Mom, Auntie and Me

"Come on, hurry up, Auntie is waiting for us," I said to my mom.

She replied: "Why do we have to get up so early in the morning?"

I said: "Because she wants to get there before it gets too hot."

"Okay, let's go," replied my mom, and got up from the living room chair.

So, my mother, aunt, and I started walking to the nearby lake.

We could see the sun just rising over the far away horizon and, from the deserted path, it was apparent that people were still sl**ping.

On reaching a secluded spot near the lake, Mom took off her green T-shirt and brown shorts, revealing a black bra and matching panties.

While my mother was undressing, Sharon, my aunt, got rid of her sarong, which left her wearing nothing but a red bra and matching panties.

With both of them down to their basics, my eyes kept darting from blonde, full-figured, big-breasted, tall, and curvy Sharon to my sharp-featured, graceful, brunette mother.

While I was busy admiring Sharon's beauty, Mom caught me looking at Sharon's big breasts and I immediately got busy in taking off my T-shirt and blue jeans and within seconds I was in my shorts.

With that done, all three of us hit the water for a bit of swim.

After 15, 20 minutes, we came out of the water and sat down on our towels.

As soon as we sat down, Sharon, moving her hand toward the back of her red bra, said to my mom: "Let's get rid of these things."

When she said that Mom darted her green eyes toward me and stared at Sharon.

Sharon gave her a smile and said: "Come on, he is your son, not a stranger."

With that she flicked open her bra and presented the full view of her breasts to my mom and me.

On seeing Sharon do it, my mother also got into the mood, and before I could even feast my eyes on Sharon's big breasts, Mom had taken off her bra, too.

Now, with only their panties on, they lay down on the towel, with aunt Sharon on my left side and Mom on the right.

I was in heaven.

My mom rose up on her elbows, looked at Sharon and said: "How come you have so many marks there?"

Sharon looked down at her breasts, cupped them and said: "Mark is always biting me there." (Mark is her husband.)

At hearing this, Mom laughed, while I continued to enjoy the sight of two semi-naked beautiful women lying so close to me.

Sharon turned toward me, which meant her breasts were right in front of my eyes, and said: "Your mom looks very straight and pure, but she is naughtier than me."

I shifted my gaze toward my half-naked mother and said: "What do you mean?"

Sharon said: "I always had more boyfriends than your mom and she used to peep whenever I was with them."

Hearing this, my mother sat up, making her breasts juggle, and said: "That's a lie."

Sharon replied: "Didn't you do it when I was with Steve?"

Mom said: "That was once and it was by mistake."

Sharon said: "Mistake? You were watching us from the window."

I had no idea that Mom was like that.

I said to my mom: "How did you get caught?"

Sharon said: "I saw her watching us, but I was smarter than her. I acted as if I hadn't seen her."

Both Sharon and my mother laughed at this.

Mom said: "It wasn't such a good experience."

Sharon replied: "Yes, Steve wasn't that good, but Tim was, wasn't he?

Mom lay back on the towel, took a deep breath and said: "He was. Even now, I haven't forgotten the sight."

By now, I was openly admiring them and both Sharon and Mom knew I was looking at them.

But instead of asking me to stop staring at them, they were, I suspect, enjoying my admiration.

Sharon pointed toward me and said to my mother: "They say genetics play a big part and, if that is true, he must be a lucky guy."

Mom looked at me and smiled and it was then that I understood what Sharon meant.

It was getting too much for me, so I got up and went behind the rocks, where I took off my undies and masturbated.

After coming, as I turned around, I saw both Mom and Sharon looking and smiling at me from behind the rocks.

I immediately pulled my undies up and heard Mom say: "Clean yourself and come back."

I walked back to them with my head bowed in shame, but my mom came near me and, after putting her arms around me, said: "Don't worry, everybody does it."

Sharon, who was walking with us, said: "Mark does it all over my body, especially when I am going through THOSE days."

Mom nudged me closer and said: "Let's go for a swim."

And off we went for a well-deserved swim.

We all were splashing around, when Sharon told Mom to get out of the water, which she did without saying anything.

Then Sharon came near me and, hugging me from behind and pressing her big breasts firmly against my bare back, said: "I saved your ass by not telling your mom that it is you who has been biting me all over, now make me happy."

I tried to wiggle out of her embrace saying: "Mom could see us."

Sharon replied: "Let her enjoy."

And she moved her hand to my cock. I knew that Mom could see us, so I again tried to get out, but the whole scene was becoming too exciting for me.

Sharon said: "Don't spoil it. I always wanted to do it in water, and I know you want to do it, so don't waste time."

I turned around and, slipping my arms around her waist, I firmly planted a kiss on her red lips. Within seconds, we were embracing, kissing, touching, biting, and then started making the most sensuous love right there in the water, with my mom just feet away from us.

It was by far the best love-making session I had ever had.

After enjoying each other as much as we could, we got out of the water and were walking toward Mom when Sharon put her arm around me and whispered: "Come to my room at night and you would have the woman you have been fantasizing about for years."

I looked at her in surprise, but she just smiled.

When we reached the spot where our towels were, we saw my mom sitting there with a towel around her waist and her panties lying on the ground.

After sitting there for around 10 minutes, we walked back to the house.

I knew Sharon was going back to her place in two days and wanted to enjoy her as much as I could, so, even though it was not even 10 at night, I got up from my bed and opened the door of her room.

From the faint light coming from the street light through the window, I could see Sharon and my mother sitting on the bed with a bed sheet covering everything below their necks.

When Sharon saw me enter the room, she patted the bed and said: "Come, she is waiting for you."

I stepped inside and closed the door behind me.
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Nice but you have to fuck your mom also
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Hope there is a part 2.
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part 2???