A b*****r & s****r 12

"I don't think so Jules," Alexis said.

"We'll see," Julie replied, tucking her skirt up under its waist band so that her pussy remained exposed while she helped to finish off the dishes. It wasn't long until they heard approaching footsteps and Alexis hissed at Julie that enough was enough and that she should now make herself decent.

"As soon as you promise." Julie wondered whether Alexis would cave in or not and who was about to walk into the kitchen, Mary or John? She was finding it incredibly exciting and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter with the tension of the situation. She was determined not to be the one to concede and stood in the corner with her hands at her sides, Alexis' eyes boring into her own, no evidence of which way she would end up going.

Just as Julie was about to brace herself to be exposed to her Aunt or Uncle, she saw in Alexis' eyes that she was wavering.

"Ok," hissed Alexis. Julie quickly flipped her skirt free and covered herself, just as her Aunt walked into the room. Mary went to the fridge and poured herself a drink before heading back out to the lounge room to watch some more television.

"Yay, I can't wait!" Julie laughed as the others all sighed their relief upon Mary's exit.

With the dished completed, the k**s headed out to the living room to watch the TV with Mary. As they entered the room, Mary found herself staring at her nephew's bulge in his pants. It didn't seem to have decreased at all in the time that the k**s had been in the kitchen and she started to wonder if he was hard or just fucking big. After all, he'd been in there with his s****r and cousins, it wasn't like there was anything to get horny about.

After everyone had been comfortable for a while, Julie excused herself to go to the toilet. As she made her way through the house, she had to pass the study where her uncle was working. He had his back to the doorway and as she looked in, Julie noted that he appeared to be adjusting his pants as he sat in the seat. There wasn't anything untoward on the screen, but Julie did wonder if he'd just done a bit of quick alt-tabbing. She continued on her way and on the return journey made sure that John heard her pass his door. Then she crept quietly back to peer in through the door way. Sure enough, when she peeked, her suspicions were confirmed. On the screen was a picture of a girl of about her own age, bare breasted with her nipples standing out to attention. John was leaning back in his chair, his hands working away at his cock. Julie found herself wishing she could see him in action, but his body was blocking her view. She stood watching as he cycled through a couple of pictures, her hand slipping beneath her skirt to gently caress her bare, wet lips before she realised that she had better get back before someone came to see what was taking her so long.

The show that they were watching came to an end and Mary announced that she was off to bed. The k**s all decided to watch the next show that was coming on and bid her good night.

Almost the instant that she could be sure that no-one was coming back to check up on them, Julie started to push for Alexis to fulfill her promise and show them her pussy.

Alexis started to attempt to get out of it, but the other three ganged up on her telling her that a deal was a deal and that she wasn't going to worm her way out of it.

Steve and Adriana sat on either side of Alexis and Julie knelt on the floor by her legs, which she teased apart so that she could move between them. As she nestled in between Alexis' legs, her hands began to work at the button and zip of her jeans. Alexis sat on the couch, somewhat uncomfortable about what was happening, but also surprised at how her pussy was reacting to the presence around her and what was happening.

Julie moved so that she could pull Alexis' jeans down her long slender legs, doing so slowly to tease her b*****r and Adriana who were both as happy to see what was going on as she was. The departure of her jeans exposed a pair of pale blue cotton panties and as she pulled the jeans off, Julie's eyes watched Steve as he all but salivated over them (especially because there was a small wet patch evident in the material).

Julie grasped the waist-band of Alexis' panties and slowly started to peel them down the long path that the jeans had just taken to the floor. The three spectators started to whisper their appreciation as Alexis' pussy was revealed to them for the first time.

Alexis kept her pubic hair trimmed nice and short and there was just a drag strip leading down to her pussy lips, which had been shaved bare. An obvious bead of moisture nestled between her lips to the delight of Julie and her cohorts.

"Here, show Alexis what you like to do with girls' wet panties," Julie said to Steve as she flipped them to her b*****r.

Alexis stared as Steve dropped his shorts to reveal his massive, rock hard cock. "Yes," she thought to herself, "I really did want to see it again, didn't I?" Steve then sat back down on the couch and wrapped her panties about his cock and started to masturbate, moving the panties up and down his length.

As Alexis watched, Julie reached out with her finger and ran it up her cousin's slit. It took a moment for her to react as her first instinct had been to sigh at the unexpected pleasure between her legs.

"Hey, I said that you could look at it, not touch it," she said to Julie.

"Well that's just a waste though," Julie replied. "Why don't you touch it then, you can get yourself off at the same time that Steve does and Adie and I will just watch, right Adie?"

"Look, I just don't know, alright?" Alexis said, clearly battling the experience within her mind.

"Ok," Julie said, " What if Adie and I leave you two alone and go do something else whilst you watch Steve and he watches you? Will you try it then?"

Alexis looked at the massive cock that Steve was using her panties to pleasure. She remembered clearly the night that she had sucked it and she remembered how good it had felt when Steve had rubbed it against her arse in the kitchen. She felt her resistance crumbling as a small drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his cock.

"Ok," Alexis said quietly. Julie clapped and pulled Adriana up from the couch where she'd been absently pulling at her nipples, waiting for the outcome of the discussion.

Alexis relaxed somewhat once her s****r and cousin had left the room. There was something about Julie that put her under a pressure that she'd never really felt before and she wasn't quite sure how to deal with it.

Alexis and Steve now turned to face each other so that they could each observe the other's hands as they pleasured themselves. Steve watched as Alexis spread her lips apart and then dragged her middle finger along her slit so that it took up the moisture that was seeping from her depths. With her finger wet, she rubbed it gently over her clitoris, circling it around and around, the fingers of her other hand holding her now puffy lips apart to allow her access. She moaned at the intensity of the pleasure that she had wanted to provide herself but had been reluctant to go with whilst the other two were in the room. She stared at the enormity of her cousin's cock and watched as her own panties were used to slide up and down its length. A drop of pre-cum appeared at the entrance to its little hole and disappeared amongst the pale blue folds of her panties. She thought about that drop mixing with her own juices and shuddered as it led to consideration of what it might be like to have Steve's enormous cock inside her. She pushed two fingers deep inside her hole as she considered it.

To think that her s****r and Steve's s****r had both allowed him to fuck them ... the thought plagued her as she watched his hand move up and down his cock again and again. She remembered sucking him and found that the thought brought even more moisture to her pussy. Her lips were on fire as she played between them and stroked them. The more she watched Steve play with himself, the more she considered that she should have that cock for more than just visual entertainment. She looked at Steve's face, wondering what he was thinking, but knowing really. His eyes were watching her fingers as they played within her pussy. The lust on his face was unmistakable. He wanted to fuck her.

And the more she thought about it, the closer she got to allowing him do exactly that. She stroked her wet lips as Steve pumped his shaft and noticed another drop of pre-cum appear at the small hole that adorned the head. It sat there, glistening as his hand worked on his shaft, inviting and daring her to do something about it. She felt her juices run at the thought of licking it from the tip of his cock and something in her mind clicked.

Alexis lent forward and did exactly that. She licked the drop of pre-cum from the tip of her cousin's cock, the slightly salty taste enlivening the tip of her tongue. Steve moaned in pleasure and surprise and Alexis plunged her mouth down over his cock, deciding that it was to be all or nothing as she slurped and sucked on his stiff member.

Steve watched in amazement as Alexis continued to work his cock with her mouth, her hand now reaching out to envelop and pump the shaft below her mouth as it worked up and down, her tongue swirling about the head, licking and teasing between deep sucks. Alexis looked up and met his eyes and smiled at him as she released his cock from her mouth.

"Our s****r's were right, you know," she said starting to move on the couch.

"How's that?" Steve asked.

"You can only look at this thing for so long before you decide that you have to fuck it in case you never get another opportunity." Steve grinned, stunned as Alexis positioned her sopping wet pussy over his cock, slowly sliding it inside her as her cousin lay there enjoying the tightness that encased him.

"God, I love this," Steve said to her as she took more and more inside him. Alexis just smiled and looked down at the enormous dick that was slowly splitting her in two. She took what she could inside her and then began to slowly slide herself up and down, Steve reaching out to caress her small breasts, tugging at her nipples gently.

Her pussy was so full she could hardly believe that Steve's massive member was even inside her. She couldn't get all of it in, it started to hurt, but she rode up and down what she could, wondering why she had been so reluctant to try this amazing piece of meat. Its not like she was a virgin innocent or anything. It must have been the presence of her s****r and cousin. It took some getting used to the thought that the two of them were happily fucking each other and Steve.

As she rode up and down, she watched the thick shaft of Steve's cock, the veins throbbing on its side. His hand slid down her body from her breasts and began to manipulate her clit and Alexis bit down on her lip to keep from crying out as the sharp needle of pleasure announced that he had made contact. She ground her hips around on his cock and whimpered as her body crashed on the wave of her orgasm, shuddering and shaking and gripping at the shaft that had invaded her. She gently slid to one side, off of Steve's cock and looked down at the glistening pleasure machine.

"Wow, thanks Steve."

"Hell, no, thank you," he replied. "I didn't think I'd ever be so lucky as to enjoy this moment with you."

"Well, I guess we can't leave you there all primed up with no-where to go, " Alexis said, eyeing off his wet cock. She had never sucked a cock that had been in her pussy (or anyone else's for that matter) but knew that sucking him off would be exactly what either Adriana or Julie would do. She decided that if she was ever going to taste a girl's juices, at least on this occasion it would be private and her own. She lowered her mouth over Steve's cock again, not entirely sure what to expect when she tasted herself on him. It wasn't as bad as cum she decided and sucked and licked him to bring him closer to cumming.

Steve lay back on the couch and watched as his cousin's ripe lips plunged up and down his shaft where her pussy had so recently been pleasuring him. He reached out and stroked her hair and she looked up into his eyes as her tongue circled the head of his cock. He felt his climax approaching and started thrusting at his cousin's mouth, willing her to pleasure him to the point of climax. Alexis allowed Steve to fuck her mouth. He suddenly held still and his cock twitched and released a stream of cum into her mouth. Alexis swallowed and swallowed, taking all of Steve's cum in her mouth and feeding like her life depended on it. Alexis quickly grabbed her clothes, kissed Steve and ran off to her room, fleeing before she had a chance to think about what she had just done with her cousin.

Steve watched his gorgeous cousin flee the room. He thought about going with her but decided to give her time and made his way to the room where he was bunking down on the floor.

"I want you to do something for me Jules," Adriana said as they left Alexis and Steve to their fun.

"And what's that?" Julie asked her.

"I want you to shave my pussy so that its all smooth like yours," she said a little quietly.

"Really? Cool, I'd love to," Julie said, "what made you want it bald?"

"I've been thinking about it for a bit," Adriana told her, "And then when I got to see your pussy again tonight, it just turned me on so much that I decided that I'd take the plunge and do it. The only thing that has really worried me about doing it is the re-growth. I keep thinking about how I'll go on my bike but I guess I can just shave as necessary or let it grow back if I don't like it. We'll just have to wait until Steve and Alexis are asl**p though, I don't want them walking in on it being done. I want it to be a surprise for Steve."

"Fine by me, I'll just have to entertain you for a bit then," Julie said enthusiastically as they made their way to the bedroom.

"Gee I wonder what you could possibly do that would entertain me?" Adriana laughed, flopping down on her bed.

"Maybe this?" Julie said, flipping her skirt up and flashing her bare pussy at her cousin.

"Not a bad start," Adriana replied, reaching out to stroke her cousin's smooth mound.

Julie laughed and Adriana reached her hands around to cup Julie's butt cheeks in her hands and pull her pelvis forwards, her tongue seeking out and finding the bald slit that was her objective. Adriana ran her tongue up along Julie's slit, eliciting moans from her target as Julie finally began to realise the release from the passion that had been building within her all through dinner and beyond.

Julie ran her fingers through Adriana's hair, pulling her into her pleasure zone, reveling in the feelings that were now coursing through her. She let her fingers travel down over her cousin's cheeks to her shoulders, caressing her gently before pushing against her, urging her to lay back on the bed. As Adriana relaxed backwards, Julie crawled up along her body, her breasts dragging their way with her, tasting Adriana's nipples as her tongue made its way to, and entered her cousin's mouth.

She allowed herself to fall upon Adriana, feeling the small tight nipples of her cousin's breasts straining against the fabric of her t-shirt, pushing into the firm mounds of Julie's own breasts, whose nipples responded in kind.

The two girls dueled their tongues, one against the other, loving their moments of intimacy, sharing their kiss before embarking on an even greater and more thrilling shared experience. As they kissed, the two girl's hands began the process of pulling and tugging at each other's clothing, determined to remove such encumbrances from the ritual they wished to enjoy.

At last they lay together, naked. Adriana reached out to caress Julie's magnificent breast, feeling the fullness of it in her hand, gently rubbing her palm across the nipple, and pulling it, squeezing as much of the breast as she could again. Julie found her fingers seeking her pleasure centre, stroking her slit to bring lubrication to her clit as Adriana continued her fascinated playing with Julie's nipple, which was soon extended to include sucking and nibbling.

As Adriana lifted herself to suck on Julie's nipple, Julie ran her hand down the front of Adriana's torso until she was able to caress her pussy. Adriana lifted herself further in response, spreading her legs, allowing Julie's finger to slip easily between her wet lips where it slid back and forth and in and out.

Adriana moaned and bit down on her cousin's nipple, letting her own fingers travel to Julie's pussy where she could return the digital pleasure that she was receiving. She released Julie's nipple from her mouth and said to her, "I'm going to eat you now. I am going to lick your hot little clittie until you explode for me."

"Oh yes please!" Julie replied, squirming as Adriana trapped her clit between her thumb and forefinger and briefly tugged it.

Adriana kissed her way down Julie's body until she lay between her spread legs, admiring the smooth sheen of her moist, swollen, bald pussy lips.

"Oh yes, I definitely want my pussy to look like this," she said breathily to Julie before licking her tongue delicately along her left labia.

"I can't wait to get to do it to you," Julie replied as Adriana's tongue furthered its exploration of her pleasure centre. Julie played with her own breasts as Adriana's tongue worked its way all over her pussy before sliding between her lips to dip into the source of her nectar.

Julie arched her back in response to the penetration, pleasure rushing through her system before Adriana worked her way up her slit to lick and caress her clitoris, sending further waves of bliss through her.

Julie continued to moan, pulling on her cousin's hair and trying to pull her head in close to her pussy as she was worked closer and closer towards orgasm. She clenched her jaw together as she tipped over the edge, desperately wanting to vocalise her release, but not wanting to alert the rest of the house.

Adriana crawled her way back up over her cousin's body, taking time to lick and kiss her skin along the way, especially when she reached the nipples that stood erect and ready, begging for attention in their post orgasmic state.

Julie told Adriana that she wanted to eat her now, but Adriana told her that she wanted to wait until she had been shaved. That she wanted to keep her pleasure for a new experience. Julie accepted her desire and after Adriana set her alarm for 1am, the two of them curled up together in the one bed, their warm, naked bodies entwined as sl**p claimed them.

Adriana cursed as the alarm sounded, breaking her from her dreamless reverie. She automatically reached over to hit the snooze button but stopped as she realised where she was and what was going on. She halted her hand's movement and dropped it to the nice full breast that her movement had exposed as the sheet fell away. Julie stirred and moaned, but she didn't wake. Adriana pulled at the nipple; gradually increasing the pressure until finally Julie did, with a squeak, awaken.

Adriana allowed her a few moments to come to terms with where she was and then quietly informed her that it was time for them to go to the bathroom and denude her pussy.

They crept down the hallway quietly and into the tiled bathroom, every minor sound seeming like a cymbal crash as they echoed in the almost unnatural environment that a tiled room creates in the middle of the night.

Julie turned on the heat lamp as Adriana removed her panties and pulled her t-shirt up above her waist to expose her pussy for her cousin to attend to.

Julie noted that Adriana had already started the shaving process for her by trimming any length from her pubes. She picked up a sponge and wet it with warm water before gently stroking it over her cousin's pussy. Adriana shuddered at the contact, whispering to Julie that if every touch was going to be that electric, that she didn't know whether she would manage to let her finish or not. Julie just smiled and picked up the can of shaving gel. Squirting some onto her hand, she started to rub it all over so that it foamed up and covered all the areas that required shaving.
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