A b*****r & s****r 6

"God Steve, its so big, fuck my pussy with it Steve, I love it!" Adriana was saying as he worked his cock in and out time and time again. After only a couple of minutes he felt his orgasm building beyond his control to stop.

"I need to cum," he told Adriana.

"Fill my pussy Steve, its safe, I'm on the pill. I want my pussy filled with your sticky cum Steve." His cousin talking to him so dirty was more than he could take and he exploded inside her pussy, his sperm filling her as he held his twitching cock in her pussy.

"Oh God, thank you Adriana," Steve said as he collapsed on top of his cousin.

"Oh thank you," she replied, smiling and kissing him, feeling his cum oozing from her pussy as she rolled him off of her. They lay together for awhile before Adriana suggested that she should probably say hello to Julie seeing that she'd been so rude as to walk in and just fuck her b*****r without so much as a 'g'day'.

Steve said that it would probably be a good idea and so the two of them set about getting cleaned up and dressed.

Outside the door to Steve's room, Julie scrambled back to her own bedroom, her bald pussy dripping in its post orgasmic bliss under her short skirt, her wet fingers slipping on the door handle to her room.

She couldn't believe that Adriana had just fucked Steve! She had expected that they'd enjoy some mutual oral sex like she and Steve had been doing and was going to walk in and join in. But when she'd listened at the door she heard Adriana asking for his cock in her pussy. Julie had stood transfixed, listening to her b*****r losing his virginity, jealous that she wasn't doing so as well. But she couldn't' exactly walk in on that! And so she had played with her already wet pussy as she listened to her cousin talk about how full and stretched her pussy was, pushing up to three fingers into her shaved hole as she imagined Steve doing it to her.

In her room, she quickly pulled on a pair of panties and got settled just in time for Adriana to knock on her door.

"Hey Jules, how's it going?" Adriana asked as she entered the room.

"Good. You look a little flushed, been having fun with Steve?" she asked, teasing her cousin.

"Oh yes, we had a great time," Adriana said, grinning. "I don't think that he'll forget this afternoon for awhile."

"Well I imagine that not many boys would forget their hot cousin giving them a blow job," Julie said, wondering whether Adriana would admit that she'd been doing more than that in the room down the hall just moments ago.

"Of course not, though considering that was just the beginning of the pleasure, I think he'll remember this one even more than the one I shared with you."

"Just the beginning? Did you fuck my b*****r?" Julie asked with feigned shock.

"Well, let's just say that not all the gooshy wetness between my legs isn't mine," Adriana laughed rubbing her crotch through her bike shorts, blushing a little.

"Fuck, I can't believe that you fucked him."

"Well you were the one that told me what a big cock he had, so you can't be that surprised."

"Yeah I told you it was big and we both sucked it, but I didn't expect you to turn around and start fucking him!"

"I'm sorry, did I miss something, did you want to be the first one to fuck him or something?" Adriana asked, surprised at how her cousin was reacting to the news.

"Well, maybe... I dunno, I didn't even think I'd do it, I mean god, its so big I wasn't even sure if it could fit in my pussy, I just didn't expect you to be the first girl that he had sex with I suppose." Julie said, calming down. "But I guess yes, I thought that he and I might have shared our first time together given what's happened. I suppose I am disappointed, but it's not your fault."

Adriana moved over to sit next to her cousin and put her arm around her.

"Well, if I'd known, maybe I wouldn't have done it quite so quickly, so I am kinda sorry," she said. "But I have to tell you, once word gets out that his dick is so big, I don't think you're going to have him to yourself at all."

"Yeah, I guess so. At least I got to give him his first blow job," Julie laughed, turning to look into her cousin's eyes.

Adriana looked into Julie's eyes, happy to see that they had their usual sparkle back, no longer worrying whether she'd blown their friendship by having sex with Julie's b*****r.

Thoughts of holding Adriana's small breast in her hand raced through Julie's mind as she remembered the encounter that they had shared at Adriana's s****r's birthday party. She remembered how erect the nipple had been and how it had felt like a little stone in her hand as she'd caressed the soft skin that covered her firm little tit. She looked at Adriana's face, noting the full lips, which Adriana licked as she watched. She loved the look of her cousin's tongue caressing her lips as she u*********sly moistened them. She glanced down and noticed how Adriana's nipples were peaked through the material of her cycling top. She saw her hand reach out of its own volition, seeking the breast again.

It was like watching another person's hand as it fondled the breast through the material, caressing it, but she knew it was hers, because she could feel the nipple against her palm. Her eyes darted up to Adriana's face, wondering what the reaction would be. She half expected her cousin to stand and flee the room. But she saw that her eyes were closed, her tongue licking at her lips again. Julie squeezed the breast harder, pulling at the nipple and Adriana's head lolled back as she moaned under the attention.

Julie wasn't sure what to do next. She wasn't even sure why she had decided to feel her cousin's breast. There was just something about having her sitting this close to her, the smell of her efforts on her bike and with Steve lingering in the air, something primal about the reactions that it was drawing from Julie, who's pussy sought the relief it had almost but not quite gained as she had listened to her cousin fuck her b*****r through his door.

She looked at the curve of Adriana's neck down to the collar of her cycling shirt, noting for the first time that the zipper was half way down to her breasts. She leaned closer to Adriana, her tongue reaching out to flick gently along the curve of her neck, tasting salt and skin. Her fingers sought their own path, finding the tab of the zipper and pulling gently downwards until it reached the end of its run. It didn't release the top completely, but it allowed her hand to travel again, this time inside the lycra top, across the sweaty flesh, to take the firmness of Adriana's naked breast in her hand, to feel her nipple graze across the palm of her hand.

Adriana felt her cousin's tongue upon her neck and felt her zipper drawn down before her breast was clasped in Julie's hand. Her body was coming alive. She seemed to fall backwards for an eternity, slowly, gracefully pivoting backwards until she was lying upon her back on the bed, her cousin's hand upon her breast, her mouth now licking and sucking and kissing at her neck as she arched her head backwards to receive it.

Adriana couldn't' believe that having just fucked Steve, his s****r was suddenly hitting on her and turning her on in a way that she had never felt before. She hadn't ever even considered a lesbian encounter and yet here she was with her own cousin beginning to explore her body as Adriana wondered whether to stop her. How far could she let Julie go? Did she even want Julie to stop? Thoughts flew through her mind, but quickly fled before the pleasure that was taking possession of her senses, ecstasy becoming her dominion.

Julie released Adriana's breast and her hands thrust beneath the bottom of her cycling top now that Adriana was lying back upon her bed. She pushed the top up as she went exposing her breasts, the nipples like twin diamonds upon her pert little fleshy mounds. Julie allowed desire to lead her and lowered her head to take Adriana's right nipple in her mouth as her hands pushed the top up over her head, disrobing her cousin.

Adriana lifted her arms to facilitate the removal of her top and then tangled her hands in her cousin's hair as she sucked, licked and nibbled at first one nipple then the other. She reached down and started to tug at Julie's top, determined that if this was going to happen that she was going to experience as much as Julie did.

Julie broke her kiss with Adriana's nipples as her top was removed. She sat up briefly and her hands reached behind her to unclasp her bra as Adriana's hands fondled her much larger breasts through the material, before seizing the bra between the cups and pulling it down Julie's arms to toss it away to the floor of the bedroom.

Adriana's hands groped her cousin's breasts and she moaned as she felt the firm weight of Julie's c cup breasts. She tugged on the nipples and squeezed the breasts together, playing, marvelling. Julie placed her hands over her cousins, assisting them in their exploration of her boobs before pulling them away, back up and over Adriana's head as she collapsed on top of her, her large breasts crushed against Adriana's small ones.

Their faces were now only inches apart and Julie looked over Adriana's face, taking in the wet full lips, the flush in her cheeks, the desire in her eyes. Julie all but dove downwards, her lips descending towards Adriana's as they seemed to be beg to be joined with her own.

Adriana watched as Julie's mouth crashed in a light speed slow motion into her own, their tongues meeting as if they were finally fulfilling their true and single purpose in the world. Julie released Adriana's hands from above her head as they kissed, her own hands travelling down to caress her cousin. She touched her face and neck and arms as they continued to try and meld their mouths into a single united entity.

Adriana used the freedom of her hands to touch her cousin. She felt the sides of her full breasts, ran her hands up over Julie's shoulders and down her naked back. They slipped beneath the waistline of her skirt and panties, to seize Julie's firm buttocks as they kissed. Then Julie was moving, trailing her tongue and kisses along Adriana's neck, over her breasts, her tummy, her hands following and tracing and touching the same course that her tongue and lips had travelled.

As Julie's tongue reached the top of Adriana's bike shorts her hands caught up, catching them as they moved further, dragging them and her pink panties down her cousin's long slender legs. Her head stayed level with Adriana's pussy, taking in the view as it was exposed, noting the aroma of her aroused state, watching the beads of moisture nestled between her lips. Noting the smell of her b*****r's cum. She pushed Adriana's legs apart, spreading them and giving her a complete view of the patch of Shangri-la before her. She reached out and ran a finger down the slit of her cousin's pussy, picking up lubrication as she went, trailing it all over her labia.

Adriana seized her legs behind the knees as her cousin started to explore her pussy, opening herself wide for whatever pleasure she was to receive.

Julie lowered her head to Adriana's pussy, lost in the excitement and pleasure, all thought of what might be considered 'normal or gay' beyond her mind as her tongue began to caress her cousin's lips. She knew exactly what to do, she knew that it was just like a pleasure that she would bring herself were it possible and set about sending shocks of wonder through her cousin. She could taste the mixture of her b*****r's cum mingled with Adriana's juices and reached down briefly to rub at her own pussy, feeling the material of her panties against its bald skin.

Steve wondered what was taking Adriana so long. She'd been in Julie's room for what seemed like ages and he was starting to wish he hadn't suggested that she bother talking to Julie. After all, he knew just how much the two of them could talk once they got going. He decided that he would just have to go and join them. As he approached Julie's door though, he heard whimpering. It was Adriana, he could tell. And it was the sort of whimpering she'd made when pleasured.

The door to his s****r's room stood ajar and he peaked in, curiosity and excitement drawing him forward. Could his suspicions be correct? He stared in wonder through the gap between the door and the jamb. There before him lay his cousin who earlier that very day had taken his virginity. She was flat upon her back, naked on his s****r's bed, her hands pulling her legs wide to expose her pussy. And there was his s****r, on her knees, before her cousin, her tongue busy in Adriana's pussy, her cute butt pointing back towards the doorway in a short skirt which revealed her white cotton panties, their crotch obviously soaked.

Without even stopping to think about what he was doing, Steve pulled out his cock and started to wank its rapidly hardening length as he thought back to shaving his s****r's pussy which was teasingly close beneath those panties, wishing that he could lick her juices from them or wrap them about his cock to wank.

Adriana squealed, cumming as Julie's tongue savaged her clit. She let go of her legs at last and peered down at Julie. As her eyes made the traverse over her own body, she noted Steve standing in the doorway, his massive cock in his hand, a glazed look of pleasure over his face. She grinned at him and he half-smiled in return, a look of embarrassment briefly flashing over his features.

'Oh God Julie, I don't know where that came from, but thank you," Adriana said, noting that Steve disappeared from view.

"I don't either, I was just looking at you and this amazing desire came over me. I guess it started when I felt your breast while you were sucking Steve.

"I'd almost forgotten about that," Adriana admitted, "I was so busy sucking that massive cock that anything could have been done to me!" She pulled Julie back up onto the bed beside her and kissed her, noting the taste of both Steve's and her own cum on her cousin's lips. "So, did you enjoy eating my pussy?"

"Oh yes," Julie said, her eyes sparkling with a pleasured gaze.

"Well, I guess I should find out what its like then," Adriana giggled, pushing Julie back onto the bed and making her way to the position so recently vacated by her. "Close your eyes and enjoy this," she said as she lifted Julie's short skirt up around her waist and pulled her panties down.

"Oooo, look at this!" she exclaimed as her fingers traced their way over Julie's bald mound. "Its all bare! I can't say I've ever tried that, but it sure looks nice. When did you do this?"

"Steve did it to me the other day. I told him I'd let him do one thing for me if he would show you his dick while I was in the room. That was what he chose."

"Wow, it seems like I owe you an extra thanks then, seeing as you went that far to get him to show me. I think I know how to say that thank you too!"

Julie laid back, her eyes closed as she felt the first caresses of Adriana's fingers on her shaved labia.

Steve listened from just outside the door as Julie began to audibly enjoy the attentions from her cousin. Once he thought that she was into it enough, he moved back to the gap in the doorway and began to wank again. He peered through the gap, seeing Adriana's hot arse sticking in the air, he pussy visible between her legs, his s****r's hands firmly grasping her large breasts and fondling them as she was pleasured.

He watched the two of them until he thought he might not take anymore and then decided that he couldn't just leave, that he had to join in. He quietly opened the door enough to move in and knelt behind Adriana, his cock pointing at her pussy.

Adriana sensed the movement behind her and felt the pressure of the head of Steve's enormous cock against her wet lips as she worked her tongue in and out of the folds of her cousin's pussy. She moved her knees apart to give him access and in return felt herself split open as his massive member slowly worked its way inside her. She continued to lick at her cousin's bald pussy as Julie lay entranced in her own pleasure, oblivious to Steve's presence. Steve was deep inside Adriana and she reached behind her to stop him from thrusting too far into her pussy, his cock simply too big for her to accept all of him. As he started to thrust, the movement transferred to Julie's pussy, Adriana's face rhythmically bumping into her as she was fucked. Julie opened her eyes and looked to see what was going on. She was stunned to see her b*****r behind her cousin, firmly fucking her as she licked Julie's pussy. She wasn't sure about what to do, but the continuous pleasure in her pussy stopped her from doing anything that might change it.

As she met her b*****r's gaze, the look on his face with each thrust into Adriana's pussy was enough to tip Julie over the edge and she moaned as she exploded in orgasm, telling Steve to come and fill her mouth with sperm as she began her recovery.

Adriana sighed as the massive cock was withdrawn from her and Steve made his way to a point alongside the bed where Julie could suck him.

Steve watched in wonder as his s****r took his cock, covered in both his and Adriana's juices into her mouth, sucking greedily at it. He looked on, loving the feeling and then seeing Adriana's hands snake up across his s****r's body to take her breasts in them, pinching the nipples as he thrust at his s****r's mouth. It was too much and he exploded again, his cock unleashing a torrent of sperm within his s****r's mouth as she swallowed again and again to contain it all. He stopped cumming and she released him from her mouth.

Adriana reached up and pulled it to her own mouth, cleaning a drop of sperm from the tip before moving up and kissing Julie. Steve loved getting to see his s****r and cousin kissing, their breasts thrust against each other's bodies.

They all moved to the bed and lay around speechless for a while, until they heard a car in the drive way and realised that Steve and Julie's mother was home. They scrambled for clothes and raced to the living room, where they sat, flushed and sopping with juices as Olivia entered, calling out hello to them before going to her room to ditch her luggage and change into more comfortable attire.

Olivia sat and chatted with the k**s for a while before Adriana said that she'd better get back on her bike and ride back to her house. They all went outside to see her off and Steve and Julie both watched her arse disappear with fond memories of the afternoon that they'd spent together.

Olivia was tired from her travel but had also come home really horny. She wondered whether she'd be able to watch her son masturbate again tonight. Images of his wondrous cock kept her mind busy and made her panties wet as she went about preparing dinner.

After they'd eaten, she excused herself and told the k**s that as she was tired, she thought that she might as well head off to bed and get a good night's sl**p. She listened for Steve entering his room and had the computer set up ready, waiting for Soccer Steve to show up. She heard him enter his room after about half an hour and hoped that he would soon appear. He didn't appear and after waiting a bit longer again, she went down to the toilet to try and find out whether he was likely to be getting on his computer or not. As she passed his room, she heard a second voice and realised that Julie must be in there, so she went back to wait some more, figuring that it wouldn't be too long before he tired of talking to his s****r and decided to either sl**p or play.

Julie and Steve were busy discussing their encounters with Adriana in his room. Julie was asking Steve all about his first time with Adriana and Steve was doing the same to Julie, including telling her how hot it was to stand outside the room and watch her having her pussy eaten.
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