Mother-Girl: Suffering Glamor 2 Last

Fingers found each other too, and the fat chunks of dykish marriage ice that decorated their wedding fingers touch-clicked so very sexily together when their digits intertwined as their kiss raged. Their stunning wedding rings were beyond precious, pricelessly pushing nearly 4 carats, and they served to perfectly symbolize their warped s****rly marriage of decadence and rich luxury. The diamonds each wore were as suitably obscene as their partnership together.

Diamonds were so important to Trish and Drea, the timeless glamor of them, the obvious expression of means they offered and their forever factor, and they didn't intend their daughters to miss out on that powerful bond. To that end, Destinee and Chanel themselves both wore equivalent pledge rings on their thumbs, expensive pieces which had been gifts from both their doting maternal parents. Also presented on their 18th birthdays, tying the girls' future deliciously to one another, not many teen girls had $50,000 diamond decorations worn on their thumb as a striking symbol of love for their debauched s****r-lover, and future wife-angel, with the relationship all so hopelessly encouraged by their mothers.

Chanel also wore some other very striking jewelry that reflected gaily in the desert sun. Nestled sweetly between her magnificent faux tits was a small silver spoon that hung down on a thin chain necklace. Yet another of the spoiling gifts from their mothers, the 18 year old girls each adored the obvious symbolism of such d**g paraphernalia - almost as much as they enjoyed the powder they took with it, or out of a manicured nail, or direct off the sweetest flesh, whenever their wickedly lesbian mothers treated them to it.

There were so much shock value tied up in those adverts of extreme, adult sophistication attached to such young bodies, the spoons representing the plainest of adverts for their grown-up vices at such a young age. They loved the fact that wearing the spoons always drew further attention to them, and spiteful judgment, which the daughters of course courted in order to win their mothers' pride. Their lives really, truly were a viciously (sexy) drawn circle.
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