My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 3)

It's hard to believe this all started because my Ex-daughter in law (Debbie) wanted to help me find a woman. Little did I know how this would turn out from her asking me a few intermit questions about my sex life, to hearing about her and my son's sex lives and then onto me taking pictures of my wife which then led me onto taking some dressed photos of her which finished with her stripping to her heels, knickers and bra........

As I mentioned last time, she began to pose standing up, leaning against the wall, arching her back, forcing her ass out, what a magnificent view. As I clicked away with my camera she posed on all fours, pouting her lips, then giving the camera (Me?) the come on sign. She then got onto the floor, rolled onto her back grabbed her heels and pulled them towards her ass, arching her back again and she asked "Do you like what your looking at?" I replied "It's amazing, sorry YOUR amazing! My son is an idiot for leaving you. What the hell was he thinking, you are a true goddess!" "Ahhh, that's a nice thing to say but I knew you were enjoying yourself anyway!" I wondered how she knew as I tried not to get too excited drooling all over her or saying anything too explicit. As far as I was concerned she was just trying to jeer me up and find me a new woman and help me start up an new venture through photography. But with that she pointed to my cock and grinned, not in a laughing way, but in a slutty way.

Biting her bottom lip she crawled on all fours to me, climbed up my legs and started to undo my belt, unzip my flies and pull my erect cock out. "HHmmm, your so much bigger and thicker then your son's!" she said as she started to wank, lick, suck and deep throat my cock. As I glanced down at her in ecstasy she looked up at me and said "Go on then, keep taking the pictures." I did as I was told and continued to snap away as she flicked her tongue on my cock end only to gobble the full length down her throat. It was not only an amazing sight, but it felt good too, in fact it felt that good I almost dropped the camera several times. As she was sucking my cock she reached back and undid her bra releasing her ample breasts. She knelt up and put my cock between them and began giving me a tit wank while licking the tip of my cock when it came through the top of her cleavage! What a feeling and what a sight, I almost came there and then!

She then began to kneel up, licking up my stomach, onwards towards my nipples, onto my neck, nibbling at my ear then kissing around onto my face, finishing with a very deep, sexy, french kiss while all the time wanking my cock with her hands! This woman was so amazing I thought, as she wanked and kissed me for all she was worth! Then my mind kicked in to spoil the fun.......... What the hell was I doing, this was my Ex-daughter In Law (My son's Ex-partner) this felt so wrong, but it felt so right! Without giving me anymore time to think She pulled down her knickers to reveal a sexy bald pussy. She grabbed my hand and led me down below.

As she rubbed my fingers onto her pussy I realised she was already soaked as one, then two, then three fingers fell into her. She moaned "HHHhmmmmmm.., Hhhhhhmmmmmm, OOoooooooo, Hmmmmmmmm." as I rotated my fingers deep inside her. She then stopped me, pulled my fingers out and I began to think the fun was over as she realised what she was doing but I was so wrong. She guided my hand to my mouth and told me to suck my fingers. The smell of her female scent was immense, my cock twitched as she watched me smell then taste her juices and boy did she taste sweet, so sweet in fact I wanted more! I went to tell her how wrong this was but before I could utter a word she put her finger on my lips and told me to "SSsshhhhh!" Then she commanded me to undress fully. I, as anyone would, undressed as requested and without a word and watched her glistening eyes peer over at me as she smiled all the time. She walked over to the window, her gorgeous body silhouetted by the sun beaming through it. She lifted her head and raised her arms, playfully pulling her hair and said "Now.... where shall we begin?"

To be continued.............

Want to know more, come back soon and please leave comments & likes! :-)


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11 months ago
great set of stories makes me think of my daughter in law I have fantasy's about her maybe one day they'll come true
11 months ago
Hi All

I keep getting PM's asking for more........ Ain't you ever heard those sayings...... "Too much of a good thing is bad for you" or the other one "Patience is a virtue" or "If your going to woo a woman, do it slow and do it right!"

So far I have completed 10 parts of My Ex-daughter In Law story on my laptop and I'm about halfway through part 11 as I type this to you, with still loads more to come.

I intend to upload one story a week which will give me time to write more parts for your enjoyment.

I do appreciate your likes, comments, pm's and e-mails about you all enjoying my stories but please don't rush me and enjoy them as they come out. I don't want to start writing crappy stories with no background i.e. "Saw a girl, liked her, talked to her, kissed her, fondled her, fingered her, fucked her, turned over and went to sleep! - The End" see what I mean, crap!

I like to keep it short, readable, want you coming back for more and wondering what Debbie and I are getting up to next!

By all means, feel free to comment, pm me, e-mail me but, as I said, I will only be uploading a story ONCE a week!

Until next week........... Love & Kisses to you all (Especiaslly the ladies!)

Steve Martin (No, Not The Actor)

Hull (UK)
11 months ago
v hot, more please
11 months ago
Great stories the daughter in law sounds hot !!!
11 months ago
Great start but I want to hear more
11 months ago
Part 4 ?