Best man for the mother of the bride

It was the day of my buddy's wedding and as the best man I was beginning to get nervous about making the best man speech. I googled, youtubed, and pretty much researched any movie with a best man speech. It took me a couple of days to get it finalized and even rehearsed it infront of my girlfriend.

During the wedding rehearsal my buddy stated to introduce me to his fiances f****y and both his fiance and his future mother in law were absolutely beautiful. Both were wearing a tight fitting dress which showed off their curves. The daughter was slimmer with blonde hair and blue eyes. The mom was a brunette with much more curves. Her dad was some older guy who by the looks of things is doing pretty good financially.

During the rehearsal my focused was solely on the mother and I just kept trying to imagine how that body looks without the dress. Ofcourse with my girlfriend around as well as the rest of the guess I did my best not to get noticed. I decided to go for a drink and the line on my side was just extremely long. I decided to go to the other side and didn't realize that my buddys future mother in law was infront of me. She turned around and asked me how I was doing I told her that I was nervous about the speech and that my buddy Jake was so lucky to marry such a beautiful woman and be a part of this beautiful f****y. That ofcourse was a line from one of the speech I googled. Anyways she just could not get enough compliments so I decided to continue. I told her that she looked stunning in that dress and asked her if she had a twin s****r. She just gave me a playful tap to the head and smiled. Then as she took a step forward she stepped on a piece of ice and fell back. Instinctively I grabbed her with both hands but accidentally had my hand on her juicy tits. Everything seemed like it was going in slowmotion and as she picked her self up her back side brushed against my cock. I had tucked it up prior to the rehearsal in case I get a boner it would not show as much.

When she finally got up her dress ripped and showed off her tight but curvaceous ass! Her black laced underwear was just what I pictured her wearing with the stockings by her thighs just like the movies. I quickly took my jacket off and put it over her. She did not notice but I whispered to her that dress had ripped. She lived to far away and did not have a spare dress except for the one she was going to wear for the wedding. I told her not to worry. She can borrow my suit jacket for the night.

As the night ended we began to say our goodnight before we head over to our room. I told my friends future mother in law to hold on to my jacket and give it to me tomorrow. She asked me what I was doing tonight. I told her I was just going to drop off my girl then come back to the hotel.

Before I dropped my girl off I thought I would set something up so that I could get a little piece of ass before the wedding. I had reserved the room with a jacuzzi and I also threw some rose petals on the bed. My girlfriend however screwed up my plan because she was not feeling well. She just wanted to go home and will see me the next day. I dropped her off and went back to the hotel. I went straight to my room and decided to turn the jacuzzi on. I paid for it so I might as well enjoy it. As soon as I sat down I heard knocking on the door. It was my buddys future mother in law with my jacket. I went to the bathroom and wrapped a towel around me. I opened the door and before I could say anything I noticed her eyes went straight down to the towel. I can tell she was d***k but who gives a shit her daughter was getting married.

She asked if she was interrupting anything I told her no I am all alone for the night. Without asking she walked in to see what my room looked like. She noticed the flowers on the bed and asked me what that was about. I told her that it was for my gf but she left early. She then moved half of the blanket and lied face down on half my bed. She noticed the body oil on my nightstand and asked me if I can give her a massage. I bought the oil for my girl to give me a massage but to touch this lady's gorgeous body I will learn how to massage someone.

I started to give her a foot rub then moved up her legs. As soon as I got too close to her ass I moved straight to her back. Before I could continue she asked me to unzip her dress and pull it down. She wanted me to oil up her back and I told her that it would not be a problem. I began rubbing her back with one hand as the other hand was on my towel. She asked me to do two hands but I told her that I need the other hand to hold on to the towel. She responded by saying that she has seen one before so don't worry if the towel falls off. As she commanded I took it off and sure enough the towel fell on the floor. I began makin my way to her other side. She began to squirm and out of the blue I felt this warm sensation on my tip. I looked down and her lips was on my tip just sucking it off. I didnt say anything and just continued to rub her back. She then took my hand and began rubbing her clit. She kept sucking me off and I decided to try to test out what I learned on porn by taking my middle finger and ring finger and began to pump it up her pussy and hit her g spot. Within seconds she was screaming and less than a minute later her pussy just started gushing out as she quivers in pleasure.She sat up just trying to catch her breath. As soon as she was able to talk she asked me what that was and where did I learn that. I told her from porn.

She then got up asked me to lie down. As soon as she can she jumped on my dick and could not wait to ride. She was soaking wet and was so tight specially for her age. She rode me hard and as much as I tried holding it in I could not help it but blew my load inside her. I can tell she wanted more and I was always good at getting back up after a session. I told her to give me a minute and sure enough still inside her I began to go back up. I asked her to get on all fours and I wanted to fuck that pussy and just get a good look at that ass. She said she had another idea she decided to do a reverse cowgirl and she told me that she just wants to ride me all night long and she isnt getting off this dick. As her as bounced up and down my dick was getting bigger and bigger. She started to get a little more rough and began screaming my name! I came again and surprisingly it was still a lot of cum. She got up and changed and gave me a kiss on my lips and said thanks for the lovely evening.

During the wedding I kept looking at her (the mother) and luckily my girl was sitting behind her so if anyone said anything I will just say I was looking at my gf. The mother gave me a subtle wink as she noticed me staring. The wedding came and gone and we were off to the hall for the reception. We did our entrance which was pretty fun as the groomsmen all came out under the DX them music. I did my shawn michaels move while the other guys did their own thing. We left the dance floor as the bride and groom were doing their first dance. I took this opportunity to get a few shots of Vodka to get some liquid courage. Once the dance was done I got up and made my speech. I was so nervous that my papers were shaking. I got a few laughs and both the bride and groom gave me a couple of thumbs up letting me know their appreciation.

I decided to get some fresh air and have a little smoke. Out of no where the mother gave me a quick slap in the ass and whispered you have 10 minutes right in my ear. I grabbed her hand and took her to my car in a parking lot. She sat down and took her panty off and put it in my mouth. She told me how wet it is just thinking about me. I quickly turned her around and began fucking her from the back! Like the night before she was screaming and moaning. I was beginning to worry but my dick over rode any thoughts other than the task at hand. I kept pumping her and she kept screaming harder and harder. I gave it a few more thrust before she started cumming. Her shaking with pleasure was such a huge turn on that I came just right after. I took the panty out of my mouth and gave it back to her. She then smiled and said that it was for me and please make sure to come by her house more often.

When we got back my girlfriend asked me where I was I told her I had a stomach ache and was in the bathroom. She on the other hand told her husband she went to get something in their room so she had to go back to the hotel.

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2 years ago
fun story
2 years ago
Appears the newly-married friend will have some opportunities with his new mother-in-law. Good story; HOT M-I-L.
2 years ago
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Lucky bastard.She sounds like a great fuck.I hope you continued to visit her house.
2 years ago
hot hot hot
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
2 years ago
love this story wow..