What some men will do for pussy.

Me and my b*****r are twins, born just a few moments apart, and we do everything together almost. We are comfortable with being naked around eachother, masturbating with the other around or watching, or even fucking our partner while the other is around, or watching. We never have sex with eachother, but since we are both bi-sexual, we have had sex with some of the same girls and guys.

There was this annoying k** that kept annoying me for a bj or sex or pics, for weeks, so I finally sent him a picture I my tits after a few weeks. I kept flirting with him, and we had some phone sex, curious to see where this would go. He kept on begging, so I told him if he had a large cock, I would let him fuck me. Later I got a picture of his cock next to a ruler, it measured between 8 and 9 inches, and wider than the ruler he was using.

I asked him to come to our house a day my parents would be out and be prepared to feel something he had never felt before, he was very excited and came, not knowing what was in store for him. I showed him to my b*****r then took him back to my room, where we both got naked and I started blowing his massive cock. I was able to take it all the way down to the base, several time, making him moan. I licked my index finger and put it up his ass, he moaned and pulled it out quickly and stayed scilent. A few minutes later I did it again, he removed my finger and asked me to stop. I said "be true with yourself, you cant say you didnt like it boy, and also, do you want me to stop blowing you? Because I will if you cant have a good time" and I went back to fingering and sucking him, he just sat and took it. I made him cum like this, he said he had saved up for a week, and I believe it, it overflowed my mouth, I had to take a big gulp of it, then still keep swallowing.

Like most teenage guys he wanted to go again soon, he kissed me, and started feelin my tits, then my pussy, trying to get me to let his cock in me. I wasnt letting him, I said for a blowjob, you get a finger, for pussy, you get a real hard, throbbing, cock inside you, to shoot its load in your ass. He asked if I was serious, and I told him that I was, and he was not very into it, and asked if he could just get a blowjob again. I said not until he took a cock and a nice load. It was always easy to trick guys like this when they were horny, it got me very horny, and really amused me, made me feel so sexy that a guy would go that far for my pussy.

I went and got my b*****r, he walked in naked and already hard, I asked the boy if he was going to take it or walk out and never get my pussy, while waving it in his face. He thought for a minute, and didnt give an answer, I told him he could try blowing him first. He thought another minute, then put his lips around my b*****rs almost 7 inch dick and began sucking on it. He bobbed his head up and down on his dick for a few minutes while I worked his ass open, so that a cock would fit without hurting the boy. When I had been working it with three fingers for a while, he pulled it out of his mouth, with little strings of precum still attached, and said, "im ready fo it." I pulled out my fingers, and let my b*****r get behind him, with the boys ass up and face down in the bed.

My b*****r got up behind him and sunk it into his ass slowly. Starting slow and working up to a quick pace. To me there is nothing sexier than the sight of two men fucking eachother, much less, doing it for the desire of my body. The boy just put his face into a pillow and took it, while my b*****r just casually rocked back and fourth. Afrter about 15 minutes the boy poked up and asked how much longer, all I did was giggle and say "I dont know, however long it takes him to blow his load in you, could be seconds, minutes, or hours." He said he wanted to stop, I said "well do you really want all this go to waste? You can only get my pussy with his load in your pretty little ass." He went back into the pillow, and took the slow, deep, ass fucking he was getting. I let his go on for a good while longer before telling him, "just putting your face in the pillow, is no fun for my b*****r, so if it is not fun for him, it will probably take another hour to cum, atleast. Just relax and have fun, and you will be fucked harder, get more out of it, get his load quicker, and fuck me sooner. Remember, nothing you do here will leave this room." He rolled over onto his back, and yelled "FUCK ME HARDER, I WANT IT!" My b*****r quickened his pace, slamming him so hard, it was making them both bounce on the bed a little bit, and the boy tilted his head back and began moaning. In just a few moments the boy then took complete control, laid my b*****r on his back and started riding his dick, while playing with his nipples. Soon I could tell my b*****r blew his load, he moaned really load, and so did the boy, as he jerked his cock off a few seconds and busted his load all over my b*****rs chest and belly. He then lifted up off of his cock, and pulled me over, to lay down and cuddle with him.

We had a discussion about how that was to never leave that room, and I reasured him it wouldnt, and so did my b*****r.

I fell asleap and woke up to his hard cock against my crack, one hand feeling up my boobs, and the other had two fingers in my pussy. I bent my legs, so we could fuck on our sides, he stuck his dick in at my pussy, then slowly pushed it in. I told him to go faster, I liked it fast. He had a hard time getting a good rythem going on his side, soon got it going at a decent pace. I dont think he liked this much, because he soon got up, and picked me up in my balled up position, and began tossing me up and down on his dick while he was standing up. Everything seemed like it was flying around, getting thrown up and falling a good 9 inches over and over. It was at the time the craziest thing I had ever experienced, and it had my cumming 3 times before him. When he came he say me on the bed, and jerked himself until he came all over my chest. My b*****r showed him out, and I just fell back and went to sl**p, waking up the next morning, noticing my bother covered my body up so our parents didnt find out what we had done.
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3 years ago
hot story..look forward to reading more of yours
3 years ago
she would have been on her for hours then i walk
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
great story