My Bear Doctor - Part 2

A few sundays after my hospital visit, I came back from my football game, took a shower and sat down to continue reading a book. Under the book on the table was the card given by my bear doctor. I picked it up and was pondering for sometime whether to call him or not. A few minutes later I decided to call him. He picked up the phone. He was panting, I thought he was in the middle of a work out. I apologized and introduced myself. He said a cheerful Hi and and asked how I was doing and if there was a problem. I jokingly said "Yes, the hard on that you gave me that day wont go.", In the same jolly tone he replied, "Thats bad. It has to be taken care of immediately". I asked, "Do you do house visits?". To my pleasant surprise he said, "Normally I dont, but, now I will make an exception. What's the address?". I gave him the directions from his house to my room. He promised to come in 30 minutes after taking a shower.

All my previous experiences have been with people of my age or younger. I always had a preference to men older and bigger than me. I am not a skinny guy myself. I am 5' 6" weighing around 80 kilos with a decent physique. But, this is the first time I had hooked up with an older and bigger bear type of guy. I was thrilled! I spent the next 30 minutes pacing around my room.

I heard footsteps outside and opened the door. There was my guy dressed in a clean white t-shirt (of course with the first button open!:)) and a pair of linen trousers that fit him snugly around the waist and showed his muscular thighs. He was taller than I had seen him last time. He flashed his nice smile and took off his shoes and I asked him to come in. When I closed the door and turned around, he hugged me warmly for a few minutes. I also wrapped my arms around his thick body. My face was on his chest. I could smell the Azzaro perfume he was wearing. I let myself in to the moment and was breathing in sync with him. After a few minutes he broke the embrace and kissed me on the cheek. I kissed him back on his cheek. He had a nice stubble. Perfect, I thought.

He sat on the sofa and I sat next to him. We talked for sometime. I learnt that he was 35, married and had 2 k**s. His attraction towards men came during his college gym days. After sometime, I said I will take a shower (though I had already taken a shower). I picked up a towel and slowly took my clothes off in front of him. I was doing a striptease for him. He was looking at me with an eager smile. I wrapped the towel around and stepped in to the bathroom and closed the door. But I purposefully left it unlocked and did not close it shut, so there was a narrow gap. I opened the shower and stepped in and washed myself. Then I heard the bathroom door open. I pretended not noticing it. After washing off the soap, I turned off the shower and wiped my self dry and turned to see him standing at the bathroom door.

I walked to him and hugged him. He inhaled the scent of the soap on my body starting from my shoulder, up my neck and to my face. He paused for a moment and slowly kissed my lips. For a few seconds our lips were just touching. Then I parted my lips to let him further in. We started kissing a little faster with our lips trying to get hold of each other's lips. In a few minutes, we were doing a full french kiss with our tongues getting in to action. He had his hands on my butt gently fondling them. I had my hands on his chest as I played with his strong chest. I lifted his shirt tucked in the pant and put my hand under his shirt to feel his chest. The gentle hair on his chest was a pleasure to touch.

I broke the kiss to take his shirt off. He had the perfect shaped chest and a nice abdomen. The gentle, short hair on his chest and abdomen was evenly spread and came down to his navel and disappeared under the waist of his pant. I savoured his body for sometime and pulled him closer to me. I felt my body against his and the warmth of his body was very comforting. The erect dick in his pants was pressed against my abdomen. I made him sit on a chair. I went behind him and gently kissed the back of the shoulder and the neck. I slowly came to the side of the neck with my lips and tongue tracing circles on the side of the neck. I kissed his earlobes and gently bit them. He moaned softly and shuddered in pleasure. I cupped his chest and was slowly rubbing his nipples with one hand. With the other hand I was groping his abdomen.

He suddenly stood up and pushed the chair away. In a single motion he picked me up and put me on the bed. Before I could even realize, he started sucking on my nipples. He was flicking his tongue around my nipple and softly sucking on them. As he kept doing that, his moustache would keep rubbing the area around the nipple. As if that was not enough pleasure, his stubble also joined the rubbing occasionally. When he shifted from one nipple to the other he nuzzled my chest with his face. I was going crazy. All I could do was moan and pull the hair on his head in pleasure.

He slowly went down kissing and biting my belly> He again nuzzled my hair around my dick and gently kissed my erect dick from the base to the tip. He pulled the foreskin down and kissed the tip and licked the slit. He wrapped his lips around the head and slowly took the head in and pulled out. He kept doing in gentle motions and was also softly sucking. The soft, warm and moist inner part of his lips felt so wonderful. As he was sucking the head of my dick, he used his tongue to lap around the head. He also licked the bottom part of the head that leads to the slit. He then started to deep throat. He had absolutely no gag reflex. He was a pro! He also stroked the sides of my body starting from the armpit to the waist sending waves of pleasure and giving me goosebmps. I have never felt so musch pleasure at the same time. I was constantly shuddering in pleasure.

Soon enough I was about to shoot. I asked him to stop, but he wouldn't. I pulled out just in time and shot my cum on my abdomen and chest. I laid on the bed, breathless and still reeling from the pleasure. He cleaned my abdomen and laid down next to me and pulled me in to an cozy embrace. I kissed his chest and rubbed my face on his chest hair for sometime.

I made him lie on his back and went down to his crotch. I unbuttoned his pant, pulled it down and took it off. He had a huge dick! the head was already peeking out through the waist band of his underwear. I pulled his underwear down to reveal a 7.5 inch cock which was atleast 2 inches thick in diameter. I gasped at the sight of the monster. The very thought of having to take it down my throat freaked me out. I followed his style of sucking to make sure he had the same pleasure that I experienced. I also gently stroked the the part between the balls and the anus as I sucked him. I had difficulty in deep throating him, nonetheless, I managed to do it. In a few minutes, his dick was throbbing and I knew he was going to shoot. He also pulled my head out in time and shot a thick load from his cannon. The cum landed on the wall behind his head.

I laid down next to him and was admiring his handsome face. I placed my hand on his chest as it rose and fell gently due to his breathing. I kissed his cheek and whispered "Thank you" in his ears. He smiled and said "Save your thanks as this is not the last time." He kissed on my forehead.

I asked him, "When you picked up the phone, you were panting. Were you working out?" He said, "No, I was jerking off." He added, "Thinking of you". We both laughed. We hugged and lay with our bodies entwined in an embrace. We did not let go of each other for hours.

As he said, that was not the last time.
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11 months ago
Love it!! Please write some more
2 years ago
Love at first site. I've experienced that many times, but the other guy wasn't as interested.

Keep writing!!!