Chat with Horny Girl!

Stranger: Hey(;

You: hey babe ;)

You: wanna get horny?

Stranger: Yes(;

You: gr8

You: let's start then

You: describe urself

Stranger: I'm shorter, with brown hair and blue eyes, I have 34D tits, big ass, and I'm athletic and tan.

Stranger: You?

You: i'm 6ft 2 brown hair green eyes

You: 7 inch cock

Stranger: Mmm sexy(;

You: yes

You: are u single?

Stranger: Yes

You: great

You: me too

You: need someone who can make me horny

Stranger: I can(; Wanna know what I'd do to you if I was there? ;p

You: ahhh great

You: first i would like you to suck my cock

You: an excellent blowjob

Stranger: Okay(; Let me get started, one sec

Stranger: First I'd push you down on the bed, both of us naked, and then I'd kiss you on the lips and work my way down to your dick, my tits hanging down and grazing across it. Then I'd kiss the inside of your thigh teasingly, and then shove my mouth around your cock, making you moan. I'd lick the top and then slide my mouth up and down on it

Stranger: and nip the head gently

You: hmmmmmmmm

You: great

Stranger: then lick your balls and play with them in my hand

You: lovely

Stranger: and continue sucking roughly on your cock

Stranger: And f***e my mouth further on it, the head sliding down my throat

Stranger: gagging me

You: ahhhh

You: nice

Stranger: And I'm moaning and sucking your big dick, slathering it in saliva and making it nice and lubed

You: great

Stranger: And tasting every inch of your hot meat

You: i'd turn you back on the bed now and start kissing you slowly and going down till your boobs... they are my passion

You: sucking on ur nipples

Stranger: oohhh

You: and licking them roughly

You: whilst i still look into ur eyes

You: in the meantime i would have been putting my middle finger inside ur snatch

You: then i'd just go down, spread ur legs and start licking ur pussy

Stranger: Ahh amazing(;

You: going deeply in and out with my fast moving toungue

You: each time you increase moaning, i'd increase my speed

You: until you just release your load in my mouth

You: then all i'd do is to start drinking it directly from ur pussy

Stranger: I'd pant for a minute, recovering from your amazing tongue, and then flip you over on the bed and start pumping your dick with my hand for a minute, making it stick straight up, aiming directly at my clit. Then I'd straddle you and slide your cock into my pussy, our juices making a wet squelching sound as I slowly take in your hot load. Then I start moving myself up and down, kissing you on the lips and shoving our hips together, making hot slurping noises as I fuck you where you can watch me

Stranger: Your turn(;

You: great ;)

You: soon after, I'd push you back and just put up your legs onto my shoulders and just as your clit would be in direct position with my cock, i just push in my shaft and just fuck you as fast as I can until you just feel my cock the deepest inside possible. with all the wetness still making those lovely squelching noises, i just pull out and turn you in the doggy style position and just put my cock in and out whilst i grab you from your hair just as i would be guiding a horse in horse riding. As soon As I feel my cock ready to shoot, I just pull out, turn you over, and shoot my hot load on your nice body, seeing it spreading from your boobs down on your tummy.

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2 years ago
Beyond hot made my stroke my cock very hard