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The Horny Indian

You: are u horny?
Stranger: yeah
You: hmmm
You: that's better ;)
Stranger: yeah
You: decribe urself
Stranger: bit fatty, long hair, 36c boobs, big ass
Stranger: yourself?
You: slim, blonde
You: 7 inch cock
Stranger: cool
Stranger: married?
You: yes but my wife and i are quite open
Stranger: ok
You: we like to invite friends for swinging orgies
Stranger: is she beside you now
Stranger: sorry did not get the word
You: next door room
Stranger: swinging orgies
You: we are swingers
You: we change partners
Stranger: ok fine
You: with our friends
Stranger: so is she with someon... Continue»
Posted by il-King 1 year ago

Chat with another horny girl

You: are you horny?
Stranger: Really
You: hmmm
You: gr8
You: describe urself
Stranger: I'm 160cm, Asian, 39D boobs and very proud of my ass
You: hmmm
Stranger: I'm a sub BTW, so punish me all u can ;)
You: ur a petite asian
Stranger: Yea I'm really small
You: gr8
You: so my dick fits u tight
Stranger: 555
Stranger: Mmm
You: 7 inch cock
You: ;)
You: rock hard
Stranger: I'd like to suck that
Stranger: Take that deep throat and looking up at u
You: yesss
You: gr8
Stranger: Deep throat till I choke a bit
Stranger: And my saliva all sticking on your rock hard dick
You: yessss... Continue»
Posted by il-King 1 year ago

[Story] Chat with Horny Girl!

Stranger: Hey(;

You: hey babe ;)

You: wanna get horny?

Stranger: Yes(;

You: gr8

You: let's start then

You: describe urself

Stranger: I'm shorter, with brown hair and blue eyes, I have 34D tits, big ass, and I'm athletic and tan.

Stranger: You?

You: i'm 6ft 2 brown hair green eyes

You: 7 inch cock

Stranger: Mmm sexy(;

You: yes

You: are u single?

Stranger: Yes

You: great

You: me too

You: need someone who can make me horny

Stranger: I can(; Wanna know what I'd do to you if I was there? ;p

You: ahhh gr... Continue»
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