Fucking a Tight Virgin Ass in My Car

I am going to share a story that happened about one year ago. I hooked up with his young girl(18) 2 or3 times but just kiss, nothing sexual. One night, I was d***k and wasn’t really in the mood to hook up with her at this party but she wanted saying she was alone at home.
I thought, Fuck it. We went to her house but she didn’t have a key and I was far from my house. We got in the car and I parked in this dark area and jumped to the backseat. She came to the backseat. We started kissing and I removed her clothes and kissed that tight small body all over.
I went down on her pussy like it had some cure. I licked all of it which made her more wet. I fingered her pussy also and teased her ass which alarmed her.
I pulled back and took my dick out which she came over to suck. I could tell she was inexperienced because she didn’t have much skills. It felt good but very amateur. I pushed her head even more further down which choked her a couple of times. She was more and more submissive.
I spread her legs and slid into her tight pussy which she moaned loud already. I thought, I am going to break her in half. I slid in and began pumping her fast and hard for a good 10 minutes. She kept telling me that I was her second guy and to slow down because it hurt.
I think my d***kness ignored her request and I pulled her on top of me so she could ride. I helped her jump on it and slap her ass hard. I called her all these slutty names which she loved and agreed. This little slut was coming out of her closet. She went from Ouch this hurts, to Fuck my little pussy.
I got her doggy style and began fucking her but she did not like. I kept hitting her uterus I think and she almost cried when I went deep. That did not stop me from pulling her hair and finally putting my finger in her ass which she yelled and asked what I was doing.
I told her we were going to do something different since her pussy was hurting from my NOT really big penis. I got some lube which I keep in the car and lubed her ass and my dick. She protested at first but I talked her into trying it. I told her the same bullshit I tell all girls. It hurts in the first 2 minutes, after you will love it. I just wanted to tear that virgin asshole.
I positioned at the entrance and slowly entered that tight ass. It was really tight. It finally popped the head in and this slut yelled and tried to pull away but we were in he car, she couldn’t move much. I said relax and pushed in a little deeper until I was all the way in. she kept saying it hurt and I could feel her ass muscles close in because she was tense.
I slowly started pumping her ass slowly to finally where it slid very easy but she kept almost crying. I reached down and played with her pussy to distract her. It got to the point where I was fucking her ass hard with all my f***e and deep. This slut yelled and yelled asking to stop but I did not care. I announced my orgasm and pumped a lot of semen in her ass as I pulled her hair.
I pulled out and she kept in that position. I saw my cum dripping out of her ass. I slowly fingered her pussy until she sat down next to me and got my backseat dirty with cum.
The funny thing is, even though I abused this little slut she still sends me message. I havent seen her since then. But when I do, ill be sure to fuck her hard again.
Take care

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3 years ago
fuck her brains out
3 years ago
good stuff! i never have that good of luck trying to get it in an ass haha
3 years ago
Tear that slut's asshole up. Go balls deep in her. Make her scream.