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Since the death of my father in law last year, my wifes mother has spent more and more time living in our house, there is a history of sexual activity between us but since the doctor incident(see story) nothing has happened. Perhaps because of the past she is quite liberated and often wears revealing clothes and often leaves her huge tits braless and she likes her short flowing skirts. More than once she has bent over to pick up stuff from the floor and displayed her fantastic arse barely covered by small pants, and she is not too shy to walk around in a towel after showering.

As the holiday time approached my wife said she wanted a beach holiday and that her mother would be going with us, as I get on really well with her I didnt object and set about booking a two week trip. In the meantime her flashing steadily increased including her changing her clothes without closing her bedroom door, I knew she was deliberatly showing me her fantastic body and I was loving every show.

When we left for the holiday, I had booked two ajoining rooms in the hotel and I had a tingle of anticipation that something was going to happen between us during this trip. Within an hour of arrival she called our room and asked if I would help her figure out how to work her shower, as my wife was still unpacking I went to her room to help her out, when she answered her door she was d****d in a small towel that stopped just below her arse and strained to keep her tits covered. A bit flustered I went to the bathroom to see what the trouble was, I was well aware of her following me into the room and also well aware of the growing bulge in my shorts. As I explained the shower workings she was leaning back on the sink and I could clearly see her hairy pussy in the opening of the towel, my cock was straining by now and I watched her eyes drop to my shorts where my hard cock was tenting. I apologised and made to leave her to her shower when to my amazement she reached over to hug me only for her towel to fall to the floor, I pulled back from her to alow her to pick up the towel but she remained static infront of me, very flustered by now I bent down to reach for her towel and found myself eye level with her plump pussy, what a glorious sight that was and although she was hairy she obviously trimmed it and kept it neat. She slightly parted her legs and her pussy lips sprang into view, I could see moisture on her lips and I knew straight away she was horny I stammered an apology and turning my eyes from her I passed her towel to her and left.

I kept what happened to myself secretly knowing she had planned everything and that I was really a willing victim of her desires. Later on that day we went to the pool area for a few drinks and some sun worship. When my mother in law took of her dress, my wife and I both looked in amazement at her voluptuous body in a tight fitting thong bikini that left very little to the imagination. I whistled and told her she looked fantastic and my wife gave me a glare that told me I was out of order, my mum in law smiled and told my wife that she wasn't dead yet and still liked to look nice. I just couldn't take my eyes of her body and what amazed me more was the lack of hair round her pouting pussy, she had obviously shaved her pubes completely since I last saw it, her eye caught mine and she smiled and winked. I knew my straining cock betrayed my thoughts so I made my excuses and went back upstair to empty my aching balls, my cock was ridgid and throbbing as I eased myself to a stunning ejaculation.

I just couldnt stop thinking about her stunning body and I was further treated the next morning as I stepped onto our balcony, hearing slight moans from my neighbouring balcony I peeped over to see my mother in law totally naked, eyes closed fingering her pussy and playing with her nipples, I was transfixed at this sight and just couldn't pull myself away. I watched intently as she brought herself to a fierce orgasm her body tensing and relaxing in response to her clitoral contractions biting on her lip to stay silent. My eyes were glued to her shaved pussy as she slowed her movements unaware that she had opened her eyes only to see me staring intently at her in the throws of her orgasm. She slowly withdrew her fingers and brought them up to her mouth sensually licking her pussy juices of her slender fingers, I was in heaven. She brought me back to reality by opening her eyes, looking directly at me, and asking if I had enjoyed her show, I told her that I thought she was stunning and that what I had seen was easily the most erotic thing I had ever seen. She smiled and told me there was more a lot more any time I wanted. I knew at that minute I was going to fuck her before this holiday was over.

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3 years ago
Looking forward to reading more thanks.
3 years ago
Nice beginning, but why shave a perfectly good pussy :)
3 years ago
nice start to your holiday
3 years ago
good start 4/10
3 years ago
Nice way to spend a vacation.
3 years ago
I can't wait to hear more