My parents and Sean were getting along very well. They were going to his place, his famıly was coming over... He became a famıly friend.
I never went to his place with my parents. I was actually kind of avoiding him after the whole him-seeing-me-jerking-off thing. Obviously. We did ran into each other a couple of times in my house, though. He would say "Hey" every time and I would usually just nod and hurry back to my room. And, of course, there was the uncomfortable ride to school thing as well.

My father was away that day and I was supposed to take the bus to school. Sean appeared in the backyard just as I was walking to the station. "Hey, kıd!" he said. -"Hello, Mr. Harris" I replied. "Where are you headed?" -"Um, the bus station. My dad's not home." I replied again trying to sound as uninterested as possible while, really, I was feeling sick in my stomach. -"Oh, really? Where is he?" -"I don't know..." I regretted I said anything. -"Well... I can drop you off? You don't wanna take the bus anyway, right?" -"Nah, I kinda, actually, want to take the bus" -"Yeah... Go wait in the car, kıd. I'm just gonna go and say hi to your mother." -"Fuck" I said to myself as he was leaving. A ride to school is a ten minute long ride, what was I supposed to talk with the dude who saw me jerk off. I walked to the car and sat on the front seat. His bossiness was giving me a hard-on. "Fuck."

I watched him getting closer to the car. He was wearing a black T-shirt and grey sweatpants. His phone rang when he got to the door so he stood outside while talking. His cock was right next to the window. It was the perfect view. He hung up, fixed his bulge and got in the car. Needless to say - my boner was hard as a rock at that point.
"So, how's school going kıd?" -"Good, I guess." I wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying. He was as hot as ever. Muscular and big. With his huge hand wiping the sweat of his forehead and his other hand holding the steering wheel tightly. I completely forgot about the bathroom incident.
His sweat and cologne mixture was smelling divine. He must have caught me staring so he took his eyes off the road a couple of times and smiled at me. Perfect teeth and the most mind-blowing hot smile. I smiled back.
"Your dad and I are playing this soccer game next week, did he tell you? You should come and watch. You can laugh, at least. He told me you're not into sports" -"He didn't tell me, actually" I replied. -"Well, you should come anyway." I will come. I had to come. Obviously. He patted my shoulder on my way out of his car.

Next week came fast, it was Saturday, and my dad and Sean were playing that game. I was on the bleachers with my mother. The game was being held in this kind of gymnasium-looking hall. It was like a charity thing and the people who were regular visitors (aka Sean and dad) were playing to collect the money.
I'm really not a fan of any types of sports so the game itself ended up being immensely boring. But, I got the chance to stare at Sean for an hour or so without feeling uncomfortable. After the game my mother and I waited for dad to finish so we can go home. Unfortunately, dad was too busy celebrating their win so my mother left without us because she couldn't wait any longer. I didn't mind the wait, plus, I wanted to see Sean again.
To be honest, I did become a little pissed when I ended up waiting for half an hour in front of the locker room so I went to the door and knocked. Sean opened the door while in his boxers. Tight white boxers. He was still sweaty from the game and he had a pissed off look too. "What's going on?" I asked while staring at his cock. He didn't answer immediately. -"Your dad is wasted, that's what's going on!" he replied mildly yelling at me. That turned me on even more. I walked in and saw my dad laying on the fucking floor completely naked... -"I can't really handle him right now, I need to cool off" Sean said. "Please watch out for him while I shower, all right?" -"Okay" I said. -"And cover him up, will you?" I nodded. Sean went to shower and I was left with my d***k naked dad. Fuck. I didn't cover him up immediately. It was my first time seeing my dad completely naked. Fuck, his dick was pretty big. Hairy, thick and big. And it wasn't even hard. He started to snore and it kind of scared me so I covered him with a towel. I sat on the bench thinking about Sean actually being naked just a couple of feet away from me. It was somewhat of a déjà vu. What does his cock look like. Strong and fat as my father's. Beautiful, thick, always semi-hard, I bet. His ass tight and hard. Perfect. His whole body is now wet and it's right there.
"How's your father doing?" Sean said while getting out. "Pretty much the same..." he was still a little pissed but it was super hot. He had a towel on as well. Fuck. "Let's wake him, shall wee?" he asked while shaking my father's towel off. My dad was nude again, and conscious. "What the hell man" my dad was still completely wasted, he started walking with his dick swinging around. -"Get dressed man!" Sean ordered. "What the hell man" my father repeated a couple of times. I handed him his clothes. "Can you please walk him out? I'll join, I just need to get dressed" Sean said while handing me the car keys. -"Yeah, sure, we'll wait in the car" I answered while walking my shirtless father to the car. I stopped right at the entrance and turned back. Sean's ass was as perfect as I imagined it. Lord. His slightly hairy buttocks were even tighter. Lord. Fuck. He got into his boxers before I had the chance to see his front. I kept staring as he got dressed so he turned around and saw me. "Fuck" I turned around and walked to the car. My dad was already there. Standing with his hand on one of the car's window. I unlocked it and got him on the backseat. I sat in front, again. Sean was approaching.

The ride home was pretty silent. I was uncomfortable and I suppose Sean was too. But he kept talking about the game. He was still pretty pissed at my dad. We arrived and he got out too. We lifted dad and and walked him to the door. He got in but I left outside with Sean. "I'm sorry, kıd, your dad really pissed me off. But it's okay, I mean, no big deal." I nodded. "So, see you later, then. Take care of your dad and tell your mom what happened. I don't want him getting out that easily." he said while laughing. I nodded again. He gave me that father-to-son slight slap on the cheek and left.

It was all I needed. At least for that night.
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1 year ago
mom woke me one night at 3 am..told me to go out in the front yard and
get your dad..he is naked and running around. I did as I was told..
I was maybe 10...I chided him for years over that..
fun story ...
1 year ago
Good stuff, get to it please!
1 year ago
more more more
1 year ago
Awaiting for more!!!
1 year ago
more plizzzz