My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 2)

Last time I had my ex-daughter in law (Debbie) being rather friendly and a bit forward with me while trying to arrange a date for me with one of her friends. She kept asking me lots of questions......... sexual questions............ which at first I felt rather shy of answering, but as she told me about her fantasies and that a lot of girls now-a-days like to know things before meeting up, like what sexual preferences you like/dislike! I decided to come clean and tell her about my dreams and my fantasies, I told her everything apart from the fact that all my dreams and fantasies concerned her!!!

"Well, this is still a bit embarrassing to speak to you about but I know you are only trying to help me find someone and if that is the sort of questions girls ask before meeting a man, my answer is yes, I love sex........ a lot of sex!" She replied "Well go on........ I mean when I was with your son we used to go at it like rabbits, three, four, sometimes five times a week. We used to do every position known to man and then some not so well known! We tried everything and anything. We even watched porno's and copied what was going on in the films too!" It was something I did and didn't want to hear but the thought of Debbie copying porno's sounded amazing!

I came clean and confessed to her.... "Years ago I loved to fool around and take Kodak instamatic pictures of my wife posing in various positions. I even coerced her into having photos taken while we were having sex!" "Do you still have them?" Debbie asked. "I can honestly say I haven't seen them for years, so either they either got lost in house moves or the wife binned or burnt them, which is sad really as I was quite a good amateur photographer and the pictures were very arty or pervy, whichever way you think about it!"

"Would you like to take more pictures?" she questioned while grinning at me. "I'd say yes in the drop of a hat as I still love photography as you know and I definitely love all aspects of the female form!" was my reply as I smirked at her. "I've got a great idea...." Debbie said, "Why don't you advertise on an adult website and take pictures of local girls and couples for those hard to take shots?" That thought made my cock twitch "I might just do that Debbie, thanks for that!" She replied "No problem. I've got another idea.......... Why not take some photos of me?" "Erm, well I...... what do you mean?" I said embarrassingly. "Go and get your camera...." she said.

When I came back with my camera in hand I saw her laid out on my settee with her left hand above her head and the other across her waist with one leg slightly raised higher then the other, giving me a great glimpse of her thick, sexy legs. "Well go on then David Bailey, snap away!" I didn't need anymore telling as I took photo after photo of her face, above waist and full body shots as she giggled and posed in various positions.

What happened next astounded me, she said "OK then Mr Professional, lets make this interesting shall we?" She then stood up and took off her top, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Now standing in just her heels, knickers and bras she began to pose standing up, leaning against the wall, arching her back, forcing her ass out, just like those slutty porn queens do! Wow, this kind of things only happened in my dreams but now it was becoming true. As I clicked away I wondered how much further this could go?

To be continued.............

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