Dad Has a New friend [Part I]

A day after my 18th birthday my parents decided to throw a little barbecue party for their friends. I wasn't really paying attention to it since they throw soirées like that every year for each and every birthday I have. They still like to have fun, whatever. I had my friends over the day before so I planned on just unpacking the gifts I got, watch TV and perhaps go downstairs and eat when everything is finished... It was July, the middle of summer, school was off and I enjoyed doing nothing.

The evening came quickly and most people were already there. I got bored from watching TV and I had already unpacked everything I got so I went outside to grab a snack. I was familiar with most of my parents' friends but there was this one hot guy that caught my eye. I found out I was into older guys pretty much the moment I figured out I was gay (even though I have never thought about what made them so appealing to me).

Dad's new friend was approximately his age, maybe even older. He had short, dark-grey hair, was about 185 cm (6'1") and looked very strong and manly. He wore a navy T-shirt and olive shorts which were slightly above his knees. His arms and legs were just perfectly hairy, his hands were big and he had a wedding ring on which just made him hotter.
It was still very hot, even though it was almost 22:00. Dad's friend kept wiping sweat off of his forehead and lifting his shirt up so I got a pretty good look at his hairy torso.

I sat down and started eating but still not looking away from the hottie. A couple of minutes after, he noticed I was staring so he looked back, nodded and smiled. I nodded back while he turned to my dad saying something to him. I guess my father hasn't mentioned he had a son...

The soirée came to an end and my parents and I were left to clean up. I would usually withdraw to my room by this time and let them clean up after themselves but I was curious about the new f****y friend. I didn't wait much so I asked my mother about him, telling her I've never seen him before. "Oh... yeah" my mother replied, "You know how your father goes to see those soccer matches every week? Well, I guess he met him on one, they are both soccer fans, how nice, ha?" -"I see..." -"He's a good guy, we invited him and his f****y over tomorrow for a dinner" -"f****y? I won't have to deal with k**s, right?" -"No, no, his son is your age, if he comes, I bet you'll get along just fine." I nodded.

Tomorrow at dinner, our new friend was looking even more handsome. His name was Sean. His wife Alyssa was decent looking too. I wasn't surprised, I expected her to look good. Not as good as him, though. Their son didn't come.

After the meal, we went outside and my father and Sean wanted to play a soccer game. The women went inside, I stayed to watch. "You're not playing?", Sean asked. -"No, no, I'll pass." -"Suit yourself, k**!" he replied.
My father went to get something inside so Sean and I were left alone for a while. He was wearing a plain white T-shirt and beige pants. I kept looking at his bulge. "How's your summer going, k**?", he asked me a question again. -"Good, good." I replied, I thought it would have been awkward to reply with anything more than that.
My father got back and before I saw what he was carrying, he threw it at Sean. "Gotta get a little more comfortable, right?" I realised what is happening and I got a weird feeling in my stomach. I also started to get a hard-on before I even saw anything. Sean put the shorts dad gave him on a chair next to me and started unzipping his pants. "Fuck" I said quietly to myself. Sean pulled his pants down and uncovered his strong hairy legs and tight, white boxers. "Fuck." He fixed his boxers a little and grabbed the shorts from the chair. He got them on and the game started. For the whole hour, I watched him getting sweaty and dirty with my father. By the end of the game, he was soaking wet. He sat next right next to me. "Great game or what?!" he said to me while trying to catch his breath. I nodded. Fuck, he was hot.

I jumped off of my chair and went to the bathroom. I wanted to jerk off while the image was still fresh in my head. I got in and quickly got my shorts off. Ugh, he was so hot. I wanted him to fuck the shit out of me. I wanted to take off those white boxers of his. I wanted to suck him real bad. I wanted to get sweaty with him. I wanted to lick the sweat off of him. Lick his balls. His hairy chest. Suck his fingers. Ugh.
I was about to finish when I heard someone come in. I turned back and it was him. "Oh, shit!" I yelled. -"Oh, dear, sorry pal, your dad sent me here to shower. Sorry, sorry, I'm going out" he replied. "Fuck!" "Fuck!" I repeated it a couple of times while getting my shorts back on. "Fuck. He saw me." "Fuck." And I didn't even finish.

I stormed out to my room and stood next to the door. It was embarrassing but I was still horny as fuck. I heard the bathroom slam and the thought of him showering at our bathroom made me crazy. I sat on the bed and waited for him to come out so I could go back in.

It was one of the best jerk-offs ever.

89% (33/4)
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4 months ago
9 months ago
Great one!
1 year ago
well done bud
1 year ago
1 year ago
something similar happened to me.
I was 13..
and man I let the cum fly..
man do I love an orgasm when I find myself that worked up...
or doing something forbidden...
you my friend are a hot young man.
I would be so lucky to bed a youngster like you..
man oh man ! what I would give for an hour with you...

2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
That was hot ;)
2 years ago
Nice Start....
Look forward to more.
2 years ago
I hope there's more, and I hope you got to fuck him.
2 years ago
WOW, very hot, please give us MORE!!!
2 years ago
more plizzzzzzzzzz