Me and my girls humiliate my passed out flat mate

Me, my friends and my flat mate spontainiously went out for a drink, we carried on the party back at our flat where the conversation went on about sex and **** sizes, me and my girls asked how big my flatemates was but he just shyed away so we thought we'd get him d***k.... as the night went on he got so d***k he passed out and thats when we started to have our fun.

We tied him up just incase he woke then unzipped his trousers and pulled the down... We all gasped in shock to how tiny and shrivelled up his **** was, one of my friends said she'd never seen one that small... EVER!!! another compared it to her nephews and the rest of us just pointed and laughed.

I decided to get my camera out and record it all, i started to wiggle it whilst laughing, i couldnt believe how small and pathetic a full grown mans **** was... We all took it in turns to play with his little shrivelled up maggot until one of the girls said i cant believe i can fit his whole package in my hands, she was so shocked hahaha

another started to inspect saying there must be more to it then to our amazement he started to grow but not much haha when it was fully hard he started to wake up confussed, shocked and embarreassed that he was laying there naked with 5 girls laughing at his ****, he struggled but he was tied up and pinned down, we told him to lay there and shut up, his **** shrivelled and we told him we were gonna get him hard **** him and see him *** out of his tiny 5" **** coz we heard the small ones has big loads, we could only **** him with 2 fingers, it was so pathetic haha

He continued to struggle but there was nothing he could do but take it, we all took it in turns to play with his baby **** and balls... and when we all had a go riding his maggot we couldnt feel anything which made us laugh more.

when he cummed he shot loads we were impressed but disappointed about the size.... we left him laying there naked tied up as we carried on drinking and teasing him. evey now and then with flashed him and played with him to laugh at his tiny erect ****.

Every now and then we tie him up in his sl**p and invite more girls round to see his small cute baby **** by now hes use to it and when asked he will get out his shrivelled up maggot for us all to laugh at.....

62% (12/7)
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2 years ago
hmmm the humiliation it makes my blood run oooooh
2 years ago
lucky man!
2 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
They were lol
3 years ago
naughty girls
3 years ago
mine is small...i know others would laugh at it!
3 years ago
Don`t knock the size of your cock, as long as you enjoy it...