My Cousin Faith...

I didn't know many of my cousins on my Dad's side of the f****y. It was late September and the school year was over and Mom told me that some relatives were coming for a visit next week. She said my Aunt Jody and her daughter Faith would be spending a week with us, I had never met them before and knew nothing about them.
The day they arrived I was busy doing my usual thing in my room, looking at girly magazines and enjoying the pleasures of stroking my cock. I was unaware that they had arrived as I lay naked on my bed slowly jerking off. My Mom had told Faith to goto my room and introduce herself. There was a knock on my door, then it swung open as Faith stepped half way in saying "Hello I'm Faith...uh... I'm sorry." and she quickly shut the door when she saw me with my cock in my hand. OH SHIT I had forgotten to lock the door and she caught me. How embarassing and at the same time so exciting it was to have a total stranger catch me masturbating. Once my erection returned I finished jacking off, cleaned up and got dressed and went out to the living room to meet them.

I walked out and said Hello, my Mom introduced my Aunt Jody and said "You've already met your cousin Faith haven't you?" I felt my face flush as I looked at Faith smiling at me "Uh ...yes, we've met." Faith walked over to me and gave me a hug, "It's nice to see you." she said, then whispered to me "MMM Very nice indeed." as she pressed herself against me for a moment. We sat down and talked for a while and got aquainted. Faith sat next to me on the sofa as we talked and I tried hard to not be too obvious as I looked over her body. She had great legs and a very nice slim yet curvy body. The blouse she wore was light pink and clung to her showing every curve of her sweet firm round breasts and just a hint of her nipples. With every glance at her I felt my cock begin to stur.

Mom said to me "Do you mind letting Faith sl**p in you room, and you can sl**p on the sofa?" I said "That would be OK, I should go straighten things up first." and I got up walking to my room. Faith said "I'll come give you a hand." and followed me down the hall. When we got to my room Faith closed the door behind her and I saw her lock the door. I picked up a few things and put them away then Faith and I put fresh sheets on the bed. I wasn't very good at making up the bed and Faith came around to my side to help. She said "Sometimes it's hard to get these on just right, they can be stiff and need a little extra tugging." and laughed quietly. As we finished making the bed we turned and wound up bumping into each other and she started to lose her balance. I instinctively reached out to catch her and in doing so my hands landed on he waist and across her chest as I steadied her. She said "Thank you." as she regained her footing.

For a few seconds we stood there, my hand still on her breast, she looked at me smiling and said "You can let go of me now, if you want to." I smiled at her and said "I really don't want to, you feel so nice." and I gave her tit a little squeeze and rubbed my hand over her ass. She looked me in the eyes as she put her hand on mine moving in from her breast and down her stomach to the bottom of her blouse. Without saying a word she slid my hand under her blouse and up to her braless chest, "How does that feel now?" she said as she ran her other hand across the front of my pants and over my stiffening cock. I felt her nipple getting hard as I rubbed my fingers across it, I pinched it gently with my fingers. She moaned softly and I pulled her tight against me and planted my lips on hers and slipped my tongue out to meet hers. We kissed passionately as we groped each other for several minutes, them we heard my Mom call out for us to have dinner. Damn it, I knew something would ruin the moment...

We straightened ourselves up and Faith went out as I went into the bathroom to let my boner settle down. I joined them in a minute and we all had a nice meal. After eating Mom said I should help Faith with her bags and get her settled into my room. I carried the two small suitcases to my room. Faith asked me to put one of them on the chair and open it for her. I did as she asked and was pleasantly suprised when I opened it and saw her black see through nighty and matching panties right on top. She picked up the nighty and held it in front of her, "Do you think this will look good on me?" I said "OOH Yes, you'll look so sexy in that for sure. I can hardly wait, I hope I get to see you in it." "Oh don't worry you're going to see me in it. You should go out and put some sheets on the sofa, it's almost time for bed."

Reluctantly I left her in my room. Mom had already gotten the sofa ready for me and she and Aunt Jody said goodnight, it had been a long day and they we're getting sl**py. I said goodnight and went to the bathroom to change into my sl**ping shorts, then returned to the sofa. For nearly an hour I lay there trying to sl**p but my mind was filled with thoughts of Faith and how hot she must look wearing her nighty. My cock was throbbing and fully hard, I slid my hand under my shorts and began rubbing as I closed my eyes and thought of Faith. About ten minutes went by when I heard Faith softly say "Could I be of some assistance?" My eyes popped open and there next to me stood Faith in her black nighty. She sat on the edge of the sofa and ran her hands over my chest and down to my shorts. She lifted then up then pulled them down uncovering my stiff cock still in my hand. She fondled my balls and pushed my hand away replacing it with hers stroking up and down my hard shaft occasionally stopping to toy with the tip of it. She smiled at me as she licked her lips then leaned down and began licking around the head of my pulsing cock. She said softly "I'm going to give you the best blowjob you've ever had and I want you to cum in my mouth." then her lips slid over the tip and all the way down my cock taking it completely. I'd had a lot of BJ's before and my cock isn't HUGE by no means but no one ever swallowed all 7" of me so easily!

Faith was incredible, she sucked me like I'd never felt before. Her tongue slid along the underside of my cock as she went up and down, her lips wrapped tightly around my shaft. She raised up and kissed the throbbing head flicking her tongue back and forth across it as she squeezed her hand tight around my dick making precum ooze out. She licked it up and said "MMM it tastes so good, are you ready to give me a big hot load of your cum?" I moaned "Yes I'm ready to cum for you." as her lips slid over the head and down my shaft. I thrust upwards and exploded violently shooting many streams of cum into her mouth as she sucked hard draining me of every drop. When it was over there wasn't a drop of cum anywhere, she had sucked me clean and swallowed every bit.

She sat up and gave me a sexy smile and leaned down giving me a long sensual kiss, I could taste my cum on her lips. She got up and said "I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. It's late and I'm going to bed. Sweet dreams, I'll see you in the morning." I lay there watching as she walked down the hall to my room, my cock still hard and throbbing. I grabbed my cock and began stroking as I thought of Faith's blowjob and in a few minutes I was cumming again, not as much as before but it felt just as good. I licked the cum from my hand and pulled up my shorts and soon fell asl**p.

The next morning I woke with a massive boner and quickly made my way to the bathroom for some relief before anyone else got up. At breakfast Faith and I we're all smiles as we talked about going for a walk in the woods later. We both knew it was going to be a good day.....

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3 years ago
i was fucking my cousin,
she was so horny!
3 years ago
Mmmmm hot for sure,,,my cousin done the sex thing yrs ago,,boy was it fuuuun