Auntie Footjob

It was a Thursday evening,at 18:00 precisley,i had to go to my aunt's house to take her
digital camera to donwload her photos;while i was riding my bike,i was thinking to how to
try to lick her feet (I touched and massaged 4 or 5 times them),when i finally arrived.
I saw my uncle in the garden cutting the grass,and after saying "Hi" to him,i got into
the house: my aunt was stretched out on the sofa,with closed eyes (but she wasn't sl**ping);
she was wearing a white t-shirt that emphasize her big boobs and a pair of tight dark blue
jeans,with her sweet bare feet with big toes and dark brown painted toe nails.
"Hi,how are you?" she said while smiling,"Hi auntie,i'm fine,and you?",and after a big
suspyre she said "I'm fine,but my legs are tired and standing up working with high heels,
my feet are hurting.However,the digital camera is on the table,take it".
I was near the table and my auntie said "Your uncle ignores me,he never massage me to make
me feel good!";listening these words,i stop myself for a few seconds,something in my pants
was getting hard to think what i'll say; "...I can do massage,if you want...Auntie...".
I was trembling,i was excited,i watched her in the face,she smiled and said "Oooh,thanks!
You're very courteous!".So i sitted on the sofa,near her sexy feet,i take them in my
hands and i move them on my legs,near my hard cock;then i started massaging them softly
while i was smelling their light fragrance.After 5 minutes that i was massaging,i tought
"It's time to find a way to lick her feet!!!",she was very relaxed,my hands were making
pleasure to her;after have found WHAT i had to say and HOW i had to say that,i whisper to
her: "...Some beauty masseurs,lick the part that they are massaging to make their
clients more relaxed..." (That was the biggest bullshit that i ever heard...),she smiled
and said to me: "...Do you want?"; my cock was exploding,my pants were soaked of precum and
when i heard that phrase,my heart start beating like a metronome set to 250 bpm; i watched
her feet and without saying nothing,i start licking slowly,from soles to toes.
Their taste was GREAT,the feet were soft like a pillow and feeling her toes in my mouth makes
my precum visible on my jeans,i never been so excited in my life.
I licked her feet for 10 minutes,then she said "It's better that you go home,your uncle has
finished cutting the grass",and i (Whispering again) said: "Ok auntie,i take the digital
camera and i go...Oh...And...I love your sexy feet!", she smiled again and then i went home.
I was horny yet,so i run into the bathroom and i shot a big cumload thinking to her feet.

Two days after,i had to come back to my aunt's house to bring her the digital camera,this time
i was going there without an intent.I went into her house and she salutes me with a big smile,
an hug and a kiss on my cheek;she was wearing a light brown and white column dress that let
her long legs uncovered and i can notice her amazing feet better.
She said "Sit down on the sofa...Oh...And...Your uncle is at the bar with a friend,he will
come back tonight...",i was shocked,i didn't ask her nothing,it seemed that she was trying to
tell me something...
After have seen all her photos on her portable pc togheter on the sofa,she said "Listen,
Thursday i saw that while you were massaging and licking my feet,your penis was hard and you
loose a lot of soaked your jeans!!!...You like my feet so much???",i was so
embarassed,but i said "...Yes auntie...I LOVE your feet,they makes me horny...";she smiled for
the hundredth time and she said "...Well,listen...I don't wanna have sex with you,you're a
sexy guy,you make me horny,just like thursday,but you still my nephew...So...If you love my
feet,and i like how you prove it...Would you like a footjob???";i was speechlessly,shocked,
this was a dream come true!!!My cock was hard again and without thinking or saying something,
i smiled and i took my pants off and we were in the same position of Thursday.
She was watching my dick agape,it seemed BIG,THICK,HARD to her,it was obvious that she was
horny,so i start licking her feet while she was massaging her pussy and she never stopped to
watch my hard cock.
After have soaked her feet with my saliva,i move her feet to my dick:
DICK BETTER THAN A PUSSY,i still loosing precum and she still touching her vagina.
I was in paradise,she was massaging my balls,my glans,my cock,my chest with her hot feet;and
when she saw a BIG drip of precum running from my glans to my balls,she started talking dirty,
she wants my cum so bad: "What a big drip,you look so horny...Would you like to cum on your
auntie's sexy feet??? Your auntie wants a lot of cum on her sweet feet...I want em soaked with
your sperm!!! C'mon,cum on my feet,my nephew!!!".
I listened those words,and i was cumming;so i took my cock in my hand,it was full of precum,
harder than a rock;after a few seconds,the first shot covered a half of my aunt's right feet,
it was a LOT of cum,then other shots...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8...I cannot count others,i was on
another planet in that moment,i TOTALLY COVER her feet!!!I never cum so much in my entire life
and my aunt was SHOCKED by the amount of my cum,she NEVER saw anything like that,she couldn't
believe that i REALLY COVER ALL OF BOTH HER FEET!!! And after many intense orgasm,i saw her
shocked face with her mouth open and her eyes wide open fixing my cock to say "WHERE THE FUCK
I took a look at her pussy,it was wet as hell;then i was out of breath,my dick was hard yet,
and i said to her "...Satisfied...Auntie??? You liked it???" and she said "YES!!! IT WAS
So after a clean up,she saluted me with a strong hug,feeling my cock hard yet,and after a kiss
and a "Thanks!" whispered to my ear,she opened the door.
I still not believing what happened,i mean,it was a dream come true!!!
Amazing experience!!! THANKS AUNTIE!!!

(Sorry for bad language,i'm italian!!!)
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1 month ago
Like to watch my wife stoking your cock with her feet!!!
3 years ago
Nice story
3 years ago
3 years ago
Excellent story! Make no apologies as English is not your native tongue. You did a great job!
3 years ago
Lucky you dude !
3 years ago
Very good story. I had several sexy aunts when i was a teen also that I would have loved to worship their sexy red painted toes.