A b*****r & s****r 11

Soon Julie sat in her skirt, her blouse having been discarded, her lovely breasts nestled within a black satin bra. Steve's cock had been released from his jeans and was being manipulated by Julie's hands as she stroked up and down its length. As there had been the previous night there were calls for oral action and Julie was happy to oblige, taking the enormity of her b*****r's cock into her mouth to suck and lick on it as he leaned back in the chair and squirmed in pleasure.

Julie removed her hands from the cock and slid her mouth up and down the erection, the smooth skin sliding across her tongue as her hands reached behind her to release her breasts from the confines of her bra. She told Steve to turn side on to the camera and he obliged her. Then she pulled his cock up straight so that it nestled between her breasts and squeezed them around it. She dribbled saliva down over the head of her b*****r's cock until she could feel it on her breasts as well.

With his cock lubricated, Julie began to move up and down so that Steve's cock slid between her breasts, much to the delight of their internet audience.

As Olivia watched her son's cock disappearing between her daughter's breasts on the small screen before her, she found that she was getting hornier and hornier and thinking less and less of the fact that the two people she was watching were her c***dren. Instead she was becoming obsessed by the thought that she wanted to feel that cock between her own breasts, in her mouth and most of all, in her pussy.

Steve stood up so that he could remove his clothes and there were many calls from the audience for Julie to do the same, so she too stood up, letting her skirt fall to the floor to reveal the matching satin panties to the bra she had discarded earlier. She turned to face the camera and pulled her panties up tight to her pussy, showing a camel toe before rubbing her pussy furiously and pushing the fabric into her hole.

Steve stroked his cock as he watched this, just as delighted by his s****r's performance as the audience was. Then Julie peeled the panties down her legs and stepped out of them. Steve was going to pick them up, but Julie took them instead. She turned them inside out and leant in close to the camera to show the slimy trail that her pleasure had left on the crotch. Then, to Steve's delight and surprise she licked her tongue right through the middle of the slimy patch. The audience reacted with a string of happy messages.

Next she wrapped the panties around Steve's cock and wanked him with them, the fingers of her other hand beginning to explore her bald pussy. She lifted her fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean before sinking them deep in her hole again and offering them to Steve, who cleaned them appreciatively.

There were plenty of calls for some fucking action by this time and Julie bent forwards over the computer desk so that Steve could slide his cock into her from behind. He manipulated the camera so that their audience could see Julie's bald pussy lips as they clung to the thick veined shaft that worked its way in and out of their wet embrace.

Steve reached under to fondle his s****r's nipples, squeezing and pulling on them as he slid his cock in and out of her nice tight pussy. Releasing them again, he looked down at his cock sliding in and out and saw his s****r's puckered anus. His mind went back to hornylady and how she had slid first a finger into her anus and he wondered whether he would get away with sliding a finger inside his s****r's butt. He decided that if he were to try it he'd have to talk to her about it first and not surprise her with it in front of an audience!

Julie told Steve that she wanted to taste herself on his cock and he pulled out so that she could suck him again. Once he was clean, she told him to kneel down as she sat on the desk with her legs spread so that he could lick her pussy for her. She took the camera from him, giving the audience an extreme close-up of her bald pussy and wet hole before holding the camera to show her b*****r applying his oral talents to her willing pussy. He continued until she announced that she was cumming at which point he pulled back so that Julie could show the camera a close-up of her clenching pussy as her orgasm rocked her body.

When she had recovered she told Steve to stand there whilst she blew him until he came. When he came, Julie treated their audience to a facial as she had the night before, her b*****r's cum spraying across her face before she scooped it back into her mouth with her fingers.

Olivia cleaned herself up after her k**s finished their performance; her pussy beautifully satisfied but now craving more than she thought she would ever let herself in for. She slept fitfully that night, her hands continually wandering to her erogenous zones as she formulated a plan to fulfil her newly confirmed desires.

At about 1 in the morning she got up and turned the computer on and fired off an email to monstercock4fun. She slept after that and in the morning returned home to greet her k**s, finding it hard to look them in the eye and wondering how they managed to pull it off. She figured that it was only because they didn't know that she knew.

Steve turned the computer on to check the various email accounts that he had set up. When he got to the monstercock one, he saw a message from hornylady and quickly opened it, wondering what it might be.

My well hung Steve,

I've watched you have sex with your s****r two nights in a row now and have come to the conclusion that that enormous cock of yours needs to be buried in my pussy. I want to have sex with you.

I know this might be a bit of a surprise and that you might not even be interested, but in case you are, I have a proposal for you.

I wish to retain my anonymity at this point, which provides a bit of a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. What I am proposing is that I rent a motel room somewhere near your area and that we meet there. It means we don't have to reveal addresses to each other just yet.

In addition, I will wait in the bathroom prior to your arrival and there will be a sheet or similar hung across half of the bed. You'll get on the bed with your head at the end that can't see the bathroom, with the sheet hanging over about your waist. I will then come in and pleasure your cock. We'll go from there. I'll be able to stick my butt through so that you can fuck me from behind and play with my pussy and I am sure that we'll come up with other fun if you decide to go ahead with it. I 'll come up with a way to disguise my voice, so I may sound a little funny. You have to understand that as I am married, I'll be taking the biggest chance there is with regards to my marriage.

But I want your cock so bad I am prepared to do it.

Please send your reply.

Agonisingly hornily yours,


Steve thought about the proposal for a while, wondering if he had the nerve to go through with it. He thought about it for quite a long time before deciding that opportunities like this probably didn't happen all the time and what the hell, he'd go out on a limb and run with it. He replied that if hornylady sent the details through, he'd be there with bells on.

He fired off the email and shut down the computer, wondering when he'd get a reply and how long it would be before he sunk his cock into hornylady's pussy and whether he could ask her to slide a finger in her bum hole for him while he watched.

Olivia waited for Dave to come home. She'd been horny as hell all day. He'd been gone for a whole month and with all of the action that had been going on about the house and the computer her pussy had been worked over well, but only by her fingers and toys. She wanted a real dick inside her. She'd packed the k**s off to her s****r's for the night, which had been fine by them (even if they did tease her about knowing why she was shipping them out of the house) and now she just wanted a night of decadent sex.

She heard the taxi pull up and went to the front door to greet her husband. She checked the peep hole to ensure that he was alone as he strode up the drive way before dropping the robe she was wearing to stand waiting for him, naked as he turned the key in the door.

"Now, that is what I call a welcome!" Dave said as he spotted his naked wife before him and hurriedly closed the door behind him. Olivia all but leapt into his arms, her tongue thrust between his lips demanding a return on the passion that she was throwing at him. Sliding back to the floor as Dave dropped his bags, Olivia's hands released his pants and she continued to slide lower and lower until his now erect cock was standing before her ready to be devoured. Dave moaned as his cock disappeared between his wife's lips in the entry hall to the house. He pulled his shirt off, working on getting naked quickly to take advantage of his wife's mood.

Olivia worked her mouth up and down Dave's cock, flicking the head with her tongue, licking at the underside and slurping noisily as she took as much as she could in before pistoning up and down his length, which now glistened with her saliva.

"Fuck me Dave, right here and right now, fuck me good and hard!"

"Well, I can't say no to a demand like that," he answered as Olivia lay back on the carpeted floor, her legs spread to reveal her bald pussy, glistening with the moisture of her pleasure.

Dave positioned himself over his wife and thrust deep between her wet lips, his cock sliding effortlessly inside her, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from her.

"Oh God that feels good, you have no idea how much I have been wanting to be fucked like this,"

"Well, if this is the way that I'm going to be greeted when I come home, maybe I should go away more often!" Dave laughed as he thrust his cock in and out of his wife's pussy.

"Just be quiet and fuck me hard!"

Dave laughed again and stepped up the tempo of his thrusts, feeling Olivia's slick bald lips sliding up and down the length of his engorged penis, watching her breasts as they swayed in time with her movements, the nipples erect, begging for attention. He leaned down and sucked hard on them, just like he knew that she liked it.

Olivia was grunting with each thrust and then, looking into Dave's eyes, said to him, "Stop, I want you to fuck me in the bum doggie style." Dave pulled out of her and Olivia moved to assume a new position, pausing along the way to suck her juices from her husband's dick before turning away from him on her hands and knees.

Dave slid his cock back into Olivia's pussy to get it slimy again and then pulled out and positioned it at the entrance to her puckered little hole. Olivia pushed back against him and he watched as his cock disappeared an inch at a time into her anus.

Olivia took it slow as her butt was filled with her husband's dick, loving the stretching feeling as her arse was opened up. She reached beneath hereslf to stroke her clit as Dave started to ease his cock back and forth inside her, feeling the penetration over and over again. As she touched herself and drew ever closer to orgasm, Olivia found herself wondering just how big her son's cock would feel inside her when she had sex with him and whether she would let him fuck her in the arse or not.

Thinking of his enormous cock whilst her husband pounded her arse made her consider having the two of them at the same time which proved too much for her and she screamed, orgasming. This was enough for Dave and he pumped his seed deep inside her butt as it clenched and squeezed his cock in the throes of pleasure.

Dave allowed his cock to slide out of Oliva's butt and Oliva stood, cum dribbling from her anus. She took Dave's dick in her hand and pulled him along behind her and led him to the bathroom where she ran the shower. Dave watched the wiggle of his wife's arse as she walked along in front of him, enjoying the sight of his cum as it slowly ran down her leg.

The two of them entered the shower space, water cascading in a warm, wet flow over their bodies. Their hands caressed each other, feeling the smoothness of the wet skin. Olivia took the soap and worked it over her husband's body taking care to touch him in all the places that she knew excited him. As planned, Dave soon stood before her with his cock erect and again ready for action. Olivia dropped to her knees, eagerly soaping her husband's cock with her hands, teasing and exciting him before allowing the water to wash away the soap.

Looking down the engorged length of her husband's cock, Olivia opened her mouth and flicked her tongue across the tip, probing gently at the hole before engulfing his length with her mouth. Dave moaned as she worked up and down his length again, in a repeat performance of her earlier greeting. As she sucked on his cock, she took the soap from the floor of the shower and lathered her hands. Once they were well soaped, she slipped a hand between her husband's butt cheeks and slid her finger gently inside his anus.

Dave groaned in audible appreciation and his cock thrust at his wife's mouth as her finger slid in and out in counter point to her mouth's action on his cock.

As she felt her husband prepare to cum, Olivia slipped her mouth from his cock and pumped it with the hand not engaged in pleasuring his arse. She opened her mouth so that Dave could watch as his cum flew through the space between the tip of his cock and his wife's open mouth. She then shut her eyes and mouth and allowed the rest of his cum to cover her face, before turning into the flow of water to allow it to wash away.

Having showered, Olivia offered to cook her husband dinner, as long as they both remained naked.

Across town, at Olivia's s****r's place, another dinner was taking place. And although no one was naked, there was certainly some sexual tension in the air.

Julie sat next to her b*****r, opposite her cousins, Adriana and Alexis with her Aunt Mary at one end and Uncle john at the other.

Julie was taking great delight in teasing the other people at the table, dropping her hand into her b*****r's lap occasionally to squeeze his cock. She kept it up just enough to make sure that he didn't quite manage to lose his erection. And between times, she was also teasing Adriana, running her bare foot up her cousin's leg, trying to get it as close to her pussy as possible.

Julie was having so much fun that her pussy was virtually dripping with excitement. And considering that she had neglected to put any underwear on, she wondered how big a wet patch she might end with on the back of her skirt.

Julie reached across the table to get the jug of water, and her nipple brushed against the edge. She shivered slightly as her sensitive nipple responded to the encounter and as she sat back in her chair, she noticed her uncle eyeing her off. He was sitting in just the right position that he would have had a lovely profile view of her tit. Julie decided to have some more fun and when she thought that no one but her uncle was looking, she glanced away and idly tweaked her right nipple, pulling it until she could barely stand it. Then she let it go and glanced over at her uncle who was all but drooling at the sight of the tight and erect bud of her breast straining against the material of her t-shirt.

She smiled to herself and ran her foot back up Adriana's calf, caressing her leg until she noticed her sit forwards in her chair, her legs slipping apart. Julie leaned back in her chair a bit so that she could move her foot higher. It ran along Adriana's thigh until she could feel her toe pushing against the crotch of her cousin's panties.

Alexis looked at Julie and coughed and Julie let her foot fall back to the floor, blushing slightly, sure that Alexis must have seen what was going on.

Steve laughed at the look on Adie and Julie's faces as they studiously dug back into their dinner. Julie grabbed his cock as she finished her meal to exact revenge on him for laughing.

John announced that as Mary had cooked, and he had work to do, the four k**s could do the dishes and Mary could relax. The k**s were fine with that and made their way into the kitchen.

As their daughters and their niece and nephew stood to make their way to the kitchen, Mary happened to allow her eyes to wander over her nephew's taught, trim body, admiring the obvious strength of his youth. As her gaze reached his crotch, she nearly gasped out loud as she noted just how big the package was that he was concealing within his pants.

"My god," Mary thought to herself, "I wonder if Olivia knows what she's managed to bring into this world." She f***ed her gaze away from Steve's crotch and made her way into the living room to watch television.

John made his way to the study where his computer awaited him. He'd had every intention of catching upon some things that he'd been meaning to get around to for the office, but instead he found himself surveying the bodies of Naked young women on the internet and stroking his cock as his thoughts drifted back to the way that his niece had been absently pulling and tugging on her nipple. He hadn't stopped to think about why she might have been doing it, he'd been too aroused as he'd tried to peek gain and again at his niece's nipple attempting to pierce its way through her t-shirt. The more he thought about it, the more it turned him on and he opened up word to start writing a story, suddenly feeling inspired.

Steve squeezed his way between his s****r, who stood behind him and Alexis, who stood at the sink doing the washing up. He felt Julie rub her breasts against his back and he rubbed his cock against Alexis' bum. He expected Alexis to push him away and tell him to leave her out of the smutty games, but to his surprise, she just laughed at him and pushed her bum out. That did nothing to ease the erection in his pants.

As they continued the dishes, Julie, Adriana and Steve continued to tease each other mercilessly, grabbing and fondling each other and rubbing their bodies together.

Julie rubbed herself up against Alexis, who appeared less comfortable than she did when Steve had done the same thing.

"You know Alexis, I think its time that I got to see your pussy," Julie said for everyone to hear.

"Well I don't like your chances of that," Alexis laughed.

"Oh, I'm sure that I'll be clever enough to come up with something that you can't say no to," Julie laughed in reply. She moved away from Alexis and grabbed a plate to wipe, a pensive look way to on her face as she tried to come up with a way to see her older cousin's pussy. She remembered kissing her after she had sucked off Steve and wanted to do more.

There was something about the fact that Alexis kept saying no that drove Julie wild. She was at the point now that she would do almost anything to get her tongue into her cousin's pussy.

Julie moved to stand in the corner of the kitchen where she couldn't be seen without warning from the door way if someone happened to walk in. Then she lifted her skirt to show off to Adriana and Steve the fact that she was wearing no underwear.

"God Jules, Can't you put that thing away for a bit?" Alexis said, laughing at Julie's brazen behaviour.

"Why should she do that? I kind of like having it there too look at ... And touch," Adriana said, moving over to run her fingers over her cousin's bare mound.

"Yeah, well, I am sure that you'd be just as happy when Mum walks in and finds you with your hand all over your cousin l like that too!" Alexis laughed.

Adriana admitted that that would indeed be a bit more that she was prepared to deal with at this point. It didn't stop her from slipping a finger between Julie's lips and sucking on it though.

Julie didn't put her skirt down after Adriana moved away. Instead, she told Alexis that she would leave her pussy exposed until Alexis promised to show Julie hers.
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