My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 7)

After our last episode Debbie left and came back a few days later and discussed our previous sex sessions. The way she talked about it was like we were a real couple, but we weren't really, it was just that things got out of hand............ very out of hand!

Today, as always with Debbie, it wasn’t really long before she got onto the subject of sex again, not that I was complaining, it was a very long time since I had sex this much, in fact it was the first time I had sex in years and it felt great to feel and taste a woman again! "You know all the things we have tried so far? There are other things I would love to try with you. Are you up for it?" she asked me. I replied "With you I am up for anything!" With that she reached in her bag and brought out a big black vibrator......... "I have been using this since your son left me, it’s been a lifesaver!"

The vibrator (Which I found out later was a Dildo) wasn’t like what I expected. In the past my wife had a small white, hard plastic one about 4" inches long and quite thin which we used to play with every now and then. This thing Debbie was showing me was about 8" inches long, 2" inches thick and made from wobbly silicon. It was actually moulded to look like a cock...... a very big, thick, long, black cock! I began to wonder what she meant by saying "Are you up for it?"

With that she leaped from her seat, still with the black cock in her hand, and grabbed my hand and began to lead me upstairs, I stuttered "What about the front door?" She replied "I've locked it already silly, come on.........." as she raced me up the stairs! As we entered the bedroom she commanded me to strip off, which I did quickly and climbed under the duvet. I turned to look at her but she was not undressed yet, I wonder what she was doing?

As I lay there looking at her she looked stunning as usual. She was dressed in black high heels, above knee black skirt and a white blouse but there was something different about her............. "Ah, I see now........ your wearing no bra!" "That’s not all......." was her rely as she grabbed the bottom of her skirt and lifted it up revealing she was wearing no knickers whatsoever revealing her beautiful, bald pussy. "You came on the bus like that, you naughty girl?" "Yes I did and I even managed to play with myself a little too! Look how wet I am.........." She lowered her right hand and eased two fingers into her soaked pussy, she moaned..... "Mmmmmmmmmmm" She then pulled them out and placed them in her mouth and sucked them clean which brought on yet another moan "Hhhmmmmm! Do you want a taste big boy?" "Yes please!" I begged.

She threw the vibrator on the pillow at my side, undid the buttons on her blouse releasing her ample breasts. As her blouse fell to the floor she reached to her side undid a button, I heard a Zzzzzzzzziiiippppp sound and her skirt followed her blouse. She now stood naked, apart from her sexy black heels at the bottom of the bed. She bite her bottom lip and began to crawl up the bed scratching my legs as she came up. As she got to my waist, she could see a bulge under the duvet and bite it, not hard, but playfully........ "What have I found here?" was her response as she deep throated my duvet’ed cock while making growling noises... "Gggrrrmmmm, Roooaarrrrmmmmm!" giggling as she climbed up my body, she kissed me on the lips and said "Your turn!" as she turned to 69 me. What a sight, who could ask for more?

There lying above me was a beautiful bald pussy on full display for me to do with as I pleased. I kissed her wet love lips as the scent of sex filled the air! I sucked them, then parted in-between them with my tongue, then sucked them whole into my mouth again "Hhhhmmm" was her response as those succulent, clear love juices fell from her quim and into my hungry, waiting mouth. After a few minutes of lapping her love juices from deep with her Debbie, who was thoroughly enjoying it sat up and squirmed about on my face. As I pushed my tongue deep in her she arched her back, swing her head from side to side brushing that long brown hair across her shoulders and back and let out a long moan........... "Mmmmmmmmmm........... Ooooooh yeah Steve........ Hhmmmmmmm. You know how to turn me on....... Mmmmmmmm....... Keep it up........ Plllleeeaaassseeeee........ Mmmmmmmmm" Life just couldn’t get any better or could it?

As she basically squatted on my face and I worked my tongue on her quim for all I was worth, I noticed my nose was gyrating around her asshole and she let out little murmurs as I brushed against it, "Mmmm, Ooooo, Mmmm, Ooooo....." The sounds coming from her was not in time with me licking her clit or love lips, it seemed to be more in time with each time my nose touched her asshole. "Mmmm..... Ooooo...... Oooohhhh" there she goes again. I decided to bend my head right back and rasp my tongue on her asshole and boy did she scream...... "SttttEEeeeVVvvvEEeee, oh yeah, Mmmmmm.... Do it for me baby. Ooooooo... Lick me all over. HHmmmmmm.... I want you and only you to ever service me that way."

I managed to free my right arm from under her and used my thumb and fingers to part her ass cheeks so I could get a better view of what I was doing. First off I rasped my tongue on her asshole, then put my lips right around it and kissed it right on target, then I slowly eased my tongue deep inside her ass which brought out a right orgasmic scream...... "OoooooAAahhhhhh..........." As I tongued her asshole, juices flowed from her quim and dripped down onto my chin, I left her ass for a second to lap up those juices, I didn’t want to miss out on any part of her.

With that Debbie said "Stevie...." In a babyish talk kind of way.......... "Stevie....... would you please pass me my Dildo... pleaassseeee?" I had no idea she was on about her vibrator until she pointed to it...... "At the side of you baby, give me it!" I reached across and gave it to her and she climbed off me and re-straddled me now facing me, holding this big, black Dildo just above my head. "Stevie........." Again in a baby’s voice but this time with a pet lip...... "Stevie.... This is dry and will hurt if it goes in me! Can you lick it and make it wet for me?" Well this was a first............. She dangled this drooping Dildo (Yes, I know what it called now!) over my face........ "Open your mouth lover boy, make it wet for me!"

The cock shaped Dildo was inches away from my mouth and I didn't know if I should or even if I could do it even though it was only a toy. "Come on Stevie....... Do it for me.... Ppllleeaassseeee." I slowly opened my mouth and touched the end of this Dildo with my tongue...... "See silly, it’s not that bad is it? Put it all in and you’ll taste me. You do like the taste of me don't you?" I couldn’t answer as she knew I loved the taste of her, I opened my mouth and she slowly eased the thing in my mouth.

It was big, black and dry but I started to notice the more I began to lick and suck it, the wetter it got, as did Debbie, as she still sat squatted on me and I could feel her juices flowing even more down her thighs and onto my cock and balls. Debbie was getting turned on watching me lick and suck a bit of rubber....... "Mmmmm Steve, Oooohhh Steve, Hhhhmmm Steve....." I took about a quarter of this rubber cock in my mouth and I asked her if "Is it wet enough yet?" She relied........ "Let me see......." as she raised the cock to her mouth and swallowed more then half of it in one go...... "That’s how you do it silly!" As she continued to suck that cock, grind her quim on me and moan and groan........ "Hhhhhmmmmm....... Ooooohhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmm, Ooooooooo......... Steve, OOhhmmmmm, hold this on your chest......" She then climbed off me and moved back into a 69 position again.

As I held this big, black Dildo on my chest Debbie bent over towards my toes giving me a full view of everything she had. With that a hand came from under her and grabbed the head of this Dildo and she began to rub it on her soaked pussy. I watched intently as the head slowly parted her love lips. A little wiggle, a moan "Hhmmmmmm...." and then the head was in. What a beautiful sight, never before have I seen anything like this apart from the porno movies. I held on tight to the Dildo and watched as her juices began to cover it as it entered her deeper and deeper......... "Mmmmm...." A quarter way "Hhhmmmmm...." then halfway "Ooooooooo......", Then three quarters "Ooohhh Mmmm...." then finally balls deep....... "Oh Myyyyy Goooooodddd............ Oooooohhhhh, Hhhhmmmmmmmm, Oooooooooo!"

This big black Dildo was covered in her juices and had nowhere to go apart from dripping down the Dildo, onto my fingers then onto my chest. I watched as her love lips parted and sucked the life out of this black monster. I never noticed, but what a turn on it was being this close to the action and the smell, oh that smell of sex was so satisfying. But the thing that struck me most was that I could see her love lips sink inside her when she rode that Dildo down and when she lifted herself up the Dildo would drag those luscious lips from out of her and what a sight that was, one word came out of my mouth.......... "WOW!!!" I lifted the Dildo from my chest and raised it up lick she was getting fucked doggy style and I began to lick her clit........ "Oh Steve, Oh My... Steve........ You know what I want....... do it for me......... make me come."

I pulled out the Dildo and sucked on those pussy lips and slowly, with ease, pushed the Dildo back to were it had come from. I didn't do it in stages, I just pulled it out to the tip and pushed it all the way in, balls deep. "Mmmmmm... Ooooooo, HHhmmmmm, Oooohhhhh..." were the sounds coming from her mouth. She sounded like she was really enjoying herself so I thought I would push her further as I began to rasp my tongue on her clit while pushing the big, black monster in and out of her, this sent her over the edge and she turned and gave me that crazed look, you know the one were they look at you in disgust but in reality, they love it in a slutty way and don’t want you to stop what you are doing. I knew she loved it and wanted more really anyway, as at one point I just held the Dildo still and she backed herself onto it wanting more Dildo and more tongue!

I started pushing it fully in, then fully out, fully in, the fully out, with her being so wet it went in with ease as I licked her clit at the same time........ fully in, fully out, fully in, the fully out, fully in.......... All the time I licked her clit and I heard something............. A groaning and moaning I had only heard once before....... "MMmmm, NNnnnn, Mmmmm, Oooooo, NNnnnnnnn, OOhhhhh, ...............OHMYGODI’MCOMINGGGGggggggggggg..." As she f***ed her entire weight on my face and held it there for what seemed like an eternity. I noticed the muscles in her legs stiffen and her toes tried to stretch straight through her high heels........ "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Just as I pushed and held the Dildo deep into her she came with such f***e it made the Dildo shot from her quim and from my hands. "Aarrrgghhhhhhhhhhhh..............." She screamed as jet after jet of clear liquid shot from deep within her and all over my face, chest, pillow and bedding. "Oooooooooooooooooo........ Aaaaarrgggghhhhh" she shouted as another jet covered me, then another and finally a dribble. "Holy shit, that was amazing!" she said as she lifted from my neither regions turned and smiled at me. "No one, and I mean no one has ever made me feel like that EVER! You Steve, are a sex God!" Well that’s a first and probably last time anyone will ever say that to me, but it made me feel good that I made her feel good, too even though I haven't even had sex with Debbie today!

Debbie then turned around and came to lay at my side. As I put my arm around her she reached up and picked up the fallen Dildo and held it between our faces. I watched as she started to lick her own juices off it and said to me "Fancy a lick?" How could I resist? We both lay there naked licking the juices from her big, black Dildo and I have to admit, it just didn't seem wrong. I then began to wonder what would be next in our love adventure?

To be continued.............

Want to know more, come back next week for My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 8) and please feel free to leave comments & likes! :-)


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10 months ago
very good
10 months ago
The starred (***) words Xhamster has blanked out this week are.....




Watch out for My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 8) next week! I wonder what we will get up to? ;-)


Hull (UK)

P.S. mytomg4u - Cool, maybe you should think about putting it in writing too for us to read about it! ;-) Thanx for the comment.
10 months ago
I have thought /dreamed about my X daughter in-law the sam way, even subbing to her!