A b*****r & s****r 4

>hornylady> Anything I can do to help u to show me that wonderful thing cumming again? >Soccer_Steve> Do you have a dildo or something that I could watch u put in ur pussy? >hornylady> I do actually. >Soccer_Steve> will u do it? >hornylady> sure.

Steve saw the panties removed and then the lady disappear for a moment before he saw a silver vibrator in the view, being run gently up and down the wet pussy .

>Soccer_Steve> push it in

Olivia pushed the vibrator into her pussy at her son's request, working it around and in and out and he stroked his cock.

>hornylady> do u have something to lube that beautiful cock with? >Soccer_Steve>like what? >hornylady> moisturiser? >Soccer_Steve> my mum or my s****r might? >hornylady> are either of them home? >Soccer_Steve> just mum >hornylady> then check ur s****r's room.

Steve pulled his pants on and quickly went into Julie's room to seek for some moisturiser. Sure enough there was some on her dresser. He grabbed it and went back to his room where he saw that horny lady was still amusing herself with the vibrator.

>hornylady> use it to wank for me.

Steve poured some on his hand and then started working it up and down his cock. Wow, what a great suggestion, Steve thought as he felt his hand slide slickly up and down his penis.

>Soccer_Steve> put it all the way in

Olivia pushed the toy into her pussy until only the base remained for her to hold onto and noticed that Steve was pumping his cock furiously

>hornylady> yeah, work it baby, cum on ur belly for me! >Soccer_Steve> k

Steve pulled his shirt off and used both his hands on his cock until he felt a tingling in his balls that told him he couldn't wait any longer. A stream of cum spurted into the air and splashed back down on his belly.

Hornylady announced that she too was cumming and Steve watched, fascinated as she zoomed a close up on her pulsing bald pussy before announcing that he should clean up and that she might see him next time. She was gone before he even managed a response.

Dave went away for a month two days after that encounter and for the first week of his absence, Steve enjoyed himself immensely, his s****r was regularly sucking his cock, he was getting to eat her pussy and hornylady was on fairly regularly with her toy to watch him cum.

>Soccer_Steve> Want to see me wank in some panties, I can pretend their urs >hornylady> Sure thing. >Soccer_Steve> Only I want to see something special from u >hornylady> oh? >Soccer_Steve> would u use a carrot in ur pussy? >hornylady> hmm, I guess I could do that for a special friend. >Soccer_Steve> wild! >hornylady> hang on while I get one >Soccer_Steve> k >hornylady> tell, me, who's panties have u got >Soccer_Steve> um, are u pretty open minded? >hornylady> yeah >Soccer_Steve> they're my s****rs >hornylady> really? >Soccer_Steve> yeah >hornylady> does she know u do this? >Soccer_Steve> no

Steve considered saying yes but decided that he didn't know this person that well yet, maybe she wasn't quite that open minded and it could ruin a fun thing.

>hornylady> ahh, do u like ur s****r? >Soccer_Steve> she's ok. She's a hottie though. >hornylady> do u think about her when u wank in her panties? >Soccer_Steve> sometimes *blush* >hornylady>lol >Soccer_Steve> so, um u ready? >hornylady> oh yes >Soccer_Steve> cool

Steve stroked his engorged cock as he watched the image on his screen. Hornylady took a carrot and slowly started to slide it into her pussy. He couldn't believe it, here was this woman who was ready to slide a carrot inside herself so that she could get to see him cum! How cool. He watched intently as the carrot was pushed all the way in until she barely had enough to hold on to, then she pulled it out and started to fuck herself properly with it ... fast like he imagined she'd like a cock to be used.

>Soccer_Steve> Wow that is so hot! >hornylady> Mmm, its not as good as ur cock would be though >Soccer_Steve> Wish I could slide it in ur bald pussy >hornylady>id love to feel that massive piece of meat in me >Soccer_Steve> just thinking about it gets me close to cumming >hornylady> mmmm cum for me baby. Let me see u cum in ur hand >Soccer_Steve> k keep using the carrot >hornylady> sure thing

Steve watched the carrot resuming its plunging into the depths of the woman's wet, bald pussy and stroked himself furiously, aiming his cock at his hand.

>Soccer_Steve> here goes >hornylady> :o)

Steve blew his load, filling his hand with his sperm until it was dribbling on the floor.

>hornylady> Mmm thanks. If I were there I could drink it from ur hand. >Soccer_Steve> now that is something id love to see! lol >hornylady> well u never know ur luck in a big city ... maybe one day >Soccer_Steve> yeah, maybe one day lol >hornylady> See u again soon? >Soccer_Steve> U bet

The next weekend, Julie sat talking to her cousin Adriana at a party for Adriana's s****r Alexis' 21st Birthday. Adriana was telling her how hot she thought Steve was and that she wished that he wasn't her cousin, because then she'd do something about getting into his pants.

Adriana was the same age as Julie and the two of them had always had a good time together and had even been out clubbing once or twice when their parents had been catching up. Adriana was quite tall at 5'10" and skinny as well, with lovely long legs and a tight butt toned from the cycling that she did regularly. Her blonde hair hung down below her shoulders and her breasts were small and pert with nipples that seemed to be doing their damndest to pierce the fabric of her top.

"Have you ever had sex?" Julie asked her older cousin.

"Yeah, a couple of times."

"Really, what's it like?" Julie asked, fascinated to have found someone close to her who she could actually ask.

"I like it," she laughed, "Surely you've had sex Jules?" Adriana shot back. "I mean with a hot body like yours, the boys must be all over you! I'd kill to have breasts as big as yours."

"Well, I've given my boyfriend a blow job but I haven't felt ready for sex with him yet. I don't know if its just because its him or because I'm not ready for sex. And there's nothing wrong with your body, I've seen the way the guys here eye you off."

"Huh, they're just typical guys, get a couple of drinks in them and suddenly they think you might be their next root. Anyway, what do you mean about Gavin?"

"Well there's times when I get the impression that all he wants to do is get into my pants and then bugger off, that if I let him have sex with me he'd be seeking the next big conquest. I just don't think I want to give him the satisfaction of being my first."

"Sounds to me like you've made up your mind then."

"You know, I think you're right, I think that its time I put him straight and sent him on his way!"

"Good for you."

"What about you, though Addy, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Not at the moment. And I tell you sometimes I get so horny I could almost fuck anything!" Laughed Adriana. "I think I need a fuck buddy."

"A fuck buddy?"

"Yeah, a friend with benefits, someone I can fuck but that doesn't want a relationship."

"And here I am talking about ditching my boyfriend because I think that is what he thinks I am!" laughed Julie. At that point in the conversation, Steve walked up to say hello to the girls.

"Hi Adriana, how's it going?"

"Not to bad studly, how about yourself, being swooned all over by every girl at the party I suppose?"

"huh, not quite, though there's some promising looking young ladies out there," Steve said, winking.

"Eww Steve, don't be so slimy," laughed Julie.

"So what are you two talking about?" Steve asked.

"Just the usual, boys, blow jobs, sex ... how Adriana wishes she weren't your cousin so she could fuck you," laughed Julie as Adriana told her to shut up and play-slapped her as she tried to stop her talking.

"Riiiight then," Steve said, blushing in embarrassment, but getting half a boner at his s****r's mention of his cousin's desire.

"Geez your bad Jules," Adriana said. But Steve noted she didn't deny her desire to bed him.

"Well can I get you two fresh drinks at least?" Steve asked. Both girls said that they would love another drink and Steve went off to find them some as the two girls continued talking. When Steve returned, they were whispering and Adriana was looking at Julie with shock and disbelief all over her face.

"God, what are you two up to now?" Steve asked, not sure if he wanted to hear the answer. He handed them their drinks and sat down next to Julie.

"weeeeelll," Julie started, casting glances at her cousin to see if she was going to react, "We were just discussing how big the biggest dick we'd seen was and when I told her about the one I'd seen, she said that she didn't believe me that I'd really seen one and accused me of talking about a porn star."

Steve was watching Julie carefully, wondering just how much she might actually have said. Adriana seemed to be watching him for his reaction as much as he was watching her and Julie.

"I assured her that no, it was something I'd seen in the flesh and that it was someone that she knew. She wanted to know so that she could get a chance to see it to, but I haven't decided whether to tell her or not yet."

"Oh, well I'm hardly in a position to help out with this conversation then ..." Steve answered quietly.

"Come on Jules, tell me," Adriana begged, "I doubt I could do anything about it anyway and if its someone that you want as a boyfriend or something then you have my promise that I won't interfere.

"Well, let me think about it for a bit," Julie said. "If I did tell you though, you'd have to promise not to tell anyone."

"Of course, whatever conditions you want to put on it."

"What if I told you that I'd tell you and that I could maybe even arrange for you to see it if you promised to suck it while I watched?" Steve choked on his drink and had a coughing fit at that suggestion and Adriana laughed at Julie.

"God, are you a perve or what?! I can't agree until I know just how likely it is that you could arrange for me to see it ... and what if I think the guy's gross, I don't want to suck off some guy just cause he's got a big dick that I want to see. After all, I really only wanted to know who had it!"

"Oh I think once you saw it you'd want more," laughed Julie.

"I can't believe you two are even having this conversation in front of me!" Steve said, standing up to move away into the crowd. Julie noted as he stood that Steve had to adjust his pants to accommodate his growing excitement. She'd seen the way that he looked at Adriana as he'd approached them and knew that he liked what he saw, especially because he'd kept trying to look up her very short skirt to her panties!.

"How serious are you?" Adriana asked, a thoughtful look on her face.

"Very. I tell you what, I won't insist on the condition. But if I set this up, I want to be there when you see it. Just because of who it is and how I know him and stuff."

"Ok, that's fair. Now tell me. Pleaaaaase?"

"You won't believe this, but its Steve."

"Steve who?"

"Steve, my b*****r Steve."

"No way! You're shitting me! And how the fuck did you find out?" She hissed in disbelief.

Julie told Adriana about how she'd walked in on her b*****r in the shower. She told her that she'd accidentally walked in and that he'd been masturbating. She didn't tell her that she'd sucked it or had him cum on her tits though.

"So what makes you think he'd show me?" Adriana asked.

"Let's just say that I saw the way that he looked at you just now and that I think he's worked out that his dick isn't just an ordinary size and likes to show it off ... even if you are his cousin. Should I try and set it up?"

"Umm, ok, I guess so."

"cool, I'll let you know, we'd be alright in your bedroom wouldn't we?"

"You mean tonight?!"

"Well, we don't know how long it will be until we visit again, do we?"

"I guess not. Yeah, ok, my room should be ok," Adriana said, taking a gulp of her drink, suddenly very nervous.

Julie tracked down her b*****r who was talking to a couple of Alexis' girlfriends. She waited patiently for an opening and when a couple of other guys moved in on the conversation, she dragged her b*****r away.

"Adriana wants to see your dick, are you prepared to let her see it?"

"What's in it for me?" he asked suspiciously.

"Well, I didn't ask her that, but if she's anything like me, she'll want to suck it ... or at least touch it, so I am sure that you'll enjoy it. I do know that she's had sex, which is more than you and I can claim so maybe she'll be even better at sucking you off than I am or something?"

"Do I get to see her naked?"

"I dunno, you'll have to ask her that yourself, I just said that I'd set it up if I could and that I wanted to get to watch when you showed her."

"Hmm, I dunno, I was doing pretty well with those two chicks over there you know, I might just manage to score me an older woman tonight!"

"Well, what if I promise to suck you off tonight regardless?"

"Huh, I know you now and you're a horny little slut, I don't think you could go without having your pussy licked if you tried to hold out on sucking my cock," Steve teased.

Julie thought about it and decided that he was probably right. "What if I promise to do one thing for you? You get to make a call as to what it is ... except not sex." Steve mulled this over. The thought of a bald pussy flashed across his mind and he quickly agreed to the condition, a plan staking itself out in his head.

"Ok, you do one thing for me and I'll show Adriana my cock with you in the room."

"Neat. Go up to Adriana's room and wait for us there, we'll follow in a couple of minutes.

Steve heard the door open and saw two figures silhouetted in the doorway. He could tell from their shapes that it was his s****r and cousin. They came in and shut the door behind them, giggling before coming over to the bed where Steve was sitting.

"God, I can't believe you're going to show me your dick," Adriana whispered as they all sat around in the half-light, illuminated only by the light from the party outside.

"Yeah well I do have one condition before I do it," Steve said.

"What?" Julie and Adriana said together.

"You both have to be naked."

"Really?" Adriana asked, not quite sure if she wanted to go through with it.

"Oh what the hell, we used to bath together," Julie laughed, "Of course, I didn't have these babies then." She squeezed her breasts in her hands as she said it, "but I guess my b*****r wants to see how we've changed since we're going to peek at his cock. Come on, its not really any different than getting naked for another boy is it?"

"I guess not, Adriana," said pensively, " but I want to see you first."

"Ok," Steve granted. He stood up and started to undo his jeans before pulling them down his body, his boxers being dragged with them. His cock sprang to attention sticking out at full erection. Adriana gasped when she saw just how big he really was.

"Holy shit, you weren't even exaggerating!" she hissed to Julie who was sitting looking happily at her favourite toy.

"Nope, isn't it enormous?"

"Oh yeah. Can I touch it?" she asked Steve, apparently over the fact that he was her cousin in light of the revelation before her.

"You are supposed to get naked for me, remember?" Steve hinted.

"Oh, yeah," Adriana giggled. She stood up and pulled her top up over her head to reveal her pert little breasts and their diamond-like nipples.

"Mmm, they're lovely," Steve said, admiring her figure as she continued to undress, peeling her skirt down her legs along with her panties. Her pussy was trimmed back to her bikini line and although Steve couldn't see her pussy lips, her figure was divine.

"And you Jules," he said to his s****r. Julie quickly stripped out of her clothes and Adriana and Steve both stared at her breasts as they emerged from their restraints. Adriana again remarked on their size and told Julie that she thought that they were perfect in every way.

Julie blushed in the dark and found herself getting wet under the admiring gaze of her cousin. She had to admit to herself that she found Adriana's body quite a turn on with its lithe figure and gentle curves. She caught herself wondering what it would be like to suck on her cousin's nipples and was shocked by the exciting reaction that it sent through her body.

Adriana had reached out and taken her cousin's cock in her hand and was tugging on it enthusiastically. Steve was encouraging her, telling her that she looked totally hot naked and that her hand felt really good on his cock.

"God, I can't believe how big it feels. Its so fucking hard!" she was saying as she tugged him. "Do you have lot of cum when you orgasm?" she asked him.

"I guess so," he answered.

"Will you show me?"

"Um, ok, if you suck me off," he said. Adriana suddenly seemed to remember exactly who she was talking to and where she was and stood still, hesitant.

"Come on, you told me you'd had sex, surely sucking him off can't be hard," Julie said, moving in close to her cousin. She put her hand on Adriana's around her b*****r's cock and started her pumping his shaft again. When Adriana seemed to continue on her own, she wrapped her hand around his shaft beneath Adriana's so that they were both wanking him.

"I cant believe you're wanking your b*****r!"

"Well, its not everyday you find a cock like this," Julie replied and dropped to her knees. Adriana stared, dumbstruck as Julie took her b*****r's cock in her mouth. She could feel the closeness of Julie's naked body to her legs and hips beside her and could see the top of her cousin's cock disappearing into his own s****r's mouth. God, were they depraved or what? But as she watched, she also realised that her pussy was wet as it had ever been and that she wanted to suck it too. She dropped to her knees beside her cousin, who released her b*****r's cock from her mouth so that Adriana could suck it.

Julie watched her cousin sucking on her b*****r's dick. She wrapped a hand around her b*****r's testicles and pulled on them gently as he was sucked off. She admired the look of his massive shaft in Adriana's mouth and her gaze travelled down over her body, the small tight tits, the flat stomach and the hint of pussy hair down in the darker shadows of the room. Adriana's nipples looked so damn hard. Julie felt her own nipple, which was also erect with excitement and decided that she wanted to know if her cousin's were harder.

Julie reached out and cupped her cousin's breast with her hand. She was surprised at just how nice it felt. It was firm, the nipple sure was hard, the breast didn't have the weight that her own had, but it was definitely nice to have another breast in her hand.

Steve was watching his cousin's mouth working on his cock and noticed his s****r fondling Adriana's breast. It was enough to send him over the edge and he tensed as his cock prepared to erupt its seed. Sensing what was happening, Adriana prepared her self and sunk her mouth down over his cock as it erupted, swallowing madly as her mouth was filled again and again with sperm. She couldn't take it all and it dribbled down her chin. She released Steve's cock as she caught her breath and recovered from her gooey meal.

Julie grabbed Steve's cock and sucked the rest of his cum from it, cleaning him up.

"Wow, thanks Adriana, you give awesome head," Steve said, flopping back down on the bed.

"Thanks I still can't believe how big it is!" Adriana said, reaching for her clothes. "We'd better get back to the party before we're missed. They all dressed and went back to the party.

As they made their way to leave later on, Adriana pulled Steve aside. She dragged him out of the way and pulled his head to hers, her tongue plunging into his mouth. Steve melted into the kiss with his cousin, his cock stiffening with the intimacy.
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