Getting out of a ticket

Whe I first got my liscense my parents told me that if I got a speeding ticket they would have my liscense until 18. So when I was going a good 15 over, and those blue lights came on in my rear view mirror, I freaked out so bad I almost wrecked. When the officer came to my window, I began crying, saying I could not get a ticket, or my parents would ground me from driving, and begged and begged, saying I would do anything to just get out of the ticket, and never go over the limit again! He said no over and over again, but I kept going on, and he eventually said "ma'am I really dont know if there is a way" while grabbing his dick through his pants, showing it was semi-hard. I reached out and touched it, and he put away the ticket, and smiled, I said "I can fix that, I just dont want a ticket sir." He said he was just about to have a lunch break, and to follow him to his house, and the ticket would be no more.

When we got to his house we walked in, and he told me to undress, and I did, down to my underwear as he unzipped his pants and took out his cock, about 7 inches. I started by just rubbing it, looking around his house, it was clear that a women lived there, his wife. I went down and started sucking him off soon, and he unsnapped my bra, letting him see my B-size boobs, and hard nipples. He began playing with them, getting me wet, I was really liking the blowjob, he was making it fun by playing with me, and thrusting his hips off the couch. Soon he had me so wet that my juices were flowing down my legs.

He then picked my head up off his dick, and started to make out with me, then licking my tits. He ran his hands down my back, down to my ass, then around to my legs, rubbing my thighs, getting me wetter, and he could tell. I took this time to play with his balls, and a little with his shaft. Soon he asked me to ride him and he put on a condom. I moved my pretty pink panties to the side, and raised up, and slowly lowered down onto his cock. I moaned as I moved back and fourt, up and down, riding his cock. He was rubbing my clit, making me reach my climax faster than any highschool boy had before.

For leverage I put my hands on his chest, and through his shirt I could feel he was ripped, I un-buttoned his shirt to find a six pack and sexy pecks, I told him that he was very sexy, and I was going to cum soon. He began to thrust his hips, and soon pulled out, took off his condom, and blew his load all over his sexy six pack. I got down and licked it off.

He told me I had to go, his wife would be home soon, and that as long as I told the next officer that last time I got caught speeding, it was settled by an off duty officer, and did the same work I did today, that I could go as fast as I wanted on the roads. I told him that I would come back to his place any time he wanted, and left him my number.
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3 years ago handcuffs? lol
3 years ago
Is not bad.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Great story, would love to read more!
3 years ago
Nice story , write other stories