in law I kept reliving the glorious experience I had just had with her, how her mouth and tongue felt on my cock and the superb sight of her tit wanking me to an explosive orgasm, I could still feel her sticky pussy juices on my leg and as I watched her nakedness beside me my cock started stirring into life again.

I looked into her eyes and saw her slowly close hers and saw a cheeky smile spread across her full red lips, She turned her head towards me and opening her eyes wide asked me directly if I wanted to make love to her, I asked if thats what she meant about looking after my manly needs to which she smiled and said that she knew my wife and I had not made love to each other for about a month and that it was clear to her that we had got stale towards each other, I made to protest but she put her finger to my lips and continued to say that she felt my wife was just tired and had told her that she had lost interest in sex although she still loved me. I looked directly at her and with a hint of sadness agreed with her. She put her arm round me and pulled me close to her chest placing my head on her left breast and stroked my face as my mouth found her large erect nipple. I gently bit and sucked her eager nipple and using my free hand cupped and kneaded her right breast which was full and soft to the touch, pulling my head free I looked at her and slid my hand down to her plump pussy mound, her legs parted as my fingers explored the top of her thighs. As my hand moved between her legs I could feel her labia open I felt her heat and wetness, my fingers slid into her pussy with ease as she arched her back to allow deeper entry. I finger fucked her pussy for a while and then paid attention to her clit which was hard and very large to the touch, she moved her hips in a rythmic motion to my touch at the same time squeezing her tits and nipples, Her face was beginning to flush as her breathing got more and more rapid and I knew her orgasm was close, steadily increasing the pressure on her clit, she raised her hips and stiffened as a powerful rippling orgasm coursed through her body relaxing only when the last pulsing sensation had ebbed. She again pulled me to her breast and hugged me close to the point of pain. Lifting my head to hers she kissed me full on my mouth slipping her tongue deep into mine before breaking her embrace and telling me to fuck her now.
I knew my cock was solid and my desire to enter her pussy was powerful, She flung me onto my back as if I was a toy and immediately straddled my body with hers, not hessitating nor waiting for my response she reached behind her back for my raging cock and guided it directly into her dripping pussy, sitting back she f***ed my cock deep into her vagina so deep that I felt the tip of my cock hit against the top of her hot wet pussy. She moved her body in a slow up and down motion allowing my cock to slide effortlessly in and out of her cunt, her movements became faster and stronger as she felt another orgasm build in the depths of her uterus. She ground down hard on my pubic bone with her clit as she shuddered involuntarily to the throws of her pleasure. Moaning loudly she told me her pussy loved my rock hard cock deep inside her, my cock was pulsing inside her pussy as I rolled her onto her back and positioning myself between her legs I started to piston my cock in and out of her soaking cunt, It didnt seem like a long time but as I felt my balls rising ready for another explosive release of cum I gathered her ripe nipple in my mouth and sucked hard on it, pushing my cock as deep as I could my balls lifted a sizeable shot of sperm to the tip of my cock and it spewed from me deep into her grasping honeypot, almost simultaniously her body started shaking as yet another screaming orgasm ripped through her. Exhausted I collapsed onto her chest and lay there panting in her arms as my cock slowly softened deep inside her pussy.
As she recovered she looked into my eyes and told me that she had not had a cock insde her pussy for 5 years, I smiled and told her that she had just given me the best sex I had had for 5 years and that if she wanted more of my cock inside her all she had to do was ask, she smiled and promised me that if I could give her more sex like I had just given her I could have her anytime and anywhere I wanted.
We spent the rest of our day on the beach carressing each other and talking about where and when we could sneak some time together and telling each other our deepest desires of how we would fuck next time.

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Very nice story. Thanks for posting.
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