shower thoughts for today

This was my mind wandering about my good boy during my shower today. Your licking my ass and giving it a good reddening as I was bent over the back of a couch. Then you slid your fingers inside and began to rub one of my sweet spots that send me quiverring and gasping for air. I arch my back into your hand. You then slide up behind me and slide your cock in. Deeper and deeper it plumments into my moist pussy. I'm gyrating my hips on your cock driving it deeper inside me. I reach behind and twist your nipples. I then run my fingers down over your stomach and around your hips. Grabbing a handful of your meaty ass in each hand and pulling them apart, which inadvertently slams you deepest of all in me and takes my breath away. My back against your heaving chest and my breath in your neck. I begin to lick. Turning my head then my body as I lick and slink from your chest, over your side, over your hip. My hands push your back down and your sweet ass raises into the air. I purr as my hand trails down your back and between your cheeks. I feel you shiver under my hand. I play and barely graze by that hot hole, stopping for only a tickle. My hand continues on and cups under your balls. Massaging, rolling them around in my hand. I bend down and suck those lovely nuggets into my mouth as my hand strokes up your rigid cock. You feel the hot pressure of my mouth enveloping your balls . Then I lick up and between while still stroking your cock. I lick around that sweet hole and up between your cheeks. Your legs shaking as my tongue pokes greedily into your ass. I sit back a few inches and push a finger inside and then slide another into place. You whimper it feels so good which drives me wild inside. I gently tug and pull on that sweet ass; lubing it up all around. Carefully sliding two fingers from my other hand in back to back to the first two so I could ever so gently begin to properly pull my boy open before I fuck his sweet hole. Thumbs rubbing on the outside as my fingers feel so good up in your hot wet ass. I lick the opened rim between my fingers. That ass is so ready as I slide up behind you. Pushing my strap on cock into your eager hole. I grab your hips and pull you onto my cock. My pussy drenching down my leg as I watch your ass opening to take in my cock. Riding that hot ass as I reach around and stroke my good boys cock.

And this is where I blanked and next I knew my shower was cold. Boo. Enjoy.
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3 years ago
Love your wandering mind. Would love to know you.
3 years ago
This still gets me hard every time I read it!
3 years ago
got my attention! hot story!
3 years ago