The Thanksgiving of my Father in Law

When I was 26, I finally married and settled down after 4 years of college, locking up the secret that i was gay forever. I would have to watch my gay porn only when my wife wasn't in the house, and this proved extremely challenging. Little did I know that I wouldn't have to have sex with a woman for the rest of my life.
Thanksgiving was a big event for my wife and her f****y. It was the one holiday they looked forward to all year. My wife and I drove down to her parents house, which was a couple hours drive from ours. When we got there, there was excitement, welcomes, and small conversation about how the year had been. My wife's father, Bill, and I had a good conversation about my job, which was at an accounting firm. Once the rest of the f****y had arrived, we started to settle down and eat. The dinner was amazing, but I kept looking up and receiving strange stares from Bill. It almost seemed as if he was checking me out. Being gay, this aroused me, and i had to excuse myself from the table to "go to the bathroom." I went into the bathroom, pulled out my phone, and started to masturbate to some pictures I had downloaded.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I quickly hid my phone and said,
"Who is it?"
"Its..... Bill," Bill replied. Baffled, I called,
"Um, I'm kind of going to the bathroom."
"No your not," Bill said. My cock, which had been rock hard while i was masturbating and had now shrunk down, was slowly growing once more. I chose not to reply to Bill's creepy response, which turned out to be a big mistake. He barged in, stared at my penis, and said,
"You better get ready for this." My cock was rock hard again.
"For what?" I said, semi-embarrassed that Bill had walked in on this. But then Bill pulled down his pants to reveal a 9 inch dick with large amounts of pubes.
"For this. Now get on the ground and suck it," Bill said, a strange look on his face has he closed and locked the bathroom door. "And if you make any noise, this will hurt a lot more." I got on the tile floor and started sucking. His cock was so thick and juicy that I could feel my pre-cum dripping to the floor. He took my head in his large palms and thrust it forward into his hairy bush, where i stayed for a good 10 seconds. I loved every second of it. He quickly pulled my head away from his cock, which i could tell was about to cum.
"Pull down your pants." He said
"Okay" i replied, my voice very quiet.
"Call me Daddy!" He said as he slapped me.
"Okay daddy!" I proceeded to take of my shirt and the pants around my ankles.
"Lay down on your back!" Bill demanded quietly.
"Yes daddy!" my weak voice replied. Bill took off his shirt to reveal a very hairy, muscled chest. This made my cock even harder. He place his hips in between my thighs and pulled some lube out of the sink cupboard. He applied copious amounts to his extremely hard cock and to my ass hole, and place its head inside of my ass.
"You are not allowed to tell your wife. Anything." Bill ordered. "I am going to cover your mouth, just in case."
"Yes daddy." i said, and Bill leaned forward, covered my mouth with his hand, and, all in one suspenseful moment, thrust his 9 inch rock hard cock into me.
I wanted to scream, but all at the same time i wanted to moan. So i resigned to a mixture of both as he thrust back and forth into my body. My cock, so close to cumming in the past 10 minutes, came so fast, it would have seemed a dam had burst. It sprayed all over my stomach, and some of it even found itself in Bill's chest hair, which made me cum even more. With one final thrust, Bill came inside of me. And i felt waves and waves of it splash around in my ass. He took his cock out, pulled his clothes back on and said,
"This isn't the last time that'll happen."
I pulled on my clothes, my ass admittedly sore, and I went out to enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving dinner.

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2 years ago
wow! great story, waiting for more.
2 years ago
Great story. Thanks for making me hard.
2 years ago
Love it
2 years ago
i'll be sure to write more
2 years ago
fuck yeah
2 years ago
Look Forward to more of this topic......
2 years ago
right more plizzzzzzzzzz