Making Mom a Slut

I emailed him back answering all of his questions. I told him where my mom likes to shop and have lunch, along with the times in which she's usually there. He works in the adult entertainment industry and has assured me that seducing her and sl**ping with her wouldn't be a problem. He even turned down my offers to pay him because of how attractive he thought my mom was and considered this something that both of us would benefit from.

Why is this happening? Because my mother can really have a rotten temper at home and I knew that something like this would help calm her down. She faces a lot of pressure from her work as a business executive for a small tech company, and unfortunately, the way she blows off steam is by releasing it on me. And the fact that she hasn't dated much since dad passed away 10 years ago hasn't helped much either. She simply says she never has time for it and brushes off anyone who's tried to approach her, thinking she was too good for them.

The truth is that she could have any man she wants. Even at 51 years of age, she was still able to turn as many heads during my college orientation than girls my own age. My friends constantly joke around by telling me what a 'milf' they think she is and how sexy she looks in her fashionable business attire. Her shorts black hair and slender body also add to her sex appeal. But no matter how many good things she had going for her in life, she still had an uppity and hard line attitude that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and made her difficult to live with.

And hopefully, with this little scheme, all of that would soon change.


It started a few weeks ago on a rainy day.

My last college course of the day was canceled which allowed me to go home early that afternoon. And to my surprise, when I arrived home, I saw my mother's car parked in the driveway. It was unusual because she was such a busy woman and always worked until late afternoon..

The house was quiet when I entered through the front door, with the exception of the heavy rain drops falling from outside. Mom was no where in sight. I figured she must have been in her room upstairs since there were no signs of her except for her shoes which were neatly placed by the door.

But as I made my way up the stairs, I heard something; a faint noise. It was coming from my mother's room and her door was wide open. She obviously hadn't expected me to home since I should have been at school at the moment. I heard it again. Could that noise have been what I suspected it to be? Was she moaning? The only way for me to get to my room was to walk passed hers; it was either that or wait downstairs or outside until it was over. But I was curious. I was curious as to what she was up to and if my suspicions were correct. The wind and rain outside was more than enough to cover the sounds of my slow footsteps.

I peeked inside her room from the doorway to see my mom in the most vulnerable position I've ever seen of her. She was completely bare from the waist down. Her pants, pantyhose, and undergarments were all off. Her professional business suit on her upper body was still in tact, with her jacket and blouse still properly buttoned up. Her hair and make up were still neat, showing that she just arrived home not too long ago.

But it wasn't just the lack of clothes which grabbed my undivided attention, but what she was doing to herself. Her milky white legs were spread wide open and two of her fingers were furiously going in and out of her hairy vagina. She was soaking wet down there with her fluids brightly glistening along her brown labia and thick pubic hairs.

I was mesmerized by the sight of my once-thought-to-be sexless mother masturbating herself with such intensity. I couldn't believe how aroused I was becoming just by watching her. I loved the sight of her clenching her eyes shut, which brought out the slight wrinkle lines on her face, as her mouth was open with her moans escaping it. Her chest was moving up and down from her rapid heart beats. Her legs were slowly moving and her feet were curled up and clenched tight. And of course her fingers; her fingers were still busy at work, taking turns rubbing her clit and fingering her dripping wet vagina.

Her feet and toes started moving around even more, and her heart rate climbed even higher- she was reaching an orgasm. Her eyes opened in a flash, and that's when she caught me, lifting her head up to see her son watching her.

"Get the hell out of here!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs, with her eyes wide open.

I quickly went to my room as she covered herself up with her blanket to spare herself any further humiliation.

But that wasn't the end of it, no matter how horrible both of us felt at that moment. She sloppily put her pants back on, still barefoot, and followed me to my room.

"What the hell were you doing standing there watching me!?" she continued yelling. "I'm your mother for crying out loud!!! You should be in class right now!"

"I'm sorry...I was walking back to my room when I saw you there..." I stammered.

"And that makes it okay for you to spy on me?"

"I wasn't spying on you...I just saw as I was walking by..."

"Don't give me that you filthy little pervert!" she shouted. "I'm not stupid you know. I saw you standing there watching me...God, I can't believe this is happening. I don't know what came over me."

The mood in the room suddenly became somber as my mother was now on the verge of tears.

I tried my best to calm her down, telling her, "It's okay mom. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's perfectly normal."

"No, it's not okay. You weren't supposed to see me like that. Just my luck huh? The one day I get to come home early and this happens."

"Like I said, it's perfectly normal. You're human like everyone else."

She took a deep breath, "Okay, and no matter how hard this may be, I want us to forget about this. I don't want to talk about this ever again. And I don't want you to think any less of me. Understood?"

"Don't worry, I won't mention this ever again," I said, reassuring her.


We tried our best to go back to normal, and we did. Everything became just as it always had been between the two of us. Despite our brief moment of talking candidly with one another, she quickly went back to being her shrewd and cynical self, with her usual angry outbursts here and there.

But there was one thing that did change after that fateful afternoon; I had begun fantasizing about her for the first time in my life. In fact, since that afternoon, she had become my favorite thing to fantasize about. Seeing my own mother in such a vulnerable and depraved position was so erotic and taboo, that it just changed the way I looked and felt about her. And I loved it.


I had assumed that the plan with the guy I talked to online was a failure as I stopped hearing from him and my mother was business as usual. Nothing had appeared to happen.

But one day I came home, and for the second time in recent history I saw my mom's car in the driveway again. It was the same scenario as two months prior, with the house being quite and there was no sign of her in the living room. I then made my way to my room with the familiar feeling of what happened last time, feeling nervous with every step.

Almost out of nowhere, my mother had approached me having just come out of the shower. She looked much happier than usual. In fact I don't recall having scene her this happy in a very long time, with a certain gleam in her eyes. She looked uncharacteristically casual for a woman with her level of class; wearing only a robe, standing barefoot, and her hair was a mess and she didn't have any make up as she usually does.

"Can I speak to you for a moment?" she asked politely.

"Sure. And you look like you're in a good mood today."

She smiled, "I certainly am. And I think you know why."

"I'm not sure what you mean," I told her, even though I had an idea of where this was going.

"Oh, I think you do. I've made a new friend these past few weeks. We went over to his place today and I eventually got the feeling that he was hiding something from me at a certain point...and...well...I wouldn't let him finish unless he started talking, and so he told me about how you set this whole thing up; the seduction, what you wanted him to do to me, what you expected out of this, everything..."

I stood there stunned for a moment. I didn't know how to respond at first after having my plan exposed.

"I guess you caught me," I admitted. "Are you mad?"

"Mad? No. I didn't have time to be mad then, if you know what I mean, and I definitely don't feel mad now. In fact, I'm in the best mood I've been in a very long time."

"Well I guess my plan worked then," I joked, trying to ease the awkwardness.

"Don't be a smart ass," she said with a half-hearted grin. "Look, you obviously did a terrible thing setting me up like this. I still can't wrap my head around the audacity you had to even think it, let alone actually going through with it by finding someone online. But I feel great right now. It's been a long time for me. So on those grounds, we're even. But please don't ever try anything like that again."

"I understand. And does this mean you'll be seeing him again soon?"

"That's certainly none of your business young man," she said, holding back another grin. "And who knows, maybe someday if I'm in a more generous mood, I'll pay you back with something extra. But not today."


I emailed him that night asking about his time with my mother. He responded telling me every little detail that went on between them; how she slowly opened herself up to him sexually, how she had two extremely powerful orgasms, and how she made a huge mess on his bed sheet from all the squirting she did. I pressed for him for as many different details as I could get, to which he proudly obliged.

During our online conversations, I eventually admitted to him that I had previously masturbated to my own mother, which he found to be amusing. And I confessed to him that me knowing even more of her sexual secrets has made me even more attracted to her.

As for my mother, it was as if a huge weight was lifted off her chest. She never mentioned him again, but it was obvious that she did based on her changed demeanor and look. The more she saw him, the more relaxed and happier she became. And of course he was sure to send me all of the juicy details of their meetings, and has assured me that she was about to become even more happier soon.


She left me a note one morning saying she would be home late. And sure enough, she was, coming home at around 7 pm, carrying a take out dinner in one hand, and a shopping bag in the other.

A lot was different about her. Her hair looked unkept and much of her make up looked either washed off or slightly smeared. Her clothes looked slightly disheveled as well, with her blouse untucked and her top button undone. But most of all, she had that same sparkle in her eyes which I remember so vividly.

"You saw him today didn't you?" I asked eagerly.

She had a sly look on her face and held up two fingers, "...that many."

"You had sex twice?"

"I had sex with two of them. Him and his friend," she said with a smile.

"God, that is so crazy," I replied in a state of disbelief. "I'm speechless right now. I had no idea that was ever going to happen with him."

"Neither did I. But when I arrived at his place, he had someone there who wanted to join us. Apparently he bragged about me to his friend who also happened to enjoy the company of women my age. The rest is history."

"Okay, now I know you're just joking with me. Very funny mom."

She put the food on the counter and the shopping bag on the floor, and began unbuttoning and unzipping her pants. She then put her hand inside her panties and inserted her fingers inside herself. When she took her hand out and held it up, two of her fingers were completely drenched in cum.

"Now you do believe me?" she asked with a grin.

"Jeez...What was it like? Did you enjoy it?"

"It made me feel like a woman again," she said with a deviant smile. "Obviously it wasn't very lady like of me, but it made up for all those years of denying myself sex. And I don't plan on stopping anytime soon."

She reached down inside the shopping back and pulled out an array of sexy undergarments and said, "He bought this for me to wear for our next meeting. He wants me to wear it undernearth my business suit before I come to visit him- I mean, visit them, his friend will be there again too."

"I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but you're making me so hard right now. And I get the feeling that you're doing this on purpose."

She smiled, "Of course I am. Your "sexually repressed" and "overly prudish mother" knows a few more of your secrets as well- isn't that how you described me to him? He's told me all about your newfound fascination with me and how you got off about hearing what he did to me in bed. So why not tease you some more by telling you what you want to hear? It's because of you that I've had these amazing sexual encounters."

"Remember when you said you'd pay me back and how you wanted to thank me one day?"

"Sure I do."

"I want to watch you having sex with them. I know it sounds crazy, but this whole thing is already crazy. Us even having this conversation is crazy..."

She put her hands on her hips and gave me that motherly look, "You realize what you're asking don't you? Telling you what I do behind closed doors isn't nearly the same as you being there watching. I mean, you're MY SON of all people. Not to mention that my social life would be completely ruined if my friends or business associates found out. And if our f****y ever found out about this, I would be disowned- no question about it."

"You're overreacting mom," I told her, trying to calm her down. "No one is going to ever find out about this because none of us would want to ruin a good thing with you. And like you said, it's because of me that you've been having these encounters. So what do you say? I know it would be a hell of a lot of fun for all of us involved; especially you since you seem to be broadening your horizon lately."

"Well it's certainly hard to argue with the points you've made," she said before standing silently for a long moment to think. "Why not? I've had so many new sexual experiences recently as you've pointed out, and have committed so many horrible taboos, why not add another one to my list just to try it?


She wore the sexy lingerie he bought for her underneath her silk robe. We were both fairly nervous because of how taboo and immoral this was. But at the same time, we were both incredibly excited at how erotic this would be for both of us. She gets to add 'being and exhibitionist' to her ever growing list of sexual experiences, and I of course got to watch the whole thing.

They came right on time. It was my first time meeting the man I had set my mother up with, as well as his friend.

It felt awkward as the four of us made our way to my mom's room. But once there, the mood quickly changed as my mother dropped her robe to reveal her slender frame. All eyes immediately became glued to her body and she proudly modeled herself for us.

She wore the lingerie that was bought for her. It consisted of a black corset that covered her waist, but allowed her small and sagging tits hang free, with it's large pink nipples on full display. Her crotch was also fully exposed, which to my surprise, was now cleanly shaven. She also wore long black stalkings, which drew ample attention to her slender legs.

The two men followed her lead and got naked as well. I did what I was expected to do, which was to sit on the side and watch the whole thing without interfering.

And without any further ado, my prim and proper mother got on her knees to please the two men orally. They were each looking down on her and she was looking up towards them as she slowly took them inside of her mouth. She held onto them tightly and took them inside of her little by little, sucking only the tip. It wasn't long before she was going back and forth between them and going a little deeper and sucking a little harder. It wasn't long before the room was filled with the sounds of them moaning and her slurping on her own saliva as she gave them blowjobs. Her 'enthusiasm' for this had gotten to the point where she was sucking so hard that her face looked nearly caved in.

I could hardly believe that this was still my mother who was sucking off these two men. It was as if she had transformed and had shed all of her previous inhibitions when the right opportunity had come along for her. And clearly it did, as lust filled her eyes and her large pink nipples hardened from her sexual arousal.

One of the men had stopped her and told her to get on the bed. He wanted to begin fucking her, which was a smart choice because with her enthusiasm, she would have went all night sucking and no one would have had sex. And so my mother then unzipped her corset and pulled of her stalkings to become fully naked and layed on her back.

For the next 30 minutes, I watched as these two men completely had their way with her. My once prudish and sexually repressed mother was no more as they took turns fucking her and using her mouth for oral pleasure. Her dignity and uppity nature was stripped from her as she begged to be fucked harder. She even referred to herself as a 'slut' and a 'whore' on the several occasions where she was asked to say such vile things about herself- and she loved it. She loved every second she was being denigrated, and so did I. It was clear that the days of her having a hot temper and being so uptight were gone. She was a new person. But above all, I got to watch her be complete ravished in her own bed.

She had been ravished to the point where she had screamed at the top of her lungs and soaked the bed with her orgasm. Her feet and toes had been curled up like the time I saw her masturbating, and her legs and back went completely stiff. The sweat glistening off her body showed just how intense this experience had been for her.

As the threesome came to a close, each of the men stroked themselves in front of my mother's face and came in between her lips. They showed their gratitude and appreciation for this night by filling her mouth with load after load of their cum, which she gratefully swallowed. Every time she would stop to gulp it down, she immediately opened her mouth for more.

When it was over, the two men got dressed and thanked us for the wild night before they left. I e****ted them to the door as my mother continued laying there, still naked, with traces of cum still on her body. She had a look of pure sexual bliss on her face as she was truly enjoying her moment.


It was 7am. As I walked down the hall in the early morning, I noticed that my mother's door was wide open as she prepared for work.

I looked inside to see my mother completely nude as she sat in front of her mirror, applying her make up. Her body looked clean and refreshed from the shower she just had. Her hair was exceptionally done. And she paid no attention to me as she was putting the finishing touches on her lipstick, after her mascara and the rest of her make up had been thoroughly applied.

"You look spectacular mom."

"Thank you," she said, still focusing on her lip stick. "There's someone at work who I've had my eye on for a while now; I want him to fuck me nice and hard later today."

"What have I created?" I jokingly asked.

"You've created a real woman. Isn't this what you wanted? Didn't you want your mother to be this way when you had your 'friend' seduce me? You've created a slut. That's what you've created."

"I never expected it to go this far. But after last night, I'm glad you've become such a nasty slut. That was the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed in my life. I even had to jerk off twice in my room before I could even think about going to sl**p."

She turned and looked at me, "I still don't think you have any idea what that was like for me. I feel so liberated now. And judging by that bulge in your shorts, I'd say you need to go back to your room and take care of yourself again. It's inappropriate to walk around this house with an erection."

"I can't help it mom. Seeing you nude like this with your hair and make up done so nicely can get any man's full attention. You're the most beautiful woman I know. I mean it."

She sat quietly for a few seconds where she contemplated what to say next.

"You know, I could really use a good warm up this morning. Pull your shorts down and get over here...before I change my mind that is."

I was completely shocked by her offer. But at the same time, I didn't want to let a perfect opportunity go to waste, so I immediately pulled off all my clothes and walked towards her. She looked me over as I came near her.

"What position do you want me in?" she asked.

"I want you right here," I told her. "I want to fuck you in front of the mirror so you can see yourself."

"Fine. That sounds like it could be fun."

She got up from her stool and moved it aside. She then bent over the dresser with her face just inches from the mirror. From there, I bent down, and for the first time I was able to get an intimate look at her vagina and anus. Both of her holes looked unusually tight for a woman her age. But then again, she was someone who hadn't yet discovered the joys of sex until recently. Her anus was light brown and was puckered tightly despite being bent over. Her labia was average sized, and was a darker shade of brown than her anus. I could see a small opening in which the pink insides of her vagina were beginning to glisten from her arousal.

"Don't stare too long, I've got to get going soon," she said, wiggling her hips.

I obliged, getting straight to work by leaning forward and quickly lapping my tongue up and down her labia like a paint brush. I gave my tongue a slight push and made my way onto her insides. She tasted good and was getting wetter by the second. And finally, I gave her anus a nice quick lick, which caused her muscles to tense up and her to gasp.

I stood straight up and positioned my cock against her opening. Knowing how tight she was, she used both hands to spread herself for me so that I would have an easier time making my way in. I pressed the head of my erection against her pink flesh and pushed. She squirmed with every inch of me that went inside her. She felt tight. And I could feel her becoming wetter by the second as she grabbed tightly onto the table as we began to have i****tuous sex with each other.

What made this experience all the more erotic was seeing her in the mirror. I got a wonderful view of her sagging breasts with it's hard pink nipples waving back and forth with every thrust I gave. Her mouth was slightly open and small gasps and moans escaped her lips. But most of all, I loved seeing the look in her face and in her eyes as we were doing this. The feeling of how immoral and wrong this was had fully sunk in for both of us, but we didn't care, it simply felt to good- it felt right. And that feeling made us want each other even more.

When I had reached my climax, I began fucking her even harder and shot load after load of my cum inside the very womb in which I was conceived. We were both breathing heavily and I stayed inside her until I became flaccid.

She then turned around and looked me in the eyes and put her hands on my shoulders, "I wish I could give you a big wet kiss right now, but I don't want to have to reapply my make-up this morning."

"What's the rush? We live together, and when you get back home from work today, we can kiss and fuck as much as we want."

She smiled, "Of course we can."

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1 year ago
2 years ago
Of course keeping "it" in the family is always the best way! Mom just postponed the inevitable until much after her son had pimped her out (even though he was not "paid" in cash he still pimped her). She certainly now has no inhabitations about incest with her son.

Very good story of voyuerism by the son; very stimulating! The story has a good rhythm and expression. AND, incest finally does occur!!
3 years ago
this is great