A b*****r & s****r 13

With nice firm strokes, Julie started to remove the hair that covered Adriana's mound, regularly cleaning the razor in a bowl of water before returning to her work. Before long Julie was shaving Adriana's labia and Adriana was moaning and struggling to hold still each time Julie moved the folds of her flesh each time that she needed to give the razor a clean swipe at the hair.

"I can't believe how wet I am," Adriana said to Julie, propping herself up to watch the progress.

"I know what you mean, it was the same for me. And I am totally soaked now, just from getting to do this to you. Now I need you on your hands and knees so that I can finish you off."

Adriana obediently rolled over and got on her hands and knees and Julie applied the razor to the last wisps of hair that remained. Then she took the sponge again and washed off what she could before telling Adriana that she should stand over the bath and finish washing the remnant hair and shaving gel from her pussy so that they could both have a look.

Adriana stood in the bath and removed her t-shirt, to stand there naked as she bathed her pussy, Julie looking on, admiring the athletic and lithe form of her cousin-come-lover. She noted just how erect Adriana's nipples were and reached out to pinch one. Adriana slapped her hand away, laughing and telling her to let her finish.

Finally Adriana dried her freshly shaven pussy with a towel and stood to present herself to Julie. Julie knelt before her, getting a close-up view of her newly naked labia, which were pink and inflamed with the pleasure that had been stirred within her. She ran a finger over Adie's mound, caressing her, letting it trail down to the start of her slit where she gently parted Adie's lips as her finger slid between them, before sampling her juices from the finger as she withdrew it.

"Your pussy is so beautiful Adie," Julie told her. "I love your nice labia and the way that they hide so well the treasure between them, its not until I get to pull them apart that there is any hint of what is inside, it so gorgeous!"

Adriana blushed at the compliment that her cousin was giving her and suggested that they had better get back to the bedroom before anyone else decided that they needed a middle of the night pee. They quickly cleaned up any evidence of their nighttime adventure and hand in hand, crept back to Adriana's room where they piled into her bed together.

Adriana pulled her cousin to her, loving the feeling of Julie's larger breasts crushed against her own small ones. Julie's leg slipped between her own and she sighed as she felt the contact of her bare thigh rubbing against her wet pussy. She plunged her tongue into Julie's mouth before Julie began an eager slide to sample the pleasures of Adie's wet and now bare, pussy.

Adriana pulled and played with her own nipples as Julie's tongue began feasting on the nectar that seeped from within and twirled and tweaked its way around and over her clit.

Adriana was in heaven as Julie's tongue caressed each bit of newly exposed skin and it wasn't long before she found herself with a pillow clamped to her face, holding back her vociferous expression of pleasure as her pussy exploded into a being of pure pleasure.

"Oh good God," Adriana said as they drifted off to sl**p together. "I can't wait to feel Steve's massive cock in me now."

Julie awoke early the next day, before daylight. She tried to roll over and go back to sl**p but couldn't and eventually decided that she would just go and watch some television before anyone else woke up. She toyed with the idea of going to see if she could fuck Steve, or maybe even steal a feel of Alexis, but decided that with her Aunt and Uncle at home she should use some discretion. Just for once!

As she moved to the living room, she remembered catching her uncle wanking to porn and decided to turn on his computer and see how well he'd covered his tracks. She quickly found her way from the history to the porn sites that he'd been looking at and was pleased to see a number of girls that were of similar build to herself. She sat and looked at the pictures of ripe naked teenagers and quickly found herself fingering her pussy. She wondered what else her uncle had been up to and opened up word to see what the last file he'd opened was.

She thought that he must be the only one that used the computer, as the two girls both had their own laptops and she didn't think that her Aunt would approve of the file that she found he'd been working on. It turned out to be a story about a man following his niece around, lusting after her. It was quite well written and did nothing to abate the desire that was building within her body.

As she started to read the story, Julie realised that the description of the girl in the story sounded remarkably like herself. When her name was revealed to be Jenny, she really began to wonder about whether this story was supposed to be about her.

Her suspicions were confirmed when the girl in the story began to flirt with her uncle and play with her nipples at the dinner table. In the story, the older man's wife had passed away and he was raising two daughters on his own. And in the middle of the night, the young girl had sl**pwalked into his bedroom and climbed into his bed. He'd awoken in the morning to find he was spooning with her, a hand on her breast and his erect cock pressing into her bottom.

That was as far as the story had gone and Julie found herself wishing that she could find out how far he was going to take it. It made her think that she should have walked in and offered to suck her uncle's cock the previous night and not just have kept going. She started to wonder just how big it was and then decided to try something. She emailed the story to herself at home. If I finish the story the way I'd like, she thought to herself, I can send it back and blow his mind if I decided that its something that I'd like to do!

Julie heard noises from the other end of the house and quickly shut down the computer and made her way into the living room, where she fingered herself to an orgasm as the television played, forgotten and replaced by images in her mind.

"So did you cum for Steve?" Adriana asked her s****r the next day after everyone had left and they were alone in the house together.

"Mhmm," Alexis replied.

"Did you get to see him cum?"

"Yes ..."

"Where did he cum, on you?" Adriana pressed.

"Well not really, on me, as such," Alexis replied, enjoying teasing her obviously well interested s****r.

"What he came on the couch or something?" Adriana asked, not getting it.

"No silly, not on me so much as in my mouth."

"You sucked him off again? Way cool! I knew you weren't as much of a prude as you were making out. But you should really try fucking him you know. That cock is so fucking big its just amazing."

"I know ... I kept looking at hit and wondering what it would be like."

"Then you should find out, you know he'd be happy to have you!"

"I know, he did," Alexis said flatly before bursting out laughing at the look of shock on Adriana's face at her admission.

"Oh man and I had no idea! Wait until Julie finds out. She's going to want a piece of what her b*****r got!"

"Yeah, well I don't think that that's going to happen."

"Oh you should try it. It's a bit like fucking Steve, if you let it happen once, you won't be able to say no again. I might even decided that I am the one that should introduce you to a bit of lesbian love."

"Well, don't push me. Maybe one day. But I doubt it will be in the near future." Their parents came home at that point and the two girls went about doing their own things about the house.

Steve and Julie returned home early in the day, to be greeted by their parents who seemed extremely pleased with themselves. The two k**s teased them about having satisfied various itches and Dave couldn't help but notice that his daughter seemed to have more of a self assured swagger about herself that he wondered about. There was certainly something very sexual about the way she was moving that day that brought thoughts to her mind that he tried to cast from his mind.

Steve and Julie found things a little cramped around home with their mother and father both home and had to curb their internet activities, waiting for the next chance when they might be away. Julie kept thinking about how she had shaved Adriana's pussy and wondered whether it would still be that way the next time that Steve had an opportunity to see it given that there hadn't been a chance before they had to leave and come home.

"I have to go away for work for a couple of days," Olivia announced to the f****y at breakfast. Steve and Julie cast knowing glances at each other, having trouble keeping grins from their faces. All they needed now was a bit of luck to keep their father out of the way and they would be up for some fun.

Steve checked his email to discover a message from hornylady that told him that tomorrow night was going to be the opportunity for them to hook up and fuck each other. He told Julie that he was going to go stay with a friend for the night, which she was disappointed with, but accepted because it didn't look like there was going to be any absence of their father presented to them.

Steve took off and Julie holed up in her room, playing on the internet, stripping for strangers and playing with herself. She opened her email and re-discovered the story that her uncle had been writing. Sitting in a skimpy little mid-riff tank top and a pair of panties, she started to work on it and slowly got more and more excited by the prospect, taking the story to a point where the young girl in question turned into a horny little whore and sucked her uncle to an orgasm before allowing him to fuck her over the desk where she had found him sitting and writing erotic stories about her. She fingered herself as she wrote it and then sat there, wondering whether she could send it back to him or not. How would he react? Would he want her more, or run, scared of what it might mean?

She decided to sit on it for a while and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. Dave was in the kitchen and nearly fell over when his daughter walked in. Her nipples were all but cutting their way through the material of her little tank and her panties were pulled extremely tight against her butt and pussy. He tried not to look, telling himself that he shouldn't be, but his eyes kept getting drawn back when he thought that she wasn't looking.

Was he imagining things, or could he actually smell Julie's sexuality in the air. She bent over to get a glass out of the cupboard and she didn't bend her knees. Dave was sure that he the crotch of her panties that was exposed in the move was obviously wet and found that his cock was rising in reaction to the sight.

Julie for her turn, was on fire. She knew that her father was watching her and was playing up to it in every way that she could. She was finding that putting herself on display as she had in the kitchen at her aunties really got her going and the fact that she was here making her father's cock hard from across the room was getting her just as wet as when Adriana had delved in her pussy with her tongue. To think that they were alone in the house together and the opportunities that it presented! There was no one here to know what went on if she decided to wander into his room at night and grab his dick. How would he react? She had no idea and didn't think that she was about to find out.

She said goodnight to her father and went over and gave him a hug, pressing herself against him, feeling his erection and thrusting her breasts against his chest.

Dave muttered a reply to his daughter's goodnight wish. He was embarrassed, sure that she had felt his erection in the tight clasp that she'd thrust upon him, the memory of the feel of her breasts against him driving him to his room where he relieved himself of the sexual tension whilst thinking about things that he believed he shouldn't ever be considering.

Steve pulled up at the motel. He hesitated before he got out of the car, unsure whether or not he should really go through with this. Afterwards, he couldn't quite put his finger on what tipped him in favour, he just knew that at some point he'd realised that he was out of the car and inside the motel room.'

He entered to find a sheet strung across the room, dividing it into two halves about half way down the large bed. He called out to see if anyone was there or not.

"Of course I'm here, I'm absolutely wet with anticipation too," came the heavily modulated reply. Olivia had bought a modulator that would disguise the sound of her voice as she had considered in her planning that the one thing that was bound to undo her was her desire to be able to give instructions and suggestions during the process.

Olivia told Steve to get undressed and to move onto the bed and press his cock up against the sheet. He did as he was told and found his cock grasped by a hand through the sheet. Olivia stroked her hand up and down the sheet-clad length of his cock and told him just how wonderful it felt to finally have a hold of the massive member that she'd spent so much time watching on the computer and fantasizing about..

"Well I can't wait to finally get to taste that lovely bald pussy of yours," he said by way of reply."

"And I want to feel this cock split me apart, too," hornylady replied as she stroked him again and again. "But first, I am going to see how much of that monster I can suck into my mouth.

Steve watched as the sheet lifted until his cock disappeared under it. He felt a tongue swirl around the head of his cock and then the warmth of hornylady's mouth enveloped the head. He couldn't believe how turned on he was to have an anonymous person sucking on his cock when he couldn't even see their outline. He sighed and moaned his pleasure as hornylady worked her mouth up and down his shaft, each time taking a little more of his meat into her mouth.

Olivia sucked hungrily at her son's cock, amazed that she had actually been game enough to go through with her plan. She f***ed herself to take more and more until she gagged as the head of the massive member pushed at the back of her throat. She looked down in amazement as she still had a whole hand wrapped around his shaft and yet could take no more.

"I want to eat you," she heard her son say from the other side of the sheet. She told him to make room for her to stick her pussy under the sheet for him. She slid her legs and pussy under the sheet, leaving it d****d across her stomach, hiding her upper torso, breasts, arms and face from view before she felt the weight shift on the bed and a hand on each leg urged her to separate them. She complied willingly and the next touch that she felt was a wet tongue working its way up her slit, pushing, probing, exploring and loving her pussy.

Olivia grabbed her breasts and squeezed them, pulling on them as she moaned and squirmed, her mind picturing her son's face as he worked his oral talents on her pussy. She told him how wonderful it was and that if he didn't stop she was going to explode in a long-awaited orgasm. Steve told her that that was the whole idea and continued to lick and suck at her clit until she did in fact explode with her first orgasm, telling her that she needn't worry because it wasn't like it was going to the be the only one that she had that day.

Olivia wasn't sure where she first wanted her son to cum, but decided that she needed to have this marvel inside her especially as her pussy was already on the right side of the sheet.

"Put your cock in me, Steve. I want to feel that wondrous thing between my wet, bald lips."

Steve wasn't about to wait around for her to insist and positioned his cock ready to penetrate her. He began to slide inside, finding it easier than he hand with Julie or his cousins, but still tight enough to thrill him.

Olivia was amazed at how it felt to have him slide his cock inside her. She had played with some big toys (and vegetables) in her time, but this was the biggest cock that had ever spread her apart.

"My God, Steve, you make me feel like a virgin again its so big," she told him. Steve responded by sliding his cock back and forth, in and out, working over her pussy as he sought the release that his need had been building since he'd got in the car to leave home.

"Fuck me Steve! Cum in my pussy, fill me with your cum. I want to feel that monster explode in me!" Olivia urged him. Steve saw a hand appear, working over her clit as he thrust harder, faster and deeper in response to her insistence. He then held still as he felt his balls tense in response. His cock unleashed its cum deep within Olivia's pussy and they cried out together as Olivia sent herself over the edge again.

Olivia lay on the bed for a while, her body quivering and shaking as she recovered. Steve rolled aside and watched as Olivia's pussy tensed and relaxed with its orgasm, telling her how much better it was to get to see it live rather than via computer.

"Well it sure as hell was better for me, too!" Olivia laughed. Steve wasn't sure what was going to happen next and was startled as the lower half of the stranger's body disappeared back under the sheet again.

He watched the sheet that separated the two halves of the room for a sign of what to expect next. As he watched, he saw what could only be two breasts push the sheet out, the nipples clearly evident against the fabric.

"Touch me Steve, feel my body through the sheet," he was commanded and willingly, he complied, moving to his knees on the bed, reaching out to seize the breasts. He felt their weight and couldn't help but compare them to the wondrous mounds of his s****r, whose breasts he considered to be the ultimate measure of mammary perfection. They weren't quite as big as Julie's, nor were they as firm, but Steve wasn't about to complain as he felt hornylady thrusting them into his hands. He allowed one of hand to roam further over the body that was hidden from his eyes, caressing the curve of her hip, her stomach, pushing between her legs. He noted that the sheet became wet when he pushed against her pussy and he thrust harder, attempting to push the fabric between her lips.

"Finger me Steve, reach under the sheet and play with my pussy while you play with my tit." Steve lifted the sheet until he was able to feel the smooth skin of hornylady's thigh with his hand, sliding it up and under the sheet along her leg until he brushed her bald pussy, feeling their combined juices oozing from between her lips. Olivia sighed and Steve felt her weight shift as she spread her legs further apart to allow his fingers access to her pleasure centre. Steve buried two fingers within the folds of her pussy and moved them about, Olivia squirming and thrusting herself at the penetration.

With his other hand, Steve continued massaging Olivia's breast, gradually increasing the roughness with which he was treating the nipple as his subject responded more and more vocally. Steve felt a hand grab his and guide it in its movements to pleasure her. He allowed this older, experienced woman to teach him what it was that drove her pleasure. He was surprised when one of his digits was singled out and removed from her pussy and both further surprised and excited when he realised that he was being guided to insert that finger into his partner's anus. Soon he found himself with a finger in each of her holes as she ground away at his hand, both of her hands now supporting his and adding to the pressure against which she was working herself.

Steve could hear from the state of the breathing on the other side of the sheet that hornylady was approaching yet another orgasm. This was confirmed moments later when she squealed with delight and clasped her thighs together about his hand. Steve continued to gently caress the rest of her body as she shuddered and shook and recovered from her peak of pleasure.
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