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I spend that morning with images of my mum in law masturbating running around my head, i just couldn't believe she was so brazen and liberal with her sexuality but I also knew i was going to see a whole lot more.
We went for breakfast and planned our day, I was desperate to find a way to be alone with my mum in law without it been to obvious to my wife but how was I going to manage that. My wife said that she wanted a day by the pool as she was still tired from the flight, I said I would like to walk around the beach and local village to see the area and I was delighted to hear my mum in law say she would like that also. My wife told us she would be happy for that and we agreed to meet later in the day. I went to my room to get ready and told my mum in law that I would meet her in the loby shortly, I kissed my wife and headed for the lift meeting my mum in law at the front door of the hotel, she looked amazing she was wearing a tight fitting light dress that was transparent in the sunlight although I couldn't tell if she was wearing a bikini or bra and pants under it but what I could see was her large tits forming an impressive cleavage straining the top of her dress.

As we left the hotel she told me she was glad to get out and about and that she felt so happy that I had agreed to take her on holiday with us, I told her that I was delighted to take her along with us and that I hoped she had a holiday to remember, she gently smacked my arse and said she fully intended to. We strolled through the local market for a while and decided to head to the local beach area, it was a steep incline down a narrow uneven track to reach the beach and she took my hand to steady herself as we headed down. As we walked along the beach she decided that she wanted to walk in the water I was glad of this as I was starting to sweat and the sand was chaffing my ankles. Before long we saw the first of many nudist couples and far from been embarrased my mum in law stated that she missed that freedom and stated that she and her late husband used to enjoy the freedom of been nude, I must have sounded shocked because she again smacked my arse and stated that she had lived through the sixties and that she was a free spirit. She asked if I had ever gone nude in public, I told her that although I had I only really did that in secluded areas, she gripped my hand and guided me further up the beach towards the sand dunes at the top.

The beach was busy but we soon found a spot that was quiet with only a few people near by, mum in law spead her towel on the sand and settled down beside me, the anticipation of what might happen was intense and my cock was by now growing into a visible bulge in my shorts. I sparked up a cigarette as she pulled her dress over her breasts and further up over her head, she wasn't wearing her bikini but a set of the sexiest underwear I had seen in years, my cock was rock hard now and although I tried I couldn't hide it from her gaze.
I asked her if I should hold a towel for her as she changed into her bikini to give her some privicy but she just shook her head and said what bikini. She reached round behind her back and unclipped her bra freeing her huge breasts which looked superb, standing up she wiggled her round hips as she slid her tiny pants off her arse and down round her ankles, here again was my mum in law in all her naked glory infront of my eyes, and as I suspected her plump pussy was as bald as a babies bum, I was transfixed my eyes examining every inch of her beautiful body, she gently slapped my leg and told me to put my tongue back in my mouth and relax. I just couldn't find a comfortable way to sit or lie as I tried to hide my rampant cock from her eyes, when she asked why I was so restless I tried to explain that I was hot and probably needed a swim to cool off, she pulled me beside her and said to me that I couldn't possibly walk down the beach with that tent in my shorts, Embarrased I apologised and said I couldn't help what was happening in my shorts, she smiled at me and said she was flattered that she could still get a man hard with her old body, I told her that I saw her as a stunning woman with a very sexy body, her hand strayed down my chest and came to a halt on my bulging shorts, her other hand tweaked her nipple and caressed her ample breast, I felt her hand squeeze my cock and she asked me to strip off and be naked with her. As I tugged my shorts down my cock sprang up with dropplets of pre cum glistening on the helmet, she stared intently at my cock and told me she loved the way mens cocks and balls looked when they were aroused.

I lay on my back as she turned on her side to face me, her breasts fell to the side and I could see her nipples were rock hard, she continued to caress her breast and nipple as she asked me if I wanted her to relax me. I panted a feeble yes to her as her hand closed round my shaft and balls, her hand slipped up and down my rock hard length as she lowered her head towards my cock, I felt her mouth close over the head of my cock and I nearly exploded as her tongue licked and slurped at my glans. Im an experienced lover but never have I had such a fantastic blow job, this woman was an expert, I felt my balls contract as my cum load built for release, she sensed this and removed her mouth from my cock still expertly holding it in her hands, she knelt over me and clasped my cock between her massive tits and gently massaged my cock between them, the sight of her beautiful breasts enclosing my cock was the final straw for me and I felt my load rise up my cock and explode out all over her face, chin and tits.
She gathered my load in her fingers and smiled at me asking if I felt better now as she licked my cum off her fingers, I sat up hugging her tight and told her it was the best orgasm I had ever experienced, holding me tight to her breasts she sat back resting her plump pussy on my leg and started to rock back and forth, I could feel her pussy open on my leg and it was obviously very wet, her movements increased in pace as she smothered my head in her tits, within a coulple of minutes she tensed rigid and dug her nails into me as her orgasm ripped through her body, I could feel the heat and her wettness on my leg as her pussy juices flowed out of her. We clung onto each other as she came down and eventually fell back onto the towels both of us spent and panting from pure a****l lust.

She leant over and asked me to promise that I would never tell her daughter of our actions and that if I would she would look after all my manly needs in future.

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3 years ago
Lucky man with such a loving mother I law.
3 years ago
A very nice mother in law, indeed.
3 years ago
good mom in law any more to tell?
3 years ago
quality! more! more!
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
excellent story
3 years ago
excelent encore